Biden Will Sign Medical Marijuana Research Bill

  1. There are way, way, way, more drugs out there that are so much harmful and dangerous. Let’s go look at the doctors starting these peoples addiction. How about we take it another step and investigate big pharma?

  2. I had hernia repair surgery and they wrote up a prescription for oxy. I declined even after they continued with the “you don’t need to take them but you will have them if necessary ” logic. Instead, when home I sat in my recliner, vaped Hindu Kush flower and watched movies. I even worked on my laptop a bit. I had little/no pain and honestly - it was a really enjoyable two days.

  3. I finished my research into a combination of NYC Diesel and Purple Haze. I went to gym and had a great workout. Now it's time for some indicia research myself.

  4. Has there been any progress on re-scheduling or removing cannabis from the controlled substances act since October?

  5. No, but the research could, and, knowing what we already know, likely will help to move us closer to rescheduling, and that is better than nothing.

  6. It just lowers research restrictions. We already know that cannabis is safe, but there are certain questions we don't have answered because of limitations by the government.

  7. To the layman, arguably nothing. But what it does do in my limited understanding is that it removes restrictions on testing and researching the effects of cannabis. So once the studies come out in a year or two, congress will finally know what we have since the 60s. Pot is fine moderation.

  8. Research for what? They’d have to reschedule it for it to be human/medical benefit research. And I don’t see that happening. Just like his college relief plan it’ll get blocked by the courts somehow. And as much as I want weed and free college, (prolly too hot of a take for reddit) effecting that massive of societal change with the stroke of a pen is kind of anti-American. And none of us should be supporting it. Because one day it’ll be something we don’t want.

  9. Big pharma needs to stay away from cannabis and just leave it alone The federal government should lift the ban and just leave it alone We don't need big pharma researches for them to slap a $20 000 price tag per pill If big pharma gets involved the feds will never legalize it on a recreational level until they declare it a public health issue. This how alcohol started , As a medical remedy prescribed by doctors and filled at pharmacies , then it became a public health issue Cannabis is not cure all. Smoking it does not benefit me medically at all. However eating it does. Though I do smoke because I hate alcohol and I need my thrills in life too Narcotic pain meds should never be prescribed as a long-term treatment. After 17 plus years my short term memory was going to shit , couldn't remember if I took my drugs , even double dosed unintentionally, it will control your every day life , you'll need it just to get out of bed to cope with the day , and again prescription narcotics are not cure all drugs do you still feel pain after so many years. Yes you do, does it hide pain and issues that you won't know about unless you come completely down from the drugs , yes it will and you can even regret stopping the narcotics Do I wish I still had them. Yes. Sometimes But at the end of the day I'm still alive and I smile because I made it another day It's been just over 2 years and I'm still recovering

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