do you think the 1070 is pretty solid in 2022

  1. The 1070 will still give you pretty solid performance at 1080p. Looks like you might even be able to snag one for less than 100 bucks on ebay if you get lucky in which case it would absolutely be worth it.

  2. This is the dumb part of gpu hype. A 1070 is good enough for 99% of people to have a great time playing and never need much more.

  3. I wouldnt trust it under $100, but I also wouldnt be like the fool that bought my day 1 1070 for $15 less than I paid for it 6 years ago🤣

  4. I just snagged an aftermarket EK water-cooled EVGA 1080ti for $170 with 30 day warranty off eBay to replace my water cooled EVGA Titan Black.

  5. Ok I’ve been out of the pc building stuff for a few years now and WHAT? I remember wanting to get a 1070 for $400 and it being a really good deal

  6. I'd probably do it sooner rather than later because if everyone who doesn't follow this stuff is amped up to get an RTX 40 next month and are surprised by the prices then they're going to lunge at RTX 30s. Some think the absurd MSRPs for RTX 40 are in part to attempt to burn down huge RTX 30 overstock.

  7. I just upgraded from a GTX 1070 to a RTX 3070ti. I’ve been experiencing stuttering in Valorant. Looks like I have to change sone settings. In Cyberpunk 2077 it’s a huge improvement

  8. I have the GTX 1070 and it gives great 1080p performance and just a tiny bit of 1440p and it does some great VR probably will last me until 2024 or 2025.

  9. It is solid if it meets the user's needs. It doesn't matter if it's 2022 or 2032. I've got a buddy of mine that is still using a build that we made for him in 2014 and he has no desire to upgrade.

  10. This is the correct answer! I built my computer last year and wanted to get a 3070 but settled for a 3060 because that's all I could get my hands on. I was thinking of upgrading now that GPUs aren't scarce any more. I was about to drop $360 on a 6700XT a few weeks ago and I thought to myself, "what am I improving by doing this?"

  11. I got a monitor upgrade to 1440p 170hz, and my 1060 can't handle things like it used to anymore.

  12. Exactly this. I recently repurposed an old computer with a Nvidia Quadro P400 to use for a Plex server. It more than meets my needs and that's what other users need to think about.

  13. If you play some of the more demanding games at 1440p, and for some reason insist that you absolutely must play at maximin settings (like I get the impression that many in this sub do), then it'll definitely struggle (and obviously won't reach 144+ fps).

  14. Just parting with my GTX 1080 rig. Still a solid high fps 1080 beast. Probably 1440p as well, just haven't tested it.

  15. Something like an RX 6600 XT would be significantly better in 1080p gaming. Like up to 50% higher FPS. I wouldn't call a 1070 a "solid" choice, more like an "extreme budget" choice. It wouldn't be a total rip-off at $150 though.

  16. Got a 980 ti in my htpc and it still does pretty good. Was even able to play cyberpunk on it at 1440p medium 60ish fps with fsr and it looked pretty good. Not nearly as good as the 3070ti in my main build though.

  17. I’m doing a new build because my 1070 is starting to show its age and can’t play some games with it I would with at least the 2000 series or 1080ti

  18. 1070ti user with an Ultrawide (3440x1440). I have no reason to ugprade as I get ~120 fps in all games I play regularly and around 90-100 in AAA first person games (high settings).

  19. If you want a GPU to play modern games at a good refresh rate, you will need at least something like the RTX 2060/3050. Aside from the performance uplift compared to the 1070, RTX graphic have DLSS which can make supported games run faster.

  20. You can definitely play most modern games at decent settings with 60+ fps on a 1070. Hell you can even do it on a 1060

  21. I am on amd 1600 cpu and 1070 cpu, with my 1080 ultrawide monitor. I am holding but will build a new pc with amd 5600, and either intel arc a770, or 6700xt if it's price drops to accept lvl.

