Alternate Season 7 idea

  1. Mannn, this makes me miss the show so much:/ Being stuck in the same loop of repetition these days really makes me think about hank because I’m rewatching, and there’s just so much wasted potential in any character but hank:/

  2. Yeeep. I get that Hank was the main character, but I wish we got to see the people around him grow a bit more in the same way that he did. Karen barely ever changed from S1, and I’d say we only started to see Becca get some interesting material in S6 and then they wrote her out the show basically.

  3. I really love the idea you have here in having Hank realize his limits in being free, and Karen realize her limits in being the prize, breaking their cycle and coming to a new balance with each other. I wish they did this rather than the mediocre last few seasons.

  4. Agree! There was a serious lack of balance between Hank and Karen in the last few seasons, just constantly him wanting to be with her and her 99% of the time wanting nothing to do with him. The thing I really dug about Faith and Hank was that they clearly just enjoyed spending time together, they had fun together and she liked being in Hank’s company. I feel like post-Mia the only time we saw Hank/Karen having fun together was when they were having sex. Which, yeah, is fun, but not the basis for an actual adult relationship. I feel like even in S1 when she was with Bill, we saw them hanging out and doing things for Becca and you could see why they were perfect for each other, how they balanced each other out. That all kinda got lost in the later season cycles of Karen just always being pissed at him, usually for things not always in his control.

  5. David Duchovny said he wanted Hank and Karen to get married and then have Hank die after as if his Hank ways have finally caught up to him. That would've been interesting. They could have almost made that plot line in like a 2 hour movie after the events of season 7

  6. Yeah I remember seeing that! I would’ve liked that too for sure. It definitely has the moral ending of his lifestyle catching up to him, no one can get away with drinking and smoking at the rate he does and not see any repercussions!

  7. I just wanted to say that I joined this Subreddit bc ive been watching the show all over again and i cant help but notice that i dont like Levon and i wanted to see some Levon bantering or at least some alternative and thats what i got haha. Great Idea

  8. I feel like Karen is overrated. I mean, she cheated on him and then left him for the other guy (Bill). It almost seemed like she used Hank (for sex) at times, and she definitely played him by his heart strings at times.

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