RTX 40 series announcement thread + RTX 4080 16GB giveaway! - NVIDIA GTC 2022

  1. Yeah this costs more than what I built my whole PC for in pre-pandemic 2020 and I still run my games in max (but not ray tracing) settings.

  2. I'm hoping it drives down the 3080 below AU$1000. Then I'll finally build a gaming PC. Of course if I win this one I'll be set I could spend that $1000 on other bits and be set for years. Would make a kick arse gaming and 3D CAD machine, that's for sure.

  3. It's worse when you realise that the relative performance of the 4080 12gb to the 4090 is what would usually be the xx70 class card.

  4. These prices are gonna make me look at AMD. With EVGA out of the video card market, and Nvidia living in last year with those prices - AMD is looking real good right now.

  5. I feel like it's become like cars. Original PC's and cars were too niche and expensive for wide adoption, they became cheaper and more wisely used, then the second hand market and improvements in manufacturing made it affordable for 'most' consumers.

  6. Are they? Seems reasonable to me for a 2x increase over last gen. It's not like the 30 series is suddenly bad.

  7. I got into PC gaming around the 970 era when everyone was saying how much cheaper PC gaming was than console gaming.

  8. They're not out of control. They're set high specifically so people will buy up the cheaper old stock of 30 series cards.

  9. They're probably selling at inflated prices to encourage the sale of the flood of 3000 series cards their vendors need to unload. The absolute 'must have high end at any price' people buy 4000 series cards at inflated prices now while everyone else buys leftover vendors' 3000 series inventory, and after those are gone, Nvidia drops the 4000 series prices to something more reasonable.

  10. Complete joke. I’m going amd anyway but I sincerely hope nobody is gonna buy this shit for a long time. Wait it out and make those prices come down.

  11. The equivalent of Intel renaming their m5 and m7 series chips to i5-Y and i7-Y. I don’t know who they’re tricking, the people in the know will notice, and the people who aren’t will buy a different product than what they think they’re buying and complain when they don’t get the performance they expect.

  12. They aren't pulling shit on me. I'm tired of their BS, and not buying. I'm hoping most gamers feel the same, otherwise this is the foreseeable future of GPU prices.

  13. right? and the 1070 had 8Gb 6 years ago, if the 4080 has 12, what will the 4070 have? 8? 10? Do VRAM-hungry games not use any more of it now than in 2016???

  14. Did you notice that 4080 12G is the only one without reference cooler. Foil hats on, but perhaps they produced the reference design with "4070" text on the cooler and now rebranded it as 4080, so they couldn't use the reference cooler anymore.

  15. Damn, I didn't clock that at first glance, just read the title and went 'damn, that's a big price difference for a little bit of RAM.'

  16. Yeah they either disappoint or increased that IPC per shader core. 7600 now (899$) vs 8900 cores last gen at 699$…. Sounds phishy….

  17. It's actually +$500. The 4080 12GB is the 4070 equivalent. They literally had to rebrand the card to make it seem like less of an ass-fucking.

  18. I told the exact same thing in this sub but got downvoted to hell, since it’s a “European” problem and Americans are Ok with it. If you don’t have the money don’t buy it right? Fuck efficiency

  19. There's also a silicon shortage. And upping the voltage and frequency allows a gpu to have the same performance with less silicon.

  20. Technically they do that every generation. A smaller node (typically measured in nanometers 'nn') uses less silicon per transistor, uses less power, and expells less heat. One of the biggest costs in chip making comes from the production of silicon waffers, which are cut and 'molded' into chips. A RTX 4090 could be cut from the same waffer as a RTX 4050. And the amount of work needed to create either one is nearly identical (if we exclude the aditional work done making the PCB, VRAM, etc), they just can't make all of them 4090s without wasting silicon, this is what we call "yeild", because not all the waffers, or parts of them, are a high enough quality. All of Nvidia's, and all chip makers' really, margin is in the high end processors. To make a complete RTX 4090 may only cost ~$700 giving it a big profit margin, but if we pretend the RTX 4050 will retail for $350, it probably costs $310 to manufacture. Nvidia/tsmc will always be able to make more 4050s than 4090s because of yeild but they could not justify the lower teir product or make much profit if the halo products were cheaper than they are.

  21. Portal rtx would be cool if this whole DLSS 3 only on the new cards bs weren't a part of it. Maybe it will run well anyway. Just tired of the deceit

  22. I got really excited for a lot of the games on the list (especially Witcher 3), but it seems like they’re all DLSS 3 upgrades that’ll only work with 40 series cards, or am I misunderstanding?

  23. I’d put it in my current gaming PC after maybe doubling my PSU wattage and beefing up my living room’s AC unit.

  24. I've been holding off on upgrading the internals of my PC, although I have been collecting some components. Most notably, I'm preparing for a custom loop in a Enthoo 719.

