PostGame Thread: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Cleveland Browns - November 27, 2022

  1. Well, that was an awful game and a worse outcome. Losing Wirfs was shit too. But, just remember, nothing we say in this thread changes the outcome. So please be civil or we'll kick you out of here faster than Donovan Smith letting Myles Garrett get to the QB. Please report any comments that break our rules.

  2. Eagles up by 7 late in the 4th on Packers 40. Tried to draw them offsides then CALLED A TIMEOUT AND KICKED A FIELD GOAL. But Bowles says punt is the right call there.

  3. Honestly, my biggest wonder right now is what the fuck is wrong with our strength and conditioning coaches. They must be doing a really shit job, considering how brittle literally ALL OF OUR PLAYERS ARE.

  4. I know Mike is typically injured more often than not and plays through many injuries. Wondering if he had something lingering this game. He usually isn’t one that doesn’t have fire in him during games. So I’d personally give him the benefit of the doubt

  5. i'm still stunned the bucs lost to the browns of all teams. they were pathetic today. this should have been a 'gimme"

  6. Rule number one of being a Bucs fan - there is no such thing as a gimme game. In fact, gimme games for us are typically trap games. Rookie/Backup QBs? Weak teams? We play down to them all and somehow manage to lose.

  7. We're not a good team and I blame Todd Bowles entirely. BA would have never taken the foot off the pedal. He does this anytime we take a lead.

  8. It's so true. It's like he thinks you get a 7-point lead with 20 minutes left in the game, and the goal should just be to run out the clock from there.

  9. Bowles cost us a second consecutive SB last year with that blitz play. Then got promoted. And is the reason were having one of our worst seasons ever (with the level of talent we have). Can’t forgive him for that

  10. Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!

  11. anybody have a damn video of Mike Evans catching that ball but the refs saying he was OB and didn’t review it??? I was almost positive he was in.

  12. Still don’t know how the 3rd Down plays designed to have the player stop WELL BEFORE the first down marker are allowed to be schemed at this point in the season. Coaches doubling down on schemes and calls that have CONSISTENTLY failed, literally definition of fucking insanity…

  13. Only reason i aint selling my tickets for next game is because it might be my last chance to see Brady. But im damn sure gonna try to get a Fire Leftwich/Bowles chant going once the fuckery starts

  14. hmmmm I agree with the sentiment, but booing our coaches mid game is probably gonna hurt the way our players play.

  15. Helluva catch for Cleveland end of 4th quarter. We had them stopped and the guy made a play. But we shouldn't of been in that spot. Our offense are the biggest underachievers in the league.

  16. Remember when We constantly shat on Aaron Rodgers MVP case last year for being too efficient and not taking enough risks for their team to win? This offense is actively losing us games with their lack of scoring and lack of time on the field. We are legitimately struggling to put at least 20 points on the board, and in that regard, we are not that much different than the broncos where only that much wins us games.

  17. This team has good-great QB play, but plays and schemes scribbled in crayon. This team doesn’t even have competent coaching. It’s a disgrace

  18. The play before the tying touchdown at the end of the 4th quarter the Bucs had 3 timeouts and the clock was running with like 1:16 left and me and my Dad were screaming at the TV to call a timeout. Instead Browns run 35 seconds off the clock before tying TD pass and instead of getting the ball back with like 1:02 on the clock they get it back with 32 seconds. Also, maybe broken record but ended with fucking 2 unused timeouts, Dear God

  19. Play calling and discipline. Isn't fixed now, it won't be at this point in the season and certainly not with these coaches.

  20. Honestly, from what I saw being there, coaching wasn't the best and Brady didn't throw very well on crucial moments. That and Browns were blessed by the football gods or something, that TD that tied it and the secondary defender who fell at the end of the OT and The Bucs offense not being able to drive it down there in OT were what killed us. :(

  21. I'm angry yall, it sucks, there's no reason for our team and personnel to be this bad, someone help me rationalize any of this

  22. you must be young. this is the life of a bucs fan... been this way since the beginning. the only time they were consistently good were the years of lynch, sapp, alstott etc... you never get used to it, but just grow to accept it....

  23. Me and my old man were screaming at the fucking TV about that. Could have gotten the ball with like 1:02 and 2 timeouts instead of 32 seconds. Also ended the game with 2 unused timeouts....grrrrr

  24. So who’s excited about Bowles now? Defensive coaches are too damned conservative and play not to lose, using obsolete “run-the-ball and play defense” strategy that last worked when Dungy had a HoF defense 20 years ago. Even back then the strategy was a dinosaur.


  26. Donovan Smith ALWAYS commits an inexcusable penalty on the 4th quarter, specially in close games. That seems to be his thing, and if I CAN FREAKING NOTICE IT, why has no coach fixed it yet?

  27. I’ve said this for years and have been met with nothing but opposition from this sub. Donovan Smith is fucking terrible.

  28. Why do raiders and Seahawks both have 20 Or (even!) more points by halftime?? Is that even legal? Shouldn’t you be saving them for the playoffs?

  29. I don't get how we don't have a quick slant play to get a easy 5 yards. Like every other team in the league. Nothing to get this team in rhythm. Just chucking downfield on 3rd and short is not an answer

  30. There is a girl who paints a picture of Jimmy G everyday until he is traded. It is so awesome. Is there anyway to have her do a picture of Bowles and Leftwich every day until they are fired?

