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  1. What I do for camping by myself or with my wife is the same. We do anything that requires cooking ahead of time. Raw things, etc.. When I’m by myself I do half recipes. Red beans and rice, burgers, homemade Mac and cheese, brats, etc. I do all the meal planning ahead of time for each meal breakfast, lunch, dinner so I know what I’m eating each meal. Even if it’s for two weeks. It forces me to eat healthy and it’s much less stressful having that game plan. It really comes in handy for my long hiking days and just puts me on autopilot when I get back. I don’t do canned goods outside of baked beans to be honest but that’s true in all aspects of life. I just prefer fresher items and not processed. If I’m having corn with brats, I took a frozen bag of corn and measured out a serving for myself and the rest stays “fresh” at home.

  2. A meal plan is a great idea. I can imagine that measuring out servings works for a few days but I can't take an extra backpack on a two week hiking/camping trip filled with measured servings and that's the problem I try to solve.

  3. Bone-In Ribeye with sauteed potatoes with onions and peppers. I buy a small bag of baby reds, small onion, whole peppers and chop up what I want for that meal and cook. I can cook all three of those in different ways for any meal. I rarely take canned goods

  4. Eat what all hikers eat! oatmeal, tortillas, peanut butter, honey buns, Pop-Tarts, pepperoni, summer sausage, crushed up bags of chips, flattened bagels, spam, tuna fish, Snickers bars

  5. Dehydrate can's contents. Creamed soups can then be reduced to flakes or a powder in a mixer. Store in a ziplock bag. Rehydrate only what you'll use for that meal.

  6. Yeah you have to pre-portion and just pre-cook sometimes. You also don't appear to be stationary camping and more backpacking. If you were stationary and invested in a good cooler you wouldn't need to be worried about carrying your food in your backpack.

  7. Are we talking backpacking or car camping? Either one, prep your meals at home and portion them out so you don't have to deal with leftovers. The meals you make depend on the gear you have, so can't give specific recipes. Prep whatever you can at home, it helps

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