  22. Apparently your wrong, will it do ultra high setting at 4k, no, will it so all games at 1080 at decent settings, yes. Personallly since the 30 series are dropping in prices I would just grab one of them and give some head room for the future

  23. i just went from a 950 to a 1080 and i'm pretty happy with the results on the games i play (fallout 4, outer worlds, skyrim). i've been running in 2k and after some optimization in the nvidia control panel and using the optimized choice in geforce experience, i really can't complain. my biggest issue now is that my processor can't always keep up.

  24. I have a 1080 founders edition that I put back to air cooking from an EK waterblock. I should probably sell as a package. I was running half-life Alex (vr) with it no issue.

  25. At 1080p it gives acceptable performance. At 1440p it is too slow and you need to significantly turn settings down to reach 60 fps.

  26. 1070 is still really decent for any competitive game at 1080p, & surprisingly I booted up GTA V on a 4K TV and it managed a stable 4K/60fps which I wasn’t expecting

  27. The 1070 is still a super solid card but I would try and get a 1070ti because they have better vrms that are less likely to blow but I wouldn’t pay more than 200

  28. If you already have one and are happy with it then I would say that’s fine. If I were in the market for a card I would try and get something more recent unless I had some huge cost constraints.

  29. If you have the card from the beginning then it’s kind of okay for 1080p But if you want to buy a used one, most of the used 1070 are likely to be mined cards with expired warranty

  30. Yeah it rocks fine at 1080p. I’m using a 1070 with a 6700k and I find both their limits when I’m trying to play some games in 1440. I’ll upgrade soon but mostly because I want better 1440 performance.

  31. Depends for what you want to do and play. Are you planning to upgrade to a 144hz monitor anytime soon? A 1070 isn't going to cut it in most games. If you're staying at 60hz/1080p it may be okay, but for more modern games I think it will struggle even at 1080p. You will find yourself dropping graphical settings a lot.

  32. Don't look at your card as how it is compared to the new, or how many gens came after. Just look it as it is on it's own. Check the games you enjoy playing and the ones you are planning on playing, what is within your wishlist, what interests you and what not. Can your current card handle these? If so, you're good, because even with a new one, you'll still be playing the games in roughly the same quality while your new toy would just degrade.

  33. I am still running an i7 3770k and a gtx 780. Sure it can't push most games at max anymore, but for most games it can get decent frames at 1080p with modest settings.

  34. I have a soft spot for seeing the old cards running way past their prime, still giving people enjoyment. Always give your old unwanted hardware to friends, siblings, parents, kids and let them get the same enjoyment you did

  35. Gave away a PC with 1070 in to my nephew. Still good at 1080p imo. Newer games may need tinkering, but still playing everything well

  36. its pretty solid, especially with FSR now being introduced in a lot of games. I use my gtx 1660 super (its on par with the 1070) to play cyberpunk and i play at 1080p high-med with FSR in ultra quality and i can still get over 60 fps in demanding areas, now i only have to upgrade my CPU lol.

  37. Been using a 1070 for the last 3 years and it’s been solid. Just picked up a 3060Ti yesterday to retire the 1070 and sold it to a friend for $120. The card is gonna do him well.

  38. I think that 1070 is a great GPU however if you can afford it, an RTX can give you more recent features, a newer architecture and possibly more support for the next 10 years than a card that already have that much time on the market.

  39. I have been rocking a 1070 for 5 years at this point. It’s pretty good at 1080p to this day. Most games at high settings. Cyberpunk is the only game that gave it some problems.

  40. I just upgraded from a 970 and it honestly was still very acceptable. If I had to, I could've continued using it without much issue. Did fine for Apex, Rust, PUBG.

  41. The 1070 is still a great card for 1080p gaming, but I think you could get something more, a 1080 for something slightly more for example, it will last longer and give you more, if you can afford it. I don't know your budget but also 2060S is a very nice card 1070 not a bad card yet anyway

  42. I have a 1080ti which I purchased at premium price a week after its launch. I use it for my editing build. I am going to upgrade to 5900x from my current 7700k. However, I will keep using the 1080ti in the foreseeable future as it satisfies my requirement for video editing without many effects and 4k editing. We should use our hardware as long it lives and take maximum benefit from it. I still use the Raspberry Pi I bought in 2015 for Linux programming.