  31. Something has to change or this season will get away from us in a week or two. Be it coaching or players idk but this team looks soft, undisciplined, and not focused.

  32. I still put it entirely on the offense. We had multiple chances to take Chubb out of the game. But we always kept it one score, which allowed them to keep going to him.

  33. [Auman] Tristan Wirfs’ injury might not be a severe as feared. He walked around locker room, showered, had a boot on his left foot only as he left the locker room. There’s hope it isn’t as longterm as it could be.

  34. Literally the end of the season if he's out for a significant period of time. Brady already has zero time to throw the ball, there's no way we win another game unless Jensen comes back, and we can move Hainsey over.

  35. I saw the wild jump live that caused the injury and knew immediately what happened, when they showed Wirfs down. Don’t care to watch the actual replay of it though.

  36. Anyone figure out why we didn’t take the field goal in the 3rd quarter? We were in the 32 before the purposely too the delay of game penalty I’m pretty sure

  37. Our kicker's range is about 50 yards, so it was outside of something he could realistically kick. That said, we 10000% should have gone for it on 4th and 2. Makes no sense to punt there.

  38. Not confident in our kicker, didn't want to give them good fired position if he missed, too scared to go for it, Over confident in our defense.

  39. This was also the case in the second quarter right before Julio's catch. Two timeouts and nearly within Succops range. But no, he wanted to run a no huddle play.

  40. He could have saved about 10 seconds on the last drive with a timeout and that's what the broadcast was focusing on, but we should have called a timeout when the Browns had the ball, which would have given us 1:10 for the drive instead of 0:30.

  41. Just watched the press conference with Todd Bowles. He basically is still blaming execution and didn't think he did anything wrong with the timeouts at the end of regulation.

  42. This is one of the most frustrating things about these coaches. It's one thing to make mistakes and then admit to them and try to improve. These coaches don't do that, they are incredibly stubborn and hard headed.

  43. Not sure how a staff or ownership can watch the Bowles press conference after this loss and think he’s the right guy for the job.

  44. Interviewer: “Todd, why are you an idiot and didn’t bother to use your timeouts when Cleveland was wasting time as they were about to tie the game?”

  45. With bad coaching otherwise good teams often play to the team they're playing week to weak. Playing a good team, they go lights put. Playing a bad team they barely try. Seems to be what's going on this season.

  46. His accuracy definitely seems off. He's always missed throws here and there but he's missed some big game changing throws this year. A few deep balls in overtime that wouldve been huge

  47. I watch the other games/teams and their quarterbacks constantly get sacked, intercepted, they throw shit balls but have wide receivers and tight ends that make great catches that make the qb look good...not to mention they have good coaches as well. Tom Brady is not this teams problem.

  48. 2022 Brady based on QBR alone is better than 98% of Bucs’ QB seasons ever. With a talented WR corps & above-average D, there’s zero reason we should be below .500. This is all play-calling. Fire Lefty & Bowles.

  49. None of that is true. “Forced him out” isn’t even a proven fact. It’s a best guess situation for headlines.

  50. Idk why you’re being downvoted. I just got out of a divorce. It doesn’t matter he is the GOAT, the divorce is 100% affecting him if you like it or not.

  51. Bowles was just asked about not calling timeouts at the end of regulation, and he literally has no clue what was going on. Holy shit.

  52. Glad to see the bye week wasn't wasted going over anything new, or trying to freshen up the play book, stick with what we do best.

  53. Any 13 year old kid playing Madden has a better grasp of game and clock management than our OC and HC; that's unbelieveable in itself but how come Brady, Licht or the Glazers just watch and don't step in?

  54. Speaking of not calling a timeout I can't believe they didn't challenge or at least call a time out on the Evans out of bounds catch to see if they should challenge it. It's not like there's ever a scenario where we go phew thank God Todd Bowles saved that for later

  55. Bruh how do you lose up 17-10 defense just did their thing and we have the ball back with 2:30? Fucking sus offense and coaching for real. Then just throw the towel in and let them win in OT.

  56. I honestly don’t think I’ll watch much of the game next week. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this. Maybe right before they got Winston.

  57. Only thing keeping me going is that we're still in the lead for the division, and I'm hoping we turn it on at some point. But it's been quite a while since we've had such boring, frustrating games.

  58. I would honestly rather exhume Franz Kafka and prop his mummified corpse on the sidelines as coach than what we have.

  59. It's crazy to think that not that long ago Kafka was on our roster as a QB. His ascent up the coaching ladder has been impressive.

  60. I’m just not seeing Todd Bowles as a good coach or defensive coordinator. Output D has to give up the most plays when the game is on the line.

  61. This version of the bucs feels like one of those teams that a powerhouse college team pays to come get the hell beat out of them to open the season

  62. I don't think I've ever been this disappointed about a loss before. Just terrible. So many opportunities to extend our "rare" lead and we lose in OT smh... BUT we're still #1 in the division, the least sucky in the division according to the standings. Oh yay... 🙄

  63. If anyone is watching chiefs/rams, the difference between our offensive scheme and theirs is mind boggling. Plays are creative, play calls are mixed up, defenses can’t just sleep walk through the game getting stops almost by default

  64. same with the niners . exotic formations and pre snap movement every play, everyone is open all the time. like multiple receivers open PER PLAY

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