Just bought an i7-12700k and Z690 mobo to replace a nearly 10 year old 4770k. The case is taking longer to arrive, so everything is still sealed in the box. I now come across articles about some Zen 4 from AMD leaving even the 12900k in the dust…

  1. I think you will be happy with what you got right now for quite a while. The 12700k looked like it is a nice CPU, so it will give you a lot to enjoy.

  2. You should pull the trigger at release of a new generation, then you don't have no regrets, no reasons to wait longer. Buying now is pretty questionable having a good working setup..

  3. Keep what you've got. It's an exceptionally strong package and will do what you want of it (and more). Sure, new cpus will be a smidge faster, but mainly in gaming or certain specific workloads.

  4. Agreed. Also if the build your planning is hindered by case it usually means it's a gaming or rendering build dependant on GPU size. Either buy your case as one of the first few components so you can build it out or build in what you have. The latest and greatest is always just about to launch, that doesn't mean what you've already bought is shit tier.

  5. Exactly, came here to say the same. It's like asking the difference between 540HP Ferrari and a 580HP Lambo to drive 75.

  6. 13th gen will be out eventually too and we know more about it than zen 4. It sounds like zen 4 rumors are a bit too good. They're saying like a 60% performance bump. That almost be like going from a 10100 to a 11700k.

  7. Idk if you've upgraded to ddr5 but you'd have to include a ram upgrade into your budget if you went with AM5 as it won't support DDR4.

  8. Fair point. The RAM is still sealed. Looking at DDR5 vs DDR4, it seems like I’d have to spend some $50 extra on 32 GB.

  9. Yeah but see, you built it a few months ago so no regrets there! (Except that you may have overspec’d it a little)

  10. Buying a PC now is like dating during a divorce. You never know how much you're going to lose until the receipts are in.

  11. Dont worry about that. If you are running windows 11 the intel 12th gen is optimized for that operating system. The Ryzen 9 5950x does not blow the 12900ks away. Will Zen 4? Who knows.. what will the price be? For the ones out now regarding AMD and Intel, They both are pretty on par with each other and each one might be better at certain apps. Your 12700k is going to be just fine. Never worry about the ‘Fastest’ as that will never be very long of a reign anyways. If you are happy with your purchase just keep it.

  12. I stuck with an i7 4790k until the beginning of 2021 and if OP is anything like me they're probably still stuck in the mentality that CPUs only get marginally better with each generation, because that's how things were back when Haswell was still relevant.

  13. I build it my new system just 2 days ago. Yes, also a 12700K + Z690 (using DDR4). So far, pretty good, coming from a very old 2600K. I will need to upgrade my SSD to a M.2 now. Btw, you can just build and wait. Z690 will supports 13th just fine (my MB already support it after BIOS update).

  14. Very similar to me. My last build started with an i5 2400 + Z68, A few years ago I upgraded to a Xeon E3-1270 v2 to tide me over for a bit. Just updated to a 12700K + Z690 with DDR5. The performance difference is unreal, it feels like I time traveled an entire decade.

  15. If you want to wait until September and see then go for it but who knows how stock will be. Pretty sure it'll be more expensive out of the gate as well. If you want to upgrade now then do it now. If you want to wait then wait. 12th gen will be plenty relevant for a good while. You'll always be playing the waiting game. If you got a good deal on your pieces then I'd go with the deal and what you know you should except not hype and promises. Not throwing shade at any products just saying no one knows for sure at this point.

  16. There's always going to be something new, something better coming out. You don't always need the best hardware, especially for gaming. Plus you've been fine with the 4770k for 10 years, even the new i7 you're eyeing is a massive upgrade.

  17. When Intel 12th gen arrived people suggested those who wanted to build on it, to wait for the 13th gen because it's just "around the corner". It doesn't matter when you start building, there will always be people who will tell you to wait for the new gen and new gen will inevitable come, but it doesn't make your build look garbage or perform slower. It can serve you 5+ years.

  18. It's rumors but yeah the 13th gen is also releasing around the same time as amd this year so it will also beat 12th gen but that doesn't really matter based on pricing. I mean you probably got a really good deal. If you want to upgrade later you can by selling your i7 when the others launch and putting it towards a new cpu lol. The i7 is a champ it's priced right and has extremely good performance. 12th gen lineup was a monster. Regardless if this is for gaming look at the difference between the i5 and the i9 in actual gaming. So if you are purely gaming you won't see as big of a difference as you think with the new amd or intel. Yes there can be improvements of course but yours is fine it's very good.

  19. i'd keep in sealed in the box until Zen 4 comes out. Buy Zen 4 and keep that sealed in the box until intel 13th gen comes out. Keep intel 13th gen sealed until Zen 5 is out. So on...

  20. If it is absolutely necessary, your motherboard will be able to support upgrade to 13th gen in which its expected that Intel will at least compete on-par.

