Is it a Vancouver thing to wear T-shirt or hoodie to fancy restaurants?

  1. Can confirm. I am from Vancouver and my ex was from Kelowna. For a birthday dinner he took me out to a really beautiful restaurant. I wore a dress, nice shoes etc. He wore a t-shirt from his gym and board shorts.

  2. Vancouver is very casual but I’m a specific way. We have a culture of wearing lulu and Arc’teryx (athletic gear) everywhere. Other places like Texas are very casual but in a completely different way.

  3. To be fair to OP, I go to "fancy" restaurants on occasion (Elisa, Le Crocodile, that sort of thing) and I always see people in hoodies/jeans. It doesn't bother me in the slightest (also you can tell these hoodies are not just from the Gap, haha), but it is an interesting contrast to other parts of the world where dressing up in more traditionally formal attire when going out is more part of the culture there.

  4. I have to admit whether I'm in Vancouver or Victoria I'm a board shorts and tshirt guy walking in to drop $100+ on dinner. It's almost to the point where if you see people in suits you assume they're in sales.

  5. I like to wear a lot of pretty retro-style dresses, especially in summer. Here in Vancouver, I usually feel just dressed up enough to be a little quirky.

  6. In the business district of DT Vancouver people are often in suits. I’m not sure why as most jobs don’t require it anymore but what do I know. I think people just want to look good and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

  7. Vancouver is a very casual city, fashion wise, so yes. But I'm still really going to need to know what a "fancy" restaurant is

  8. I work in a kind of fancy restaurant and it's more alarming to see the old men come in full suits, than it is to see people in their sweats...

  9. The thing is sports casual has been a fashion trend for a long time in Vancouver. And upper class chic types will pay a lot of money for those clothes. They might look cheap to some, but that T-shirt and a hoodie could pay a person's rent in some places. And people in the restaurant industry know this and welcome people in those outfits--they that dress down to dress up--because they are monied.

  10. It is now officially fashionable to wear trainers/sneakers/athletic footwear with a mens suit. So I would say that’s not just a Vancouver thing.

  11. I was about to say "nah" but then realized my cowichan valley brain's version of "fancy restaurant" is Original Joes

  12. I feel so attacked. 😂 Personally I wear hoodies almost everywhere, it's definitely not unusual to see my type around. Even in fancier places.

  13. I think this a good thing. Go to Montreal and visit some of their more famous busy restaurants and you'll be surprised to see a very casual dress attire. I prefer to this stuffy pretentious nonsense.

  14. What's wrong with wearing a t-shirt or hoodie to fancy restaurants? Did you just wake up from a comma and miss the last 10 years or so? Urban/street wear is now the standard for upscale clothing (Supreme, Balenciaga, Kenzo etc). Who still wears button up shirts and blazers anywhere, really?

  15. Have you seen what celebrities wear out? Some of the fashion out there makes people look homeless but they have millions of dollars. Wearing a hoodie or t-shirt is pretty upscale looking compared to some of that shit lol.

  16. Ask yourself, who are you ultimately living for (aside for you family, kids, wife) and if the 'fancy restaurant' has a dress code, you take your money elsewhere and they will be closed in 3 weeks.

  17. I will absolutely get dressed up to go out with the fiance from time to time. I don't really find it takes away from what we're doing if not everyone else is dressed up - we've gone to the local dive bar on a date dressed semi formal before and it was a memorable date.

  18. You can dress casually and still look good. Dark jeans, Gucci sneakers and sweater for example. I think OP is referring to skids in joggers and tearaways.

  19. I see that everywhere these days. People just don't seem to care about what they wear anymore. Like the amount of people I see out in public in pajama pants.

  20. Lol this brings back memories. Wife and I was just chilling around Stanley park and wine dinner comes we walk by Five sails so we were like let's go try. Note we both have flip flops, T-shirt and shorts on coz it was summer. We went in and the place looks pretty dress up. We didn't care. Later our waiter ask if we are tourist since I guess we dress like one?(there is a lot of cruise the park nearby).

  21. Nah, Calgary has a tradition of many more suits and general office-y look in the downtown offices and headquarters. I was surprised going from Van to Cal one year. Gore Tex is for recreation, down jackets too, more of the heavy woollen jacket thing.

  22. What's consider to be a fancy restaurant? Most restaurants pricing are high but their are more upbeat, casual type. Then you have the shows fancy ones and you can tell is not for the casual. Can you still go in with a T-shirt? Sure. No one really cares in Vancouver.

  23. I wear Crocs+socks and a t-shirt/hoodie with shorts combo to any restaurant I want and it's frankly no one else's fucking business. I'm paying them to serve me good food not to join their stupid stuffed up social club.

  24. Who cares? They are supporting local businesses. Who gets to decide what is fancy dress. Is it a cheap dress from Walmart or a 5000 dollar hoodie? Maybe they are trying to go green by wearing the clothes they own instead of buying more.

  25. PNW is all about that casual lifestyle, you want that more suit & tie experience with a stick up your ass then you should head to Europe.

  26. Yes, the dumpy look seems pretty standard here. Think it’s a Canada thing. Not sure what it is, people who have low self esteem or just low class.

  27. Yep. In my experience you'll usually see it worn by people with multi-generational wealth (my case) or I don't give a fuck money.

  28. If you wear a T-shirt or a hoodie to a nice establishment, you will be probably be served, but you are a douche

  29. Incorrect.. You will be served and you are probably a welcome patron. The douches usually show up in suits.

  30. Why would you dress up to eat? Like, honestly, bad enough to have to pay a ton of money for even the smallest dine in places that aren’t fast food.

  31. In Seattle, a hoodie & lanyard means you're in tech. So yeah, your money would be good. Vancouver's probably not too far off from that.

  32. Given my fashion sense people should be happy if i show up to an event wearing clothes. If they want them to be clothes they approve of then we have to have a conversation about expectations.

  33. I dropped 400 on dinner 2 weeks ago wearing a shirt from Walmart and a pair of jeans from Value Village. I was comfortable enough. I would’ve been more comfortable in just a pair of underwear though.

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