New York issues first 36 dispensary licenses for recreational marijuana

  1. Dangling freedom over the heads of Americans saying, “if you aren’t rich or criminal enough, you don’t get to have it”

  2. They should issue dispensary medallions and create a micro economy where dispensaries start hoarding these medallions, driving up the price and forcing people to buy from an artificially inflated market. Then when the medallion prices peak, the state should just legalize it and leave the last purchasers holding the bag.

  3. "Gift cannabis for random item bought" loophole and it's NYC folks brazenness to beat the system. There are cannabis trucks, weed delivery advertisements on Google maps and street hawkers selling it on the sidewalks here. Go New York!

  4. They're issuing permits for a federally illegal substance before fixing the restrictions on permits for the federally protected right to bear arms.

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