My girl is almost a year and breastfeeding is going amazing still. Did anything abt breastfeeding change for you once baby hit 1 year? Insight wanted 🙂

  1. It just lessened. He got very busy and really into new foods. I feel like there’s a lot more “comfort” nursing now which makes me feel very special.

  2. My 14mo does this exact thing. Asks for milk, thinks it’s HILARIOUS when I’m like, ok here ya go, then switches like mad just because he can!

  3. Mine will now nurse to his content then push off me and toddle away laughing to the door. Then he bangs on it and waits for me to open it so he can go explore. It's like "K, I'm full now...TOODLES."

  4. Lmao this is absolutely adorable, hilarious and sweet. My son is 6 months today and very much a boobie boy. I'm so looking forward to seeing how our breastfeeding journey progresses. How does your son ask? Does he just say boob?

  5. My daughter hasn't really decreased in the amount of times she nurses a day, but the time she nurses has decreased. That and she will now sometimes walk up to the couch if I'm laying on it, pull my shirt up, and nurse while standing. I tell my husband it's like I'm a gas pump and she's a cute little car lol.

  6. That is such a cute analogy! I definitely notice she’s a lot quicker about getting her milk. My sister-in-law just had a newborn baby and it’s crazy to me to think about the fact that she’ll nurse him for 45 minutes

  7. I honestly really love nursing my toddler. I always figured we'd stop at a year, but he showed no signs of slowing and our pediatrician encouraged me to keep going through the winter so I did, and now here we are at 19 months! I saw someone on here once describe year 2 as your victory lap and I really feel that - I don't have any of the stress of breastmilk being a main source of nutrition for him, don't have to pump during work hours or worry about supply, can easily decide to be away from him without making sure I have pumped milk ready and waiting... we can really just nurse whenever works for the two of us and just enjoy it.

  8. Could you kindly go into your daily routine? We are approaching one year nursing and the only reason I want to give it up is the inconvenience of pumping at work twice a day, it is of course necessary for my baby to eat but also a major speed bump in my work day (fast paced). Does supply just make itself available when I am at home? We usually have two nursing sessions morning and night for comfort and the rest she receives as pumped milk throughout the day.

  9. thank you for posting this! this is my motivation to keep nursing! my son is turning 1 tomorrow and i love breastfeeding him so much

  10. My almost 16 month old nurses a ton still, she hasn’t decreased much either. She eats plenty of solids so I’m not worried about it!

  11. Mine is 12 months and still much prefers milk than solids or rather, she likes her finger foods (not puree) but I'm sure she gets more calories from milk. Was that still the case for you at 12 months? Is estimate we nurse at least 10 times a day, including overnight 🥴

  12. My son turned 1 last week and we’ve started weaning! He’s definitely ready. He has no interest in nursing anymore and greatly prefers solids (biting from teething isn’t helping either 🙃). We’re dropping 1 feed per week and should be done in mid-August.

  13. Thanks for your post. I'm in a similar position and wondering how to drop the last few feeds. He's just not that interested anymore. Dropping one feed a week sounds like a great plan.

  14. Have you had any luck with the biting ? My almost 11 month old just started to bite and it hurts very much. I say “no” and she stops and looks at me, and the Bugger will do it AGAIN while looking at me square in the eyes and GIGGLE. I have to hide my face to show her I’m not giggling too because it is a bit funny… but she’s def testing. I love her so much 🤗

  15. My daughter will be 1 in two weeks. It hit me last night that she was starting to dwindle on her nursing sessions. Usually she wants to nurse a lot before bed and last night she kind of just ate, popped off, and hung out and was like hey… You gonna put me to sleep now?? And I was a little sad haha. I’m not ready to be done but I am ready for the freedom of not pumping at work!

  16. So much acrobatics. Lots of twiddling. Grabbing my boobs when she needs comfort around other people. Oh the fun.

  17. My little boy upped his nursing around 13 months. But then he started being a lot more mobile and chatty around the same time.

  18. My first breastfed until 22 months. At that point I could tell he was just breastfeeding because he was bored and I wouldnt say no - just offer a book or some other cuddly activity. He gradually just transitioned to quiet time over breastfeeding.

  19. The frequency decreased because I stopped pumping in the day and night weaned at around 1 year. So now at 17 months we mostly do first thing, before her nap and before bed. Unless she’s ill or something. So it’s more restricted in time and place, which my baby seems fine with.

  20. Mine started weaning down. At 1 she still breastfed like 4-5 times a day and by 18 months it was down to 3 times a day. Then she got close to 2 and it went down to 2x a day.

