Hi my name is Jack (m13), and today I learned (after years of accumulation) that 25 hair ties is one too many

  1. Oh my goodness. My cat chews the leather tails off the toy mice he gets from the vet. I wonder if those are piling up in his tummy? So glad you could help him “eliminate” them OP.

  2. Didn’t seem to bother him for 12 years. We tried to keep him away from them but he’d still find them under furniture. We assumed he was passing them

  3. Ohhh… what were the symptoms? 😳 One of my girls likes playing with them and now I started overthinking about it..

  4. Wow! Bless you for helping before it became a life threatening problem. Can the cat never eliminate the bands naturally? Our old cat was obsessed with hair ties but I never thought he eating them but maybe. Glad Jack is ok!

  5. I will be extra watchful of hairties now. I always assumed they'd be passed if eaten. Good to know thanks for posting.

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