Are these cannabis plants growing in my backyard..?

  1. Not cannabis plants , you would see purple on the green leaves but since the bush itself is green it is very good for the environment as it keeps rodents and other unwanted pests away

  2. those plants called mary jane they are very good for the environment. they produce more oxygen than most of the other average tree or plants.You should kiss them for being so nice.

  3. These plants are very very dangerous, Poisonous to pets and humans alike. They can produce a foul skunk like odor thats actually deadly when inhaled in large amounts.. Send me your address and I'll have my team dispose of them accordingly

  4. Nah man those just weeds and I'll do you a solid my man, I'll come rip them all up and dispose of them for you free of charge. I'm just trying to do something nice for someone!

  5. Nah these are really bad unknown invasive species! Collect the flowers and send them to me, im a scientist of plants, i have to study them

  6. Only lollipopping until preflower, I try to nail it right before preflowering but I do a HEAVY defol on them. Everything but the last two leaves on a node for every branch.

  7. First is that your backyard? Second that’s hemp it’s the non psychoactive cousin of marijuana. They’re know for their incredibly strong natural fibers. Perfectly legal

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