  21. No. Don't fixate on the future or on leaks. What you have will still be good for many years to come. When you want to upgrade, then upgrade, but that time has not yet come.

  22. Guess what will happen when AM4/Raptor Lake releases. The rumor mill will start spinning again, saying that the next chips will be so much better.

  23. The 12700k's efficiency cores will cover what you need, they wont be dipping into performance cores to do office things (esspecially if using windows 11), and aside from that your build is complete overkill.

  24. I’m sure the efficiency cores do most of the work during “idling”, that much is intuitively obvious. But are those performance cores really slow to get involved? Say during the 1-2 seconds while launching an app, are they even called?

  25. Keep what you bought. Newer things will (almost) always be better. That's something you need to accept when building a pc.

  26. I'm biased because I'm on a 12700k z690 (gigabyte) system and I love it. Runs rock solid, blows through everything I throw at it. It's easily the best windows PC/gaming experience I've ever had. Will future tech be better? Of course, but if you fixate on what's just over the horizon you'll miss out on the greatness sitting right in front of you.

  27. If you want to you can, since the 7000 series and Raptor lake (13th gen) release around the same time, then see which is better.

  28. Been using the same combo since January, you are fine my dude, you won't be upgrading so soon other than GPU if needed, specially if you play 1440p or above.

  29. I think what you have is very strong, but also fairly poor value. I would choose the 12700f , and a B660, or even a 12900f and a B660, over what you picked. Because of that and since zen4 is coming out soon I would wait.

  30. There's always going to be the next best thing coming out, for the same price you paid for something else in the past.

  31. Yes, unless you buy that deal at microcenter right now. i7-11700k for only 270 and a free prime p590 wifi mb for free. Total cost is $270 before theft. It's a really hard deal to pass up right now.

  32. One argument worth considering is AMD supported the AM4 socket for 6 years where an Intel force you to buy a new board every 2 years.

  33. What I always do is buy a decent platform (motherboard) and get a pretty cheap CPU+RAM combo. Then wait a while until you feel like you need it and upgrade those parts.

  34. A few things. It looks like waiting is an option for you. If thats the case, then my answer depends on the price you got the 12700K for and if you are able to straight return it. If you got it for around original msrp, then yeah, I would return it and the mobo. I know thats contrary to what others are saying, but its not like you are 6 months away from next gen. It looks like Zen 4 is only 1-3 months out and similarly for 13th gen. My recommendation really has more to do with getting the most out of your money especially if you are not pressed to build your pc.

  35. if you really want to wait raptor lake is also around so no dealing with weird mobo prices that always happens when a new one is released

  36. Who cares! Still such a huge upgrade. I upgraded to the 12600k from the same exact processor you had! Works amazing. It's a whole nother world of performance I didn't know I needed lol you will be happy. There's always gonna be something newer, something shiny. But it doesn't make what you have any less than what it is.

  37. For what you want to do on your system, a 12900k is already overkill. Trust me, Zen 4 is good but Zen 3 is ALREADY good. Your CPU is the top performing CPU right now, to the point it is unnecessary. It’s super hot and is power hungry.

  38. Dont play that game. There is always something better and faster about to be released. If I waited like that I would never get mine built. I like you build not the best money can buy but something that will last 10 years before i need to replace. As long as what you have is working for you then no reason to update or renew.

  39. If you always wait for the next big thing you'll never upgrade your system. Personally I've always favoured AMD chips but I can't imagine you'll experience buyer's remorse with the parts you've got because it looks like a good future-proof combo.

  40. Sounds like a case of FOMO. Don't let that ruin your enjoyment or stress you out. Sure you can wait but you'll be paying premium prices for everything when it launches. The 12700k is a beast and will be excellent for what you're doing. I just built with it at the beginning of July with DDR5 even knowing 13th gen is coming around the corner eventually but the sales and prices were nice and it was a major upgrade for me so I pulled the trigger (not quite as much of an upgrade as coming from a 4770 lol) I say keep what you've got, unless you just want to be able to say you have the newest available and even then you can go 13th gen as its the same socket. Either way it's really up to you and what you want to do

  41. As an AMD person, Zen 4 is still unreleased and it’s gonna be expensive at launch when it eventually does release. Right now the cpu market is amazing with Zen 3 and 12th gen prices coming down.

  42. From what you're describing your workload in being, and if money is a secondary factor, Zen 4 will make such a minimal difference to you...

  43. You went from 4th gen to 12th gen and you are thinking about 1 gen forward being better? Of course the am4 and the 13th gen will be better than the 12th but will the difference from your 4th gen be visible? Surely not. The i7 12700k is a beast and will serve you for years to come, dont get in that rabbit hole of continiously buying the best thing out there or feeling bad if you dont have it because then you will serve the companies and not yourself.

