When ‘Bros’ Bombed, Star Billy Eichner Put the Blame on the Audience - For years, talent has urged crowds to show up opening weekend to ensure the future of inclusive content, but Eichner’s series of tweets felt more like finger-wagging than an invitation.

  1. It’s wild the amount of threads saying the same thing. To be honest, people were probably concerned they were going to spend 90 minutes stuck in a seat while Billy Eichner screams at them on the big screen. It doesn’t sound appealing regardless of the story

  2. I haven't paid to see a new movie in years and my interest in seeing any of the new movies is quickly reaching zero.

  3. I really do believe Billy’s belly aching is hurting this film. Like nobody likes a loser. If Billy just keep retweeting positive reviews, engaging with audiences that liked it, I bet he would’ve created some hype for it

  4. fellow queer, but ME EITHER. especially this time of year with a couple of dope horror movies out at the same time.

  5. Bingo. Also queer, also hate romcoms. Putting two cis white dudes together in a romcom that looks godawful will absolutely not make me go watch it. Nor will I watch it when it comes out on streaming. Eichner’s bitching and moaning doesn’t help.

  6. I'm a rom-com fan but it takes a LOT to get me to the theater these days. I'll probably enjoy Bros when it hits streaming but it didn't feel like it was worth seeing in a theater (I was also kinda put off by the shots Eichner took at Fire Island, a streaming romantic comedy I really DID enjoy this year).

  7. I think blaming your own films failure on something like inclusive themes usually comes across as pretty pathetic. I mean shit, just throw inclusivity into a movie then if it succeeds it’s a triumph and if it fails, well “x didn’t show up” “I’m being review bombed by trolls” “people are just shocked to see x empowered”. I’m not saying it’s never true, it’s just not really something I think can ever be said about your own work, it’s something you should let other people assess and say. I’m not saying this as someone who dislikes inclusive or diverse films at all, I’ve just seen way too many people dismiss all legitimate criticism of their work behind this veil of “I guess you just don’t like inclusive films”.

  8. Yeh, I was quite excited for this movie because I think Billy eichner is a funny guy and it's been a while since I saw a comedy I enjoyed. But with heightened energy bills, inflation and wages not rising to match the cost of living I can't justify spending 15 quid to go see a comedy in the cinema. And honestly eichners complaints seem mighty out of touch, cinema trips are now a luxury and most people will only go for films which are visual spectacles like top gun or way of the water, they won't go for comedies. But whatever I'll watch it when it's out on netflix or something and probably enjoy it.

  9. Gay man here, I was actually surprised that it came out in theaters. I had planned to watch it but I haven’t been to a movie since pre covid and don’t really plan on starting. If it had come to streaming I’d have already watched it.

  10. There are only two things I can't stand in this world, people who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch.

  11. “There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch.”

  12. Eichner has proven once again that Hollywood denizens are incapable of true insight and self-reflection. His whole public persona has been built on playing intensely unlikable characters (Billy on the Street, Difficult People, even in his brief appearances on American Horror Stories he played jerks), so his being the lead in a romcom (a genre that lives or dies on chemistry between the leads AND leads' likability) was a losing proposition from the start. I will see a good romcom, regardless of the sexual orientation of the central couple (I am gay), but gimme likable actors playing likable leads. What the fuck made them think that audiences at large would root for Billy Eichner?

  13. I only heard of him through this drama, so I watched the trailer and there was an insufferable man shouting throughout it. Turns out, that's him. What a bellend.

  14. Hated him on Parks & Rec, and never liked Billy on the Street either. Shouting doesn't make you funny.

  15. I actually love Billy Eichner. Binged Billy on the Street numerous times and can't get enough of his quick wit. But damn bro, it's 2022. The economics of movie making just can't justify a romcom with a $22 million budget before marketing. Did they really think the audience would be larger for one with a gay twist?

  16. Given that the Cinemascore and critical reviews are stellar, it seems like Bros has the potential to have a huge post-theatrical life, but Eichner's whining has produced harsher buzz than any bad box office ever could. Good movie/bad opening weekend happened to Booksmart too (to the point that they re-released it IIRC), and nobody remembers that Booksmart was a bomb.

  17. Completely agree. I think the future of films is streