What is this clip on the side of my camp chair for? It's too small for cups / bottles, and too big for a fishing pole.

  1. I accept that this is the answer, but like… why would you ever bring stemmed wine glasses to the same place you bring camp chairs? I love camping with wine but it’s Solo cups or tin camp cups every time.

  2. It’s a brace for a vertical drain pipe. Don’t want rainwater accumulating on top of your head while sitting in your camping chair 👌

  3. This chair is great for the person who brings stemmed wine glasses camping. Oh, it was purchased from Costco...silly me.

  4. It allows you to clip your chairs to your ears like some kind of weird earring. It’s popular in Sweden right now.

  5. You could make lots of stuff fit in that plastic ring. For all them times you just wished damm where's the plastic ring.

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