  44. There's always something new around the corner. This will be a night and day experience from what you had, and what you bought. I sincerely doubt you'd even notice the performance difference between the 12700k and Ryzen 7000k systems if they were side by side with the work load you described.

  45. There will always be something better around the corner. If you want to get the snappiest system response, get the fastest memory you can afford and 2 of the fastest nvme ssd you can afford and put it in raid 0.

  46. As a personal opinion, if your 4770k can hold it for a few months, then its not a good idea to buy now, not just because of Zen4 is coming, but even intel's 13th gen is coming, and both seems to be neck to neck in multiple regards, at least according to the rumors. But the actual winner (for your needs) shall not be decided till the actual launch and unbiased reviews.

  47. If you toss a 3080 on it it will be a wel balanced top end computer. Add 32gb ddr4 4000hz ram and a sn850 or 980 Pro SSD And you'll be good for another 5 years.

  48. Even if Zen4 is much faster. It does not make i7 -12700k any slower. Its till a huge upgrade over 4770k and will last you the same amount of time.

  49. Meh, no matter what you buy it is almost obsolete the day you buy it. If it was good enough to convince you to buy it to begin with, then just be happy with the purchase and use it.

  50. If you want the best of the best? Sure, but it doesn't stop the ones you do have already from being very good. Plus there's no guarantee you can get your hands on the other stuff you want. I would suggest you keep what you have.

  51. For the usecases you laid out, a 12700k is going to be plenty of horsepower to keep your system snappy for several years. If you currently paid $600 for your CPU and mobo, sounds like you paid near MSRP. If you're still in the no cost return window, it wouldn't be a bad idea to hold off until the new product launches. Intel 13th gen is also around the corner and will (should?; believe they've confirmed it) be compatible with your Z690 mobo.

  52. Well it’s going to be released within a few days. You might definitely want to wait a bit, because Intel could lower their prices or you could buy the new ryzen 7600x/7700x

  53. The main question here is are you going to benefit from whatever those gains are? If not then don’t worry about it, build your pc and be happy with a sick system.

  54. Not bother and wait to put my pc together. Chasing the fomo is always gonna fail, you don't even know if that is true, and even if it is, I doubt you'll suddenly be able to buy it.

  55. Shinier thing will always be on the horizon. By the time they arrive, there will be promise of even better things if you'll just wait for another couple of months.

  56. I dont know man... Youw ait for amds new gen.. Then intel launches rhe 13k series few months after... Will you then wait some more for the intel 13k...

  57. I'd return them, you haven't built anything yet and it is still sealed. Worst case scenario is that you buy the same board and chip again for the same price. The 4770K is still find for what you're doing, albeit aging and not as fast as you might want, but it'll see you through however long you're willing to wait. If you were unwilling to wait then I'd say stop looking at hardware and rumours, you'll only aggravate and annoy yourself thinking of all the possibilities that could have happened if you'd have waited.

  58. It all comes down to how does all of that benchmark statistics and figures translate to real world use, and you'll likely find that what you have will work perfectly for whatever you need.

  59. Ofcourse it's gonna blow the 12900k out of the water. But the 12700k is more than enough for today's needs especially say gaming. Unless you need it for workload max, then go ahead with the purchase. You should go ahead and buy since the existing cpu is just too old

  60. Enjoy what you have. Don’t think of the future when buying hardware, as something faster is always just around the corner.

  61. If you're not gaming, you'll be WAY better served by researching top of the line NVMe SSDs and faster memory, than you will by fretting about processing. Your 12700 is terrific overkill for your described use-case ALREADY. You won't need more cores, unless you're the type to NEVER close tabs, and you run 5-6 intensive programs simultaneously.

  62. Why get a 12700k if you only use it for windows? Most of those cores will never run. Just get a 12100 and call it a day. I love amd and I have 5 amd systems at my house and only 2 intel builds. Imo the 12100 is so good for a windows system that there is no other choice. Just get a good b660 board and a 12100 and you are good to go.

  63. It's likely that the next gen will have some amount of performance increase for AMD, but 13th Gen Intel is also on the horizon. I think (def check for yourself) that the 12th and 13th Gen CPUs can use the same MB without an upgrade. Many of the new MBs will support DDR5 RAM, but much of the DDR4 is still faster.

  64. I have an i5 4670 and been shopping around new rig this year but eventually stopped when I knew that new gen is arriving soon. It’s still a bit capable PC for my need so I can wait

  65. PC technology advances so quickly it’s pretty much impossible to keep up unless you’re changing systems every half a year. Keep the 12700K, I made the same upgrade but from a 4790 and it’s a huge difference. Sure, you might get a little bit better performance by going Zen4 but new products release very regularly, there’s no point in waiting and waiting just to get the best value. I’d argue if you were happy with your current system and didn’t buy any parts yet, but it sounds like you need the power right now, so just go with it.

