We need simpler, smarter cannabis law and regulation

  1. Marijuana is not a harmless drug, but it is about as close as you can get to a harmless drug. We should definitely try to streamline regulations. The rules on edibles for example are just stupid and the provincial rules around stores are just silly. The packaging too is just nonsense, so much plastic waste destined for the landfill when your average stoner will happily buy their weed from a glass jar.

  2. I yearn for the day that anyone can produce it, with a proper license. I love how the craft beer industry has expanded in the last few decades, and it seems like now every small town has a brewery. Sure they mostly all make the same hoppy IPAs but there are some real gems out there and some passionate people who have made a good living for themselves.

  3. Please for the love of weed please increase it from 4 plants per household to 4 plants per adult per household at a minium, I like to grow outside because the sun is free/environmentally friendly and my hydro bill is high enough as it is.

  4. Our summers are short though and our falls are cold so this means outdoor crops don't always make it to harvest properly and that leaves only one other option…

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