We are renting a B class van, driving 1600 miles round trip to NC. Me, wife, two year old and dog.

  1. There will be Plenty of rest areas that you can leave them at. So you can enjoy your trip. Just make sure you don't forget to pick them up on your way home.

  2. I did this years ago with my 8 month old. Many arguments along the way but overall a great experience. Just remember you love your family. And pets. Whoever isn't driving needs to keep the 2 yr d occupied. Lots of resources on the Google. Have fun!

  3. Also no fighting with the baby. It was spouse about the baby. Don't let pressure get to you. There will be traffic and delays and mishaps but it's part of the adventure. If you go in thinking oh god this is going to be shitty well then you're doomed.

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