  66. I wonder how much performance loss you would take by sticking with your build - probably nothing that noticeable. I just moved to AMD 5950x and don’t see the point in buying the new chipset, everything I throw at it is destroyed and you would probably find it to be the same. I would stick with your original plan, plus video cards are reducing in price weekly from what I have heard. I’m sticking with my video card and not upgrading, that also bench presses games. I think you will be fine.

  67. "Oh fuck you built a PC with last gen hardware? Should have waited for the next gen hardware to come out next month!"

  68. Your 12900k already wallops your 4770k, which could open up PDF’s and run chrome with no issue. Why would you wait longer and pay more when you already have more than enough power than what you’ll ever need in your hands?

  69. I just upgrading from a i7 7700 to a 12700k and the difference is insane. You should be happy with it but Idk much about amd and new/faster parts are always coming out anyway.

  70. Just got the same. Updated the Z690 bios so it'll support I think 2 more intel generations. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But you definitely have a CPU upgrade path if you got the DDR5 version. Why I grabbed the DDR5 version.

  71. Thing is, the way technology evolves, whenever you buy a component, there's already something better out there, or about to come out. So if every time you buy something you decide to wait for the new version to come out, you'll never have a computer...

  72. A i7 12th gen is a top tier processor, better than almost any processor that has ever hit consumer shelves. You can’t go wrong getting it right now it will do just fine for you for years to come

  73. If your not playing games and the most intensive application your running is Photoshop, stick with what you have and you'll be fine.

  74. I got a 12700k with a z690 mobo and 32 gig ram.i replaced my 4770k with it 7 months ago.its a HUGE improvement.Totally worth it. And I do everything on my system from graphic design to video editing to playing games.its a HUGE speed boost on everything over my old 4770k.Keep your 12700k and wait for your case to arrive.

  75. Chances are the Zen4 stuff will be better and use less juice. The problem you will face is its bleeding edge, new architecture and socket design... it wont be properly stable for a few months at the very earliest. Not a neigh sayer to AMD, I tend to go Ryzen for efficiency. Just a lot of people and honest reviewers had a fair amount of issies and crashes with 12th gen, problems always get ironed out, but theirs gunna be issues matterless.

  76. Chances are the Zen4 stuff will be better and use less juice. The problem you will face is its bleeding edge, new architecture and socket design... it wont be properly stable for a few months at the very earliest. Not a neigh sayer to AMD, I tend to go Ryzen for efficiency. Just a lot of people and honest reviewers had a fair amount of issies and crashes with 12th gen, problems always get ironed out, but theirs gunna be issues matterless.

  77. 90% dont need a 12900 for casual gaming, if you want 420fps 1080 or some wild hobby fueled madness, or fall into some category where you need a beefy cpu than go for it

  78. I got a 5900x if you can really cool most of the new processors you can push them and even stick they are amazing. I replaced a 4790k. Pretty amazing difference. Just know you want to cool something like the 5900x the you want 180-200 watts of cooling. I didn’t know to make sure I had cooling for the boost. But they are always boosting so shoot to cool the highest tdp at boost. if you’re gonna over clock the cpu.

  79. You dont know when it is going to be released, and you have no idea how it will perform. I would stick with what you have.

  80. If you wanna wait can't go wrong with AMD or Intel at this point in time even if there's Zen 4 later this year that's not too far about.

  81. First off we don't know how good zen4 will be yet, second off zen4 is ddr5 only and currently ddr5 costs and arm and a leg. We don't know how it'll be when zen4 comes out but that's something to keep in mind.

  82. Bruh, there will always be better stuff. Just because AMD will have a better CPU won't make your 12700k bad. Enjoy and relax, you will have power for many years to come.

  83. If you currently have a working PC. I would wait, the Zen 4 rumors are very exciting, would suck to build something now and Zen 4 blows it out of the water.

  84. $600 just for CPU and motherboard ist not really a bargain. Because there will be new generations coming from AMD and Intel in the next couple of months it's also bad timing to buy a new system now. On the other hand, it's never a bad advice to buy it if you need it. My advice would be, if you can wait for some more months, do it. AMD is expected to launch Zen 4 in August/September. Intel is expected to launch Raptor Lake in October/November.

  85. Zen 4 will probably be better indeed but a i7 12700k is still a very good cpu so I don’t think there is that much to worry about

  86. 12700k user here. Intel has stepped up their game from previous years. I think your research should be focused on components that won’t bottleneck the processor.

  87. If you can wait, which it sounds like you can, I would recommend waiting. Both Ryzen 7000 and Intel 13th gen CPUs are getting close enough to release that people are starting to whisper about exact announcement and release dates.

  88. Return. If your 4770K is doing you well, and you’re fine with waiting a few weeks for tons more performance, then so be it. Wait, and be rewarded for waiting.

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