Gained A lot of weight from this diet - Help !

  1. Drop all the B. S. and continue. All the other stuff your consuming isn’t helpful in the least, and most likely detrimental. Do the work first, see the results, and then loosen up accordingly.

  2. Start with 100% carnivore then add that stuff back in. Like if I add dairy to my diet then gaining weight comes very easy since it raises my appetite, even easier than it was on the standard American diet for me. And alcohol is empty calories also.

  3. Came here to say this, artificial sweeteners work the same as sugar, when your body tastes something sweet, it starts production and releasing of insulin, insulin is one of the master fat storage hormones.

  4. This is the best advice. Go full hardcore carnivore for at least a month before introducing anything new. This is what I did with the exception of cheddar cheese cubes, cottage cheese, cream cheese and straight black coffee.

  5. Definitely remove the sweeteners, skim milk, fruit, etc. In contrast with some other posters, I would recommend looking into IF (Intermittent Fasting) via OMAD: one meal a day. If your carbs are low/zero, your hunger levels should get low enough that eating to satiety once a day feels satisfying.

  6. It’s the booze and Sucralose. I have been there with the Sucralose and ace K. I always gain some weight. I have better luck if I’m going to consume those - using stevia or monk fruit. At one point and time I wore a CGM. Sucralose in me caused a interesting spike. While stevia and mink fruit extract did nothing.

  7. Also recommend avoiding any dairy products which contain carageenan. There's some research out there you can check out, but the tldr: is that some scientists think it's extremely bad for you - borderline poison.

  8. Tbh I don’t feel hungry most of the time , I normally eat due to lunch breaks , tea time, some days I skip dinner altogether because I just don’t feel hungry . I am going to cut out the Alcohol and diet sodas, and fruit on a Friday. I do some weight training but nothing huge

  9. I gained weight at first too, and I was very strict. I was putting muscle on under my fat. It took me 6-8 weeks to see if start to drop off. But again, I was really strict at first. I'm in agreement about dropping the extras.

  10. How is your rash on your arms? Have you thought about possible oxalate dumping or maybe keto rash? I had incredibly itchy rashes on my upper arms, I suspected oxalate. Sally K Norton’s info is helpful to me.

  11. This actually sounds like more of a keto diet. Keto DID NOT WORK for Me personally. Same result. A lot of the comments here are pretty negative, but you have to consider that for many people this is a last ditch option to start being healthy! If you even drop those few things off I promise the tide will turn. It’s so hard not to treat yourself to a berry when you want it so badddd

  12. 'how' are you eating this? is it in one or two large meals? According to amber o'hearn and stephenie person when you eat a large amount of protein in one go some of of the protein can get turned into glucose and you burn that instead of your body fat. They suggest eating 3-4 small meals of no more than about 30g of protein and making sure your fat is at 80% (so for the 30g of protein you want to add 60g of added fat or 75g of butter). With meals not closer than 3 hours. This is supposed to keep you in deep ketosis and burning body fat 24/7.

  13. Dr. Ben Bikman states that Gluconeogenesis is demand based, and that what might be referred to as 'excess' protein DOES NOT get turned into glucose. Ted Naiman backs this up...

  14. Wow this is interesting. Doesn’t seem like you are having a ton of calories ? Maybe you should track those to see if you are in some type of surplus. I’d add in some 90/10 + ground turkey or beef if you like that. Lower cals vs 80/20 split.

  15. Most people that come from restricting their calories gain weight initially on carnivore. Your body was underfed and now absorbing everything you eat. If you can stick it out the weight loss will happen. You really should drop the non carnivore products. Look into priming and fasting protocols. Could be a good option for you. Good luck

  16. Lose the dairy and berries and sweeteners, diet coke. Drink a vodka soda once in a while with a squeeze of lime or lemon. Maybe cut the eggs out too. Meat only.

  17. Consuming sugars and carbs is not great, when you consume it close to when you consume alcohol, this heightens the risk of alcoholic fatty liver. Your liver will have less capacity and capability, including other internal organs. These are on PubMed. I'm not posting links because I'm kinda busy.

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