  25. I would use the GPU in my already build PC, I-9 10850k, Corsair vengeance 32gb 3200mhz, 2tb Samsung 980 pro nvme, Msi z490 gaming carbon wifi & currently Xfx 5700xt thicc 3

  26. I would probably have to upgrade my PC, but 100% worth it. Right now I got a 1660, and 3700x, so please force me to upgrade :D

  27. I am really unsure if it really works as well as they make it seem. Interpolation works well with predictable motion like the movement of a car or a plane but it is much much worse on unpredictable motion like jerky inputs or explosions. I wouldn't want my games to look like those 60 fps anime videos that make anything fast paced into vaseline.

  28. If I won the RTX 4080 16GB I would use it to build my dad a pc. I already some of the parts needed. I am missing a gpu, memory and a motherboard. He would be super happy to have his own pc that he can play games on.

  29. Except the main selling point is DLSS and Raytracing, which they’re gimping for every last generation. 30xx won’t get DLSS 3.0 or more RTX cores. But if you don’t care about that then AMD would have been better.

  30. I just got a 1440p 240hz monitor and upgraded my CPU to the 5800x3d, so a GPU upgrade to rock the new Jedi Fallen Order and maybe MWII would be insane. (I'm currently borrowing a rx 570 lol)

  31. What sort of PC would you put the prize GPU in? It can be a PC you already own, a PC you plan to build, or a PC you would recommend to someone else. What would you use the PC for?

  32. Okay so I'm on a gtx 760. It's been a surprising workhorse for years, at least given that I don't play a lot of huge graphics intensive titles. But I can't play sekiro, and definitely not elden ring, nor modded skyrim at high framerates theses days, so I'mma use the prize gpu in a new build to do those things. If I win it.

  33. I'm honestly fascinated by Portal with RTX -- it's incredible that such an old game is still so prevalent today as to warrant such (deserved imo) treatment!

  34. I would put this in my new PC that I just built in July and replace my 3060Ti. I use my PC to play my favorite games like RDR2

  35. I would probably keep my current mobo and CPU i9-9900K and Asus MOBO. But would for sure need a new PSU and case.

  36. Would probably build a new rig around the 4080 my 650W psu is nowhere near enough to handle it, then probably gonna get a 4k gaming setup and stream or something

  37. I have a 12600k PC, just sitting there without a GPU. I have been waiting for 40series for so damn long. I can finally play games.

  38. I would put it in my current PC. It's a solid build for editing videos and photos but using a 4080 would be a dream come true! Also, Portal RTX? I am so ready for November to come around!

  39. Portal and that modding tool were the most hype parts for me too. Spicing up Portal replays is very welcome. Fits well with the art direction too imo

  40. Yes, my fellow human, the new Nvidia™ RTX 4090™ card surely looks to be a great purchase. Available at all major retailers starting October 12th, which is when I, a real person, will be purchasing mine.

  41. I would put the GPU in my gaming PC... then probably update that PC so it could be a full blown VR rig. I'd also play all kinds of games on ultra that I can't currently do on my 1080 and older CPU

  42. would put in a new pc I'll build soon, been saving up for a while and now that I have less studies, I can play more games n stuff.

  43. I'm worried that GTA6 will be hyper complex and CPU demanding. It seems like whenever there is a generational jump in an open world game, they are always CPU monsters because of all the pathing and things being done at the same time for 100s of cars on screens and whatnot.

  44. 1- A PC I already own! I stream and am involved in the Vtubing community, so the extra power would be crazy useful. It would completely eliminate my need for a separate streaming box for one!

  45. I would put it in my current gaming PC. I just had a new computer built for me less than 6 months ago, I'm not about to spend over a thousand EUR on a new GPU, but I would gladly accept a freebie.

  46. I would be putting the GPU in my current PC, as I just built it in April. The cyberpunk DLC that was just announced has my interest.

  47. I would definitely throw the 4080 into my current PC, would be a pretty big performance upgrade from my current graphics card. Thanks!

  48. I would put a PC that doesn't bottle neck it, but is still a good price-to-power ratio. Not sure if that's possible given the condition but I'd give it a try.

  49. I’d put it in the pc I just built, would be a godsend lmao. Most interesting bro me was portal, a great game looking better than ever? Yes please

  50. I've been saving up alot and for a while and this would go a long way to making, just the best PC. Also just watched the trailer for Portal RTX and man does it look good.

  51. put it in my current pc, running a 1060 combined with the ryzen 5059, which feels like steven hawking in a pc :D

  52. I would want to put the GPU for my 10400 build that I have since 2021 during the GPU price hike era. I would use the PC for my work as an editor for a local studio and also for my AI lessons as well + gaming ofc.

  53. I would put this in a new PC build! The new PC would be used for gaming and programming work. thanks!

  54. Upgrade from my titan x pascal to a 4080 16gb would be cool, love how DLSS 3.0 leverages a new piece of hardware. Love the innovating, makes VR finally viable at higher settings.

  55. hello, i got a build with a mid gpu ( gtx 1050 ti ) i would swap it with the rtx into a b550 tuf gaming motherboard and a 5600 CPU

  56. I would love to put this GPU on my current computer, and possibly save it for a computer I may build in the future once I save up some money. I will use it for a lot of gaming and for school projects that require beefy applications :)

  57. I would first save up to buy a better psu... and motherboard, and then put it in my gaming rig and give my old stuff to my friend whos also building a pc. Im repping an i5 -10400f and 2060 atm.

