We were doing a lil at home photo shoot and had to take a snack break, 13 months and going strong 🧡

  1. Thank you! ❤️ Most of the time now when she nurses, she will flip and flop all around so her stillness here is a bit rare these days. 😂

  2. Congratulations!! I got pregnant again around the 12 month mark and my flow is almost all gone, so I am impressed and very happy for you that yours is still going strong!!

  3. Thank you!!! I didn’t get my period back until 11 months PP and I noticed a serious dip in supply whenever that happens! Congratulations on your incoming new baby ❤️

  4. Love this! We’re also 13 months in (14 in a few days!) neither of us are anywhere near done!

  5. Congrats on 13 months! I love your baby's pointed leg, so sweet! also I can't get over how my 4 month old is just about the same size right now 😂😭 monster is sucking the life out of me haha I hope I make it to 13 months!

  6. Thank you! + you totally got this ❤️ My girl was always in the higher percentiles too until she hit about 8 months and then she started to slow down. Good luck to you!!

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