Gotta vent

  1. Exactly! My husband has fallen asleep to the sound of the pump before! Or he'll stay up with me and browse Reddit so I don't have to be up by myself and then fall asleep in 20 seconds flat after I'm done lol

  2. You would think the consistent pumping sound would eventually be like white noise. I am on the other hand literally being milked. Who really loses here bud?

  3. My hubs enjoys the pump noise. The few random nights I choose to not pump....I got woken up by my hubs because he needed the noise 😂

  4. I hate to say it but it sounds rude to me. I am sure he has to get up and go to work but he should be understanding and help you when he can. He may be bring home the bacon but you're bring home the milk.

  5. My husband went to wash my pump parts after I was done pumping at night. He would’ve NEVER had the audacity to complain that I woke him. Honey… your husband needs to learn a lesson here. Quickly.

  6. Mean while my man gets mad sometimes that I DON’T wake him up in the middle of the night to help me… homie needs a “come to Jesus” moment

  7. You’re entirely too accommodating for this manchild reaction. Just ask him if he wants his kid fed next time he complains. Fed, and fed for free, as you luckily don’t have to pay for formula.

  8. Just no. He’s a parent too. My husband did ALL the night feeds and diapers when I was exclusively pumping. Division of labor ftw. And he actually usually got to go back to sleep sooner than I did because our daughter was a fast eater, but I’d have to pump for 20-30 minutes not to mention setup and cleanup!

  9. Hopefully you can talk to him about this, sometime other than in the night. Just tell him the facts, you’re both working, the baby you both had together needs to be fed and you are doing all of the work to do that anyways. This is when he should apologize and agree to change his behaviour and if he doesn’t then you know you’re dealing with someone that doesn’t care about your feelings/well being. I hope he comes to reality easily for you.

  10. Oook. Anyway, from now on stay in bed and watch some Netflix while you pump, loud enough to drown out the complaining; if it gets too noisy he can leave til you're done X

  11. I see nothing wrong with him complaining, honestly, but he should problem-solve this himself and find a different place to sleep and let you pump in bed.

  12. Yeeaahhh, my husband wakes me up to pump. He gets the alarm because I'm a heavy sleeper unless the baby cries. He gets my flanges and puts my milk away when I'm done. He sleeps while I pump in bed, though. Tell him to get earplugs?

  13. I used to deal with husband not getting how much work it was. He’ll get better. Once you explain and really show the how much you have to put in and they see how big baby is getting.

  14. I’d rather hear the sound of a pump at night than a baby screaming because they don’t want to eat and they don’t want to sleep lol what a jerk.

  15. How rude 🥺however from my experience I don’t find it absolutely necessary to wake him up exactly when you pump, meaning if I pump and baby needs to feed he’ll take over the feeding at least and the changing. I did go to another room to pump but just because he was helping with all the other stuff he could. I could have had some more help from him such as washing bottles more often than he did, but we made it work and EBFing eventually succeeded partly because of that!

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