  58. Honestly, I'd upgrade my existing PC. Yeah the 3070Ti I have now is fine, but I'd be able to reuse that, or pass it along for a RAM upgrade and some other goodies (maybe a new display).

  59. DLSS 2 looks like shit to me and the artifacting is really bad. I’m not really excited at all for DLSS 3 and it seems to be generating a lot of hate.

  60. If i somehow win this i will put the card in my existing PC which currently doesn't have any graphics card (thankfully the igpu is vega 7 so moderate gaming can be done)

  61. Q1: I would sell my rtx 2060 super and with that money build a new pc to replace the prebuilt i currently have (mainly cause I have heard prebuilts are a sin). Would probably go for ryzen 7 or maybe ryzen 9. Mobo - no idea. Definitely DDR5 ram.

  62. I'm a big fan of the portal series and it would be great to play an updated version of portal with ray tracing. I can already imagine all the ray tracing version of speed runs, I hope they haven't fixed the bugs which enable all the whacky speed runs

  63. I'd build a new PC around it. Given that I'm about to move and most of my hardware is already behind 5 years, it's about time to get a new PC anyways. I'd love to give Cyberpunk a try. I haven't played it cause of the horrendous release issues, but I heard that it's doing better since then.

  64. I would definitely put it in a new PC with the 12th gen Intel i5, 32gb RAM, ITX form-factor case that the RTX 4080 can fit in. The PC would ideally be used for gaming, but realistically, given the lack of gaming time, pretty much web-surfing.

  65. I would put this gpu into an sff build to test the thermal limits. Been thinking about making the switch and then give my current pc to my brother. It will be used for 4k gaming.

  66. I'd have to put it into my current PC, my current GPU is on the fritz and crashes each time I launch any game. Getting a 4080 would definitely make my year. Gaming and 3D modelling is what I use my computer for mostly. The thing I'd have to be most excited for would having RTX be more stable and usable, meaning I could use it to my hearts content.

  67. If it fits in my current ITX case, then it'll go in there. But I doubt it will. So, new case I guess! Gaming.

  68. I'd use the 4090 for my new build I've been saving for to finally move on from my loyal RX 590 ;_; Would use the build for 3d modeling and animation

  69. I would put it in my soon-to-be PC. I've only used really bad laptops for years, I'm so happy to finally be able to get a PC that runs fast and smooth. I love videogames and that's the main thing I plan to do. It's kind of a hard world to get into and learn but it'll be all worth it.

  70. The software I'm most excited about is RTX Remix! The ability to add a beautiful fresh coat of paint to some classic titles would be a breathtaking way to relive games of days past.

  71. I'm gonna put in the PC I already own, I'm planning on using this PC for programming and gaming also I'm extremely excited for the Morrowind RTX.

  72. I would put it in the PC I'm currently building, mainly for school where I create games but also play games, I'm most exited by portal RTX since I haven't played portal yet but also for DLSS 3 for unity since that's what I mainly work in

  73. I would put it in my new dream build, my first PC build! I would use my PC for gaming but also training deep learning models!

  74. I would put it in my current PC. I have been steadily upgrading this one ever since I got it and it is already performing quite well. The one part that I have not upgraded yet is the GPU, since it is the most expensive part and I want to wait until an upgrade is really worth the money. I would probably have to buy a new PSU though and sell the old GPU to keep up with the power this thing is going to draw. I am most excited about DLSS3.

  75. I would probably put it in my current PC. I recently moved away from my family and school has started up so gaming in my free time is all I have right now, especially with all the new games coming out. Would probably give my current GPU to my brother.

  76. I’m definitely putting the new GPU in my first recently built Pc. I have a 3080 now that a splurged for but being a PhD student it’s thought to budget for cool new tech lol

  77. I'm interested in DLSS 3. Been using a 5700 XT, so all I've been able to try is FSR. Interested in seeing people's first impressions of DLSS 3 and how it compares to 2, which I've heard is great.

  78. i would put it in my build i have a gt730 2gb (i did have a 980 but i gave it to my brother) so it would be a massive upgrade and i would really appreciate it.

  79. I would definitely need to invest in a new cpu. Already got my 1200 psu ready for that powerful card

  80. I would put it in my current PC, but I would need to upgrade my current power supply to be able to handle it. The upcoming 40 series is the most exciting for me because even if I don’t win this giveaway, it means lower generations of graphics cards will be cheaper! I’ll finally be able to upgrade!

  81. I would put a 4080 in my current sff pc. I currently have a formd T1 and would love to shove as much power as possible into its small footprint, plus I'm excited to see how well it will run Atomic Heart coming up.

  82. I'd put the GPU in my small form factor PC. I love being able to get amazing performance from a small pc - best of both worlds.

  83. I would put in in a brand new PC, I've been trying to convince my parents to let me build a computer to replace my current terrible laptop. They think it's too expensive, even though I'm using my own money. If I were to win this GPU, it would make a PC significantly cheaper, and I might be able to convince them.

  84. I would put it into my current pc build. I think it would definitely help me run some of the newer games that are coming out.

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