When I'm older, I want to be the official City Sword-Bearer of Bristol

  1. How much older? You have to be specific. Set your target and structure your goals back from there. What are your next steps? What can you do today that nudges the needle in the right direction?

  2. Is it a part time gig? I presume the sword doesn't need bearing 5 days a week. Do they call him up like 'hey Pete, we need you to come in and do a few hours of bearing next Wednesday'

  3. I can confirm that that picture is of myself while I Swordbearer for the Lord Mayor. The role is a civic one but mostly I sat in front of a laptop organising the Lord Mayors duties and supporting the Civic Office. It was a fantastic honour to attend events with the Lord Mayor and I used to enjoy leading processions and having a large role at Remembrance Sunday

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