What are some must see local shops?

  1. Definitely contains nuts. Iconic little store for anything nut or legume related. Haven't been in a few years but still there for sure.

  2. It is still there, but just be aware it is no longer owned/run by the original family, so some of the much loved genuinely homemade products are no longer available.

  3. There’s a really cool vintage place called Relove Oxley, in oxley, you would like the upstairs area, it’s filled with vintage pop culture, collectibles and a record collection. Downstairs is a variety of knickknacks. I could spend an entire afternoon combing through that place.

  4. Archives Fine Books is a great second hand book store in the CBD (next to a 24hr Pancake Manor!) You could also check out Pulp Fiction, Comics Etc, Vault Games in the CBD. The Death Star Canteen on Queen Street for some nerdy coffee and Netherworld in Fortitude Valley for a nerdy drink. I honestly recommend just going for a walk and noseying around anywhere that interests you, there are so many hidden fun places

  5. Whilst visiting Mick's nuts go further along Hardgrave Rd and find a fantastic Turkish restaurant called Caravanserai. Might be Doorknock Terrace. Worth the time definitely

  6. 20 years ago I used to be the house bellydancer at Caravanserai, go there on a Friday or Saturday night and you'd get me dancing in your dinner.

  7. Retro Metros is the best OP shop I know of, it's more expensive but they have better quality stuff with a great salesman..

  8. Vend is great to peruse! You'll never know what new stall will pop up with something interesting. It's also close to some OP shops on the same street.

  9. Eddie's retro in Greenslopes has an amazing amount of retro games from nes to ps5. Well priced too!! Lots of nerdy old stuff. Also edited to say tom's warehouse it's a candy store heaven, your not a local unless you've been there

  10. Mappins is a very expensive place for me to visit lol. Pair it with the West End markets and you've got a good day out.

  11. I got held hostage by a couple of spoon collectors once and was trapped for a few hours at Camp Hill Antique Centre and Tart Cafe. It’s a huge indoor market full of knick knacks you’d forgotten your aunt and uncle had in their house growing up and a lot of other stuff. It’s just full of stuff that’s very interesting for people who collect stuff.

  12. These are in and around brisbane CBD - 1st Edition for dinner, Netherworld for drinks, Noosa chocolate factory for snacks, Book merchant for books, and check out GOMA/Museum for exhibits that might be on when you’re here

  13. There is a ‘Hidden Brisbane’ book that was a good guide to hidden gems: cafes, shops, etc but it really depends where you live as to what you’ll find. There are lots of discoveries in Fortitude Valley and in town (CBD), West End has been mentioned, Coorparoo, Kangaroo Point, but also Woolloongabba, Wooloowin, Clayfield, Bulimba, Hawthorne… you might have to scout about. Try following the river to mark your place as you go and it maybe over a number of weekends. Plus, some things are seasonal. You might need to keep that in mind. Good luck!

  14. I might have to check this out. Anywhere I used to recommend in Bulimba has, unfortunately, been developed into chain shops and eateries.

  15. If you like noodles my absolute favourite place is Chongqing Street Noodles in Westfield Mt Gravatt in the 8 street food court. Sounds weird but the lady in there makes the tastiest noodles/soups. I get the number 2. It’s delicious and is under $10.

  16. Great little place! But very busy! You can either book a reservation, or just wing it and settle for one od the other many cafes close by if you can't get a table.

  17. Crystal earth in west end is a really great little store if you're into gems or minerals, huge range and some good specimens. The owner is a legend and also very kind and helpful.

  18. The Store of Requirement at Samford if you like Harry Potter. Also there’s lots of interesting shops at Maleny and Mt Tamborine. I like the ones full of Cuckoo clocks and the Liqueur stores.

  19. For food the Golden Circle Outlet in Capalaba. I’ve just moved away to Canberra and have been sad to discover that they have nothing similar. It started as an end of run/ close to expiry outlet for them but has heaps of other stuff( probably a poor explanation but I’m knackered)

  20. In the city there’s Rocking Horse which sells records & cds. It’s underneath EB games in the mall on Albert Street. Also in the Myer Centre check out DVD King & Mind Games.

  21. There’s a Harry Potter Emporium thing in Slacks Creek, if that’s what you’re into. I suppose they don’t just pop up anywhere and might be worth a peek.

  22. Lol most of that stuff has been developed and is now occupied by chain stores. Because apparently that’s how we become a world city.

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