  43. stil using mine for 1440p, doesnt play things at ultra or anything or it gets above 60fps, which for me is the cut off FPS to be bearable.

  44. Been running mine for a solid 5 years and no plans to upgrade any time soon. I only run a 120hz monitor and 1080p but it handles anything I throw at at

  45. One of my PC builds has a 1070 in it and I was able to play through Elden Ring at medium to low settings at 1440p hitting around 60 fps. I also play a lot of Apex Legends on it at 1440p and it'll hover around 100 fps at medium settings. I'd say it's still holding strong especially if you're still rocking a 1080p monitor.

  46. My 2060 which is basically a 1070 with rtx is doing alright. So I'd say its still pretty solid depending on what you plan to play. Or more at what resolution and framerate you plan on playing at, cause it will handle any game you throw at it.

  47. I have one in an older i7-920 rig and it actually is pretty passable playing BF series games at a mix of medium and high settings with no AA at 1440.

  48. My 1070 was starting to show it's age in many new games. I guess it'll work for you if you want to play @1080p 60hz and don't mind lowering settings, or if you play esport titles. I ended up replaced mine with a RX 6650XT to be able to run modern games @1080p/144hz and high settings.

  49. I just stopped using a 1070 recently. Admittedly, I play games years after release so it was doing excellent paired with an i5-6600k. Off the top of my head there wasn't a game that I had to go with more than half settings at medium with the rest high and still got 60+ fps in single player 1440p and higher fps in competitive games. I usually did look up what settings had the biggest impact on performance when I was not able to just mindlessly set high settings though. The 1070 now lives in a PC hidden in a closet as a media PC and it obviously has no issues.

  50. Im gaming with a 1070 rn and its still a solid card, looking a little long in the tooth at 1440p tho. When i was still on 1080p i was regularly seeing into the low 100s in most games. But if you dotn already have the card i would save a bit more and get a high end 20 series card or maybe even a mid range 30 series card like a 3060 if you can swing it.

  51. For triple A titles you can play with a mix of medium and high, you will have to fiddle to find the sweet spot. I have had a 1070 since forever and it has been an excellent card.

  52. For the most part, yes. The 1070 is starting to show it's age though. If you have a 1070, you can probably get by for another year or so. After that, I recommend upgrading.

  53. If you can get the gtx 1070 for a good price, it wouldn't be a bad option if you have no card at all. It'll probably get you 60fps in most new titles.

  54. I mean.. I'm rocking a 980ti, brother with a 970, and wife with a 480 8GB and all are still performing pretty solid, although I plan on upgrading everyone to something like an RX 6600 at least soon.

  55. i use the 1070 on 1440p and easily get 80 fps on most games. granted i play on the lowest possible settings and tinker with the nvdia control panel. it's entry level in 2022. i won't buy it.

  56. 1070 still holds up for the moment but starts losing out on AAA titles. I'm still using mine and still happy with it, though I cant get ultra graphics on brand new games anymore.

  57. A friend of mine still uses a 1660 Ti mobile and plays the vast majority of games in 1080p ultra at 60fps so ofc that's still good

  58. The only reason I upgraded from my 1070 to get a 3070ti is I wanted to go to swap to a 1440p ultra wide. My buddy ended up getting an upgrade our of the deal so w ecna play games together easier

  59. My son is still rocking a 1070ti and he plays stuff like Valorant, Rocket League, Star Wars Battlefront etc. on 2560x1440.

  60. I would recommend a 1070 Ti instead. I've been on one for years and it still does very well with modern games at 1440p without having to mess with a bunch of graphics settings.

  61. I play mine in 1440p. Most games a mix of medium or low settings. Some games that are better optimized still look ace in low 1440p like Hell Let Loose. Warhammer runs my card pretty hard but it still looks really nice. Those two are probably the most demanding games graphics wise I have and yeah I play them all the time with a Ryzen 5 2600x on my 4k TV. Any older games and it's all fine too.

  62. Its all about budget and usage , as i am using GTX 950 it would think of it as a good card, but at the end you have budget and want ultra graphics in AAA then you can go for RTX...

  63. I run many, many games at 1440p 60fps on my 1070. The graphics just need to be medium most of the time. That card has unbelievable value.

  64. I just bumped from a 1070 to a 3070 to go along with my bump from 1080p to 1440p. At 1080p I was able to run most games at over 100 fps at medium-ish settings. 1070 is still a great card for that resolution.

  65. I'm still running a 1070 and my main game is Apex legends. Still getting average of 100 fps with max settings at 1080p I'm not fully utilizing my 144hz monitor but it's not hindering me at all either

  66. It will play 99% of PC games on high at 1080p/60fps. It will play 85% of PC games at 1440p/60fps on high. Depends what you're looking for. 4k gaming or 120FPS on most games? Then you would need to upgrade.

  67. Lol y’all crack me up with these ‘only rich people’ will buy the 40 series. NVidia ain’t dumb, they know y’all will put yourselves into debt to buy sht.

  68. If you can squeeze a few more dollars and get the 1070 ti, then you should get that instead. The 1070 ti was basically like a stock 1080. 1070/ti is still a very good card for high 1080p gaming, and can even do a bit of 1440p low/medium gaming.

  69. I have a GTX1070 and it is a very solid option for 1080p - as in it runs any AAA game (including games released today) at 60fps on high settings.

  70. I used mine for a long time with 90+ on 1080p. Got a 1440p monitor and it still did most games really well at at least 60 fps. Its solid truly it just depends on if you want to bump up to everything 1440p and high refresh rate.

  71. I have an i5-6600k and an MSI 1070. I regularly play my games at 120fps 1080p. Specifically I play a lot of rocket league and dead by daylight. Only thing I've had issues playing was the new halo and that was CPU bottleneck.

  72. What is your endgame? Playing games at 1080p? Livestreaming? Editing? 3D renderings? Also are you looking to have a two pc setup?

  73. A 1070 is starting to show its age in 2022. It’s not a bad card per se but there are better choices. Personally I wouldn’t buy anything less than a 20-series because of DLSS and RT.

  74. 1070 is just a terrible card to buy right now. The ungodly levels of performance you can get over that for just a little more money is why.

  75. Made a video about this when I sold my 3080 for $2000 in 2021 to a miner and fall back to a 1070. Tested some 24 games. It's still pretty good.

  76. Bro I had 1060 at 2022, it literally the best gpu I had for the past 5+ years. Recently build new PC with 3080 ti and can safely say that my 1060 was a absolute champ

  77. I'm starting to struggle with some new games with my GTX 1080 FE, but I am also doing 1440p instead of 1080p. So that contributes quite a bit.

  78. A 1070 is fine I have a freind running a 1070 on a ocu lus rift with no issues. It does struggle with 144hz and 4k though. Id save up for a 1080ti or wait for a good deal on it. I have a 1080 ti powering my fathers Rift S and it handles it like a champ.

  79. If you already own one, a 1070 is perfectly serviceable. However, I would not purchase one today with the intent of using it for many years. Reason being it is already barely meeting minimum requirements on games in 2022. While I put less stock in those minimum requirements these days than I did a decade ago, the 1070 is just not going to cut it once we start getting more true next gen games developed for the PS5/XSX consoles. A lot of game development was delayed by COVID so we're seeing a longer serviceable lifespan for older cards, but new games will start utilizing features and architecture functions that are only on newer cards. Once that happens, anything from past generations will cease to be compatible. Remember, the Pascal architecture was released in 2016, making it 6 years old already. That's about the limit you'll see for modern game support on AAA titles.

  80. Sorta depends on what you are gaming at and what games you play. If you could I'd go with a 2060 or 2070 instead - those should give you decent performance at 1080p.

  81. Lots of people have paid a lot more money for newer cards with mostly similar performance. End of the day it comes down to what games you are playing and what the rest of your setup is like. This card will do 60+ fps on many many games at 1080 resolution and performs similar to the likes of 1660ti/super 2060 or even a new 3050.

  82. Not if you wish to play newer graphics intensive games at max settings. (I have a 2080, and I can no longer run everything on max on 1080p at above 60FPS)

  83. Why not upgrade ur life. Study tech or get into something move to California or get remote work from Cali. I make close to 200k like that. I can guide folks to get to this level but it requires insane dedication. Then u can buy 2 of those overpriced 4090s per paycheck.

  84. Depends on alot of factors, GPU wise alone it’s a damn solid card and can handle 1440p *(At time of release) *as it was initially known as a sweet spot for that resolution when released. However at 1080p at high Hz/framerate it should be a well sharpened blade provided you have a good CPU to pair with it. It will however struggle with GPU intensive modern games dependent on the game your playing and the more recent and newer games will eventually push it but the standard vram should help longevity especially with Nvidia software tech reflex and NULL.

  85. EVGA 1070 Ti OC Black Edition is solid. Will play DayZ 4K 60 FPS for reference. Was my previous card for a couple years, just upgraded to 3070.

  86. Hmm depending on what you're doing it's okay, I had a 1070 and sold it for a 3080 for VR and my 49" monitor. But at 1080p you're fine.

  87. It’s not a 1070 obviously but I was still gaming on a 1080 up until March of this year. At 1440p 144hz. It did fairly well on brand new triple AAA games. Def had to turn down some settings to medium to Maintain a high frame rate.

  88. I mean, why not just by a 30 series during black friday/cyber monday, or even a bit into next year when the 40 series launches?

  89. I mean, going from a 1080 to a 3080 wasn’t any kind of night and day difference aside from a few titles like cyberpunk. I imagine the 1070 is still VERY solid at 1080p. 3060 or 3060ti is going to be too notch 1080p experience imo and where you would start considering going to 1440p. If you find a great deal on one of those that absolutely won’t hurt the bank account you might consider it just for the sake of your card nearing possible end of life.

  90. As someone who uses a 1070 I've had zero problem still. I got 16 GB of ram and a ryzen 5 with a 1070 Founders edition. Thankfully i can still do anything I want with it. Definitely recommend but if I were to build now I'd probably opt for a 3070 myself.

  91. Well, I've been able to max out Destiny 2 at 1080p using a standard 1070, while getting a stable 60+ fps out of it. Technically, I could hit 144 fps to match my monitor specs (if I uncapped the frame rate), but high, uncapped framerates have a tendency of triggering the game's well-known micro-stuttering issues.

  92. I wouldn't recommend it. I have one and I struggle to get constant 60+ fps in new games even on low settings, usually dip down to 50 or sometimes 45 depending on the game. If you're only trying to play older titles or esports games that are very optimized then sure it'll probably get you by, but that's also something, you'll just be "getting by". Maybe look for a used 5600xt or something

  93. The marketers say no. My kids all have 3200G's or GT1030's with passive cooling and they all manage to play Genshin Impact at 1080p just fine. I can even play Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 on their machines.

  94. I had one. It was still OK at 1440, and great at 1080p. I had decided I would find a replacement this gen though. I snagged a 3060 ti for $300 on ebay last week.

  95. I've been using the 1070 mini since like 2017 and I'm still playing all the games I want to play without issues. I run 1080p 144fps on most competitive games on high settings, and ables to run consistent 60fps on on mid settings from more demanding games. If you wanna run new demanding games at 1440+ high settings I honestly think another card would be worth the extra money, but for those of us who are still going strong with the card I think most of us are pretty happy.

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