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  1. This plant is definitely donezo. You see them on those two leaves, you don’t see the babies hiding, or the soil.

  2. I’m keeping an eye every day and yesterday I noticed it . This morning I plugged it out . Should of done it last night

  3. If it was me I would wash it down with insecicidal soap and clean it up.remove any large fan leave that were infected. That soap should break down in 3 to 7 days and give you no issues.

  4. Good luck bro I give you props for even wanting to TRY to fight this problem. If I saw that on my leaves my plant would go STRAIGHT into a fire 🤢

  5. How meny leaves are affected? Or is it on and in the buds? Outdoor ya got to deal with all kinds of pests, I'm an outdoor grower my self, and if I where you, I'd just pinch off the affect leaves. If it in the bud, its hard af to get them with out affect the bud. I use a product called purecrop 1... it works great for aphid, different mites and bud rot... That my biggest problem growing out doors in hawaii... the bud rot is my biggest enemy!

  6. I only scoped out this one affected the most . I plugged a few out that had like 3 aphids on it . Other than that I didn’t spot any more I’ll keep plucking

  7. Do NOT use neem oil on anything you plan on smoking, neem oil is thought to be the cause of Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (look up neem oil toxicity symptoms and compare them to hyperemesis syndrome) quite a weird coincidence. Truthfully you need some Dr Zymes, Purecrop1 or Lost Coast Plant Therapy -safe to apply up to harvest ONLY in low light conditions (right as the sun sets)

  8. That cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is real shit. I seen it with my own eyes thought the doctors were full of crap. The person stayed off it for two weeks and right back to the hospital. It was scary shit. They have been hitting it hard all this year and no issues maybe it was something like that neem oil.

  9. Bro that’s protein. Make cookies with that and feed it to vegans. I hear they love that kinda meat smorgasbord

  10. Ouch that sucks looks like a pretty heavy infestation may have to cull her and bleach the entire room and go from there

  11. My plant is outdoor , just check the whole plant and got these two leaves with them on it . I can look again, but do you know something I can spray on or something????

  12. How big is the plant? Might be better to spray with H2O2/H2O diluted 1:1, then hose off 24 hours later. If not in flower, neem/insecticidal soap could also be used.

  13. Get a garden hose with a super narrow spray and try to throw them off. This is first step! Second step is to insoect next day and kill by hand. Thirrd step is to spray again with water. Then 4th day spray mite killer under leaves. But if u r in flower read the label. Spray everyday with hard water u derneath and kill by hand if its too close to flowers end.

  14. Damn this made me itch lol. You can still save it. There’s sprays that will handle the problem. or me personally I use IPM product by Athena AG. It a safe spray you can use during veg and flower. If you purchase it. I recommend spraying once a day during the sun down or when the sun is not beating on your plants.

  15. Major infestation. Kill everything. Sterilize the entire space. Do better next time. Your grow room should look like you just walked into the surgical center at the hospital. White everything. Nothing on floor. Helps spot problems a lot faster

  16. Neem oil will help, but first remove all leafs with mites on them!! Make sure you go easy on the neem oil because the plant can burn from it. And make sure you get under the leafs as well. Spider mites will run you plant

  17. Those are lace bugs, can be hosed off. Cover the soil (if in pots) to keep them from coming back on the plant. Spraying with a natural insecticidal/deterrent won't be a bad idea either. Wash at harvest.

  18. Be thankful its just aphids and not caterpillars. Had them eat all the buds off my plant before i even noticed.

  19. Started as spidermite damage I bet, and then followed up with some kind of rot or fungus possibly? I tell everyone I know that grows, the number one ruiner of a plant is spidermites. This to me is why growing outside is useless. At least where I live it is. I tried every precaution possible to avoid them, and it came down to my last time growing outside where I spent hours and hours a day on a few plants killing all of the mites by hand (because sprays are horrible once flower starts). That was my last time outside. Get a tent, a light, a good vent/fan, and use ph'd water around 6-6.5. Keep humidty around 70% in early veg, and take it down to 40% by flower. Use all organic soil (Gaia Green Living Soil). Use Gaia green all purpose and also Gaia Green powerbloom. All organics, indoors, w right ph water, and fans running. Makes perfect weed.

  20. Heres an idea. Take a super strong vacuum and duct tape a drinking straw or similar sized hollow tube to the sucking end of the hoes. Then just suck those fuckers up.

  21. In the future, mix in neem seed meal and crab meal into your soil to help prevent infestations before they start. I would also cover the plants with mosquito nets.

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