5 piece lodge set for under $50 because the box is ugly? Why thank you Amazon warehouse deals!

  1. "I cannot believe you accepted a box in such a horrible condition. It is completely ruined." Your cats. Probably.

  2. My wife and I bought her grandmother cabin when she passed to keep it in the family. Not a cast iron in the place, now she should hopefully be stocked for the next generation or so.

  3. Is Amazon warehouse not an option for you? That’s the section of Amazon that has damaged/used goods for sale

  4. I don’t know if it’s international, but it’s fucking awesome. I think it’s stuff that’s been returned for being damaged, but most of the time, it’s just the box. You can often get stuff for like 50%-75% off just because it’s been repackaged or returned, even if the product itself is perfect or near perfect. It’s not an option for most items; I guess it just depends on what damaged goods they have laying around. I’d maybe be wary about electronics and sensitive things like that, but for something like cast iron, who cares if has some dings.

  5. Cover box with grape seed oil, wipe it off, bake at 450° for an hour. Repeat this process until a fire is created and the cabin burns down...then collect that insurance check, my dawg!

  6. Don't celebrate just yet, for all we know the handle could be separated from the cooking surface

  7. Not quite as heavy as cast iron, but I picked up a Peerless TV Mount Bracket that was damaged box. It literally had 2 dents in the edge, and never opened. Saved $50 out of the $100 it would have cost.

  8. FYI prime day last year they had the Amazon Basics 6qt enameled dutch oven for $29. Bottom seems to be the same mold as our Lodge 6qt but the lid is better having a metal knob and basting bumps. Since Lodge enameled is made in China I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same machines and/or factory.

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