After 11 years in Australia it just happened..

  1. Wow it just plays in your head the instant you hear the word nutbush nutbush nutbush dddnnnooo ddddnnnnooo nutbush city limits

  2. At a school social in the late eighties, and Nutbush came on, and everyone cheered and started doing the dance. I’d never heard the song before, I had no idea what was going on, did I miss the day they taught everybody else at my school this dance? It was like being flash mobbed 20 years too early.

  3. I went to a trivia night a while back and for the bonus round at the end, they played a 'sing the next line' and this was one of the songs, nobody cared they were giving away the answers. Hearing 500 scream F**k Off was amazing. Lol.

  4. Chicken dance at Expo 88; Achy Breaky Heart; Macarena; Nutbush - is it so long since we had a group dance go viral, or am I too old to notice them?

  5. Stanky Legg, The Dougie, Gangnam Style, The Ketchup Song, Single Ladies...but none hits the crowds like the Nutbush hits.

  6. Holy crap, chicken dance at the Expo was basically compulsory. No matter what you were doing, everybody joined in!

  7. I’ve been teaching it to my grade 1’s and 2’s for upcoming school concert. Absolutely honoured to be passing on the torch.

  8. Is this your first wedding, because it’s put on every single wedding I’ve attended since The song came out!

  9. I did some research, no one knows the origins of the dance, but it's cult in Australia. Tina Turner never did a dance with the song.

  10. What’s so great about it, is that it spread so efficiently throughout the country on nothing more than the bloody-mindedness of primary school PE teachers.

  11. Oh God yeah. I was a punk back in the day and hate that kind of conformist type of shit. When I first came here I was relatively young still. Went to a club with my cousin down in Victoria and witnessed it. OMG I was somewhat disturbed. I'm ancient now and hey, each to their own and all that. People are having fun so let it be I have come to realise.

  12. I have always felt like I'm broken because I just never understood the nutbush obsession. I was born and raised here and... I just don't get it?

  13. I don't know how or why but I never learnt the nut bush and it's never played at any wedding I've been to. To be fair I've only been to 3 weddings though. Born mid 80s, grew up in rural NSW.

  14. Can't stand that song. The moment it is played, like Pavlov's dog salivating, every bogan in earshot gets up and starts stomping their feet on the ground.

  15. This happened to me too this week! After 18 years in Australia and many weddings. I think I got the hang of it in the last 30 seconds.

  16. Been here 13 years. Had to ask my wife what it was was. She looked at me confused and said “it’s the dance…” like I was supposed to know what it was. Had to google it.

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