Extra $120 for a DDR5 board + $50 for tower cooler and $50 for DDR5 to overclock a 12400f with an upgrade path in mind? Or just save all the money and run the 12400f stock?

  1. Instead of paying an extra $170 for a DDR5 platform as in your title, why not just put that money on a 12600K + Z690 DDR4 and get built-in overclocking, higher stock clocks, and four E-cores? I get the novelty but it doesn't seem to make sense if you look at it from the cost perspective.

  2. Where I live, Taiwan, the 12600k is exactly $150 more, and according to the benchmarks linked, provides 2-8% more performance. The expensive board and cooler costs would be the same, I'd just save $50 on DDR5 memory, but spend a little extra on a z690 board.

  3. If you’re going to spend that money for those things, you might as well finish the job properly and get a Zen 4 CPU to go with it… those are expected to be out in mid-September, less than 2 months away.

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