What is something you wish candy stores had?

  1. Lots of foreign candy, international selections! We can all get the standard stuff (in whatever your home country may be). It’s the hard to find candy that will get people in the door.

  2. I totally agree! I’m going to be focussed on getting the majority of my products imported from a ton of different countries! I appreciate your comment(:

  3. I completely agree! When we opened our candy store about 9 months ago during COVID we made a conscious decision to pre-bag everything. There was actually a candy store about 30 minutes away which was owned by a friend and he couldn't understand why I didn't want his bulk jelly bean dispenser as he was closing due to no business. Everything that we sell is prepackaged with a definitive price, leaving the customer no room for a doubt when they come up to the register.

  4. Definitely, especially with how we just went through and still are going through a pandemic, pre-weighed bags are the way to go! Thanks for bringing that up(:

  5. Two for one type treats. Like a fun item that has candy in it. Great for souvenirs and some people use the container afterwards for their own things. I have an old lip shaped candy trinket that I keep my vitamins in.

  6. Lol, so true. We have a line of what we call children's toys that we get from a local distributor that have everything from Gator chomps that extend with a push of the button to bubble racers in the form of police cars, race cars and more. Kids absolutely love them because they get a toy that is filled with some candy as well.

  7. You can never go wrong with liquorice! Plus who ever said you shouldn’t play with your food is so wrong, I always braid the liquorice strings before eating them hahaha

  8. Every-flavor sherbets. I am rather fond of sherbet lemons, but i am very interested to find out what a sherbet raspberry would taste like. Something tells me it would be raspberry.

  9. Well, congratulations and best of luck! My wife and I became candy makers in 2018 and opened a retail store to move beyond wholesale about 10 months ago. I would agree with almost all of the comments here and even think that we could do a better job of bringing in more international candy but we live in a small rural community where it may not always be appreciated. I will say that our Japanese candy does well mainly because we have a gaming store about a block away and a lot of the patrons come in to support us before their tournaments. Beyond what has already been said, I would definitely include a small cooler display with unique drinks and even water depending on your location. It amazes me how many will pay almost double retail value for a cold drink instead of buying it somewhere where it is warm. Also, don't be afraid to get into adjacent items. We just added puzzles last week two quick success but we also do well with stickers, locally produced pickles and jams, household items, etc. I guess it just depends on how much room you have. Although I never think I will get caught up as we add new items, feel free to check our our website to get a general idea of the kind of things that we sell. Faire is a good wholesale marketplace to find non-candy related goods (and maybe even are handmade product).

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