  21. My LO is ten months old. She's learned to blow raspberries, she does in between eating now and makes ridiculous fart noises. It's so hard not to laugh and keep a straight face as to not encourage her to keep doing that. 🤣

  22. I became very irritated all of a sudden whenever she touched my nipples at around 14 months. It got so bad I just had to stop. It’s been almost two weeks now since I stopped cold turkey and we’re now both sleeping through the night and so much happier. I was really sad about stopping breastfeeding, but glad I made it to 14 months. Up until then I really loved doing it.

  23. It’s so interesting how it can just change like that! I wonder if it’s hormone related? My sister had this happen with her second around 15 months and it turned out she was pregnant with her third.

  24. Oh man the twiddling! My girl is 15 months and really ramped up the twiddling in the past 2-3 months. She’s so pinchy no matter how short I trim her nails so my nipples really hurt and sometimes get torn up. I love nursing her and she mostly does it for comfort so we’re not ready to wean but I really wish i could get her to stop pinching. And she’s completely rejected to the paci as she’s gotten older. She will only comfort suckle on mommy.

  25. My son turned 1 this month. He definitely nurses less overall. If he is having a rough day there is lots of comfort nursing. He is also way more easily distracted.

  26. Only that it switches between a normal amount and then more than a newborn, constantly nipple twiddling and pulling off to demand I sing him a song like I’m a juke box :)

  27. We stopped doing breastmilk before meals and I stopped offering. We mostly do before nap and bedtime, once in the night, and maybe sometime during the day. If she’s needing extra comfort I will nurse.

  28. I always figured we would nurse through two, it was a really positive experience for us. When he was around 18-ish months I started having mood drops when he wanted to nurse. I pressed on until one day, right around the 20 month mark he just… forgot? He couldn’t latch properly or get any milk. That was our last attempt.

  29. It got less and he would sometimes play more than really eat. It didn't feel like I was needed all the time anymore, he could eat solids well. He can ask for it now . And he almost weened, until he got sick and now he is on the breast again.

  30. My son just started showing less and less interest in it as soon as he hit 1 year. It's like he heard some sort of alarm clock go off. It's a little sad for me because I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to breastfeeding yet, but he was ready.

  31. It hasn't really decreased for my 14-month old. He can go longer without when we are out and about and he's having fun, but when we are home, it maybe has increased because it has turned into a "serve yourself" bar where he's constantly trying to pull down my shirt. He's successful at it most of the time on his own without me doing anything to help and he smiles so big when he gets it all by himself. So cute.

  32. We moved to just twice a day - on waking and on going to bed, when they hit a year. We then carried on like that until natural term - it fitted well alongside other things going on in our lives and meant the odd evening out was fine because they were also happy to have a sippy cup and we could miss the odd feed here and there.

  33. Awesome! Congrats! My goals is to make it to one yr! My son is 7 months and bf has only been “easy “ for about 1 month out of those 7. He really loves eating his “real food” and is extremely independent already at his age so I doubt we will make it past a year or so.

  34. At 12 months we gradually dropped down to just 3x a day, now down to just 2 at 15 months. It’s bittersweet but I love the morning and night feeds.

  35. I think a bigger change for me happened at 14 months, about. Just offering less and nursing less because I wanted space. But still fairly frequently.

  36. My daughter breastfed till almost 3. Eventually I wanna say 2 she didn’t nurse as much during the day if at all.

  37. My kid is 13 months and is nursing more than before. I don’t know if it’s because he’s got his molars coming in, but I hate it. Those teeth have my nipples feeling sore. I’ll nurse him to sleep, but when he’s awake and asks to nurse, I’ll give him solids and if he’s still wanting to nurse after that, I let him. I never enjoyed nursing, so I’m soooo ready for this to be over.

  38. I am still new to this, but I can tell you I was breastfed till the age of three and didn’t want to let go lol. I would have gone until five if my mom had allowed it!

  39. It just lessened and lessened, in the amount she nursed and how often she nursed…. We made it to almost 3, and at the end, it was mainly just before naps and bed, and primarily for her comfort. Then one day we just stopped.

  40. I didn’t make any effort to wean at one. My toddler gradually stopped nursing as much. Started falling asleep without nursing. Then only used it as a comfort for a few months. Eventually he just forgot about it sometime before turning 2.

  41. I feel like my son nurses more now at 18 months than ever 😂. He can ask for it now and when he does, he will climb in my lap and and get into position and say "pwease?" with the sweetest face that makes you melt! I'll say "you want milkies?" and he so nicely with the biggest smile goes YA!! I just love these moments!

  42. twiddling. trying to talk and nurse. more nip-lash. wanting to stand and nurse. it gets more interesting for sure. both of my kids got more demanding (and forceful like pulling down my top whenever) for it too when i would deny. good luck lol

  43. I breastfed my son until almost 3. After about a year, once he got into his food, it became much more functional for me, less of a bonding thing, mostly as he would try to feed in all sorts of painful positions. We still had a good long session after nursery, and he fed all night, but during the day it was more… he’s bored and I need some peace = boobs. He’s cranky = boobs. I need to make a phone call = boobs. I need an excuse to take a break from the in-laws = boobs. We’re out for dinner and I need him to stop shouting boobies across the restaurant = boobs 🤪

  44. My daughter is 19 months and nurses as much as ever, day and night. She is quick about getting milk during the day, but snacks probably every hour. We bedshare, so she still feeds every few hours at night which doesn’t bother me at all. Teething makes her nurse even more, and I’m really grateful for it helping ease that pain for her. She also got a mild sinus congestion cold for about 5 days at 15 months, (her first and only time ever to be sick), and it was a great asset then for comfort, hydration, quick recovery, and I would flush out her nose with breast milk since she couldn’t blow it. Breast milk ups it’s leukocytes when babies are sick, and it becomes more like colostrum and actually has been tested to have more leukocytes than colostrum which is why it’s so great when they are sick.

  45. My son is only 9 months, but I plan on weaning then. He cannot figure out how not to bite my right nipple and I won’t be able to take it for much longer

  46. I’m so sorry. The biting is really, really hard. I found my son has gone through phases of consistently biting one side when he’s teething. It eventually stopped for me, but it’s happened 2 or 3 times and is so painful. In the meantime I just ended the session every time he bit and firmly told him “no biting.” But I was ready to wean right around 9 months, too (so far we’re at 11 now, so it could change tomorrow).

  47. My daughter is almost 15 months. She has been eating much less- 30 minutes total in the day 3x/day. When she wakes up, before her nap and before bed. Sometimes she will not nurse when she wakes up, but will usually sign milk sometime during the morning. She had a cold a few months ago and nursed almost all night ( she has been night weaned for a long time). She has another stuffy nose now, but doesn’t seem too interested in nursing. She will stop and laugh sometimes and it’s the BEST. Usually during her feed before bedtime, i have no idea what makes her giggle, but we’re both laughing and trying to be serious and it’s the best. She has also stopped mid nursing to just say bow wow and laugh. It’s very low stress and I feel like we could wean, but we’re both happy continuing, so we will carry on.

  48. My baby never wanted to decrease, I felt more like a fountain to him haha. With him becoming a toddler he was less laying nicely and more being a wild raccoon while trying to nurse at the same time. It because uncomfortable and less enjoyable for me around 16 month and we slowly weaned by 18 months!

  49. Honestly not really besides the obvious of they start eating more solids. I nursed up until about 20 ish months then one day my daughter just decided she was done. Keep doing what feels right for you!

  50. Starting cutting down on feeds. Only feeds 3-4 times a day now. More if she's sick though. Pretty much only feed to sleep now cause she's too busy during the day She did go through a period when she learnt to ask for it when it was incessant but she got over that pretty quickly. I find the comfort feeding really uncomfortable now she has teeth though so often unlatch her if she's done. I'm kinda ready for her to stop but still going strong at 17mo

  51. Maybe a little less but still going strong over here at 3 years old. It’s been absolutely clutch when he gets sick.

  52. She's (13mo) a busy little thing and doesn't really ask for it during the day. In the last 2 or 3 weeks were suddenly down to boob on wake up, before nap, before bed and usually once overnight.

  53. We pretty easily switched to a feeding before and after daycare, and continued night feeding at that age. When she started daycare, I tried pumping, but my milk does that weird defrosting thing so it never really took. She would eat and drink just fine at daycare.

  54. Breastfeeding after a year has been better for me than breastfeeding prior to the year mark. I no longer stress about supply (I hardcore stressed for no reason before a year. My supply was always more than enough). And now I only pump once at work vs 3 times which is great. She’s 18 months now and still nurses about 4 times during the day and 2-3 times overnight

  55. I stopped around 15 months! I wanted to continue but my daughter would bite my nipples non stop, to the point where I was scared to breastfeed anymore. Hopefully this next one lets us nurse until 2!

  56. My toddlers slowly became more interested in table food and milk from a cup between 1-2 years old. My current 17 month old only nurses in the morning now when he wakes up and is very quick about emptying both sides compared to when he was under a year old. I’ve tried to get him to nurse more during the day but he rather crawl off and go do other things so my supply has settled to this routine.

  57. She’s much more acrobatic about it. I think I love it even more because I no longer use pillows, etc. definitely more for comfort than nutrition but she still gets milk.

  58. Mine is 16 months and still feeds 4 or 5 times a day most days. The only thing that changed is she prefers if I lay down so she can sit on my face :/ otherwise she will just flail and helicopter around my chest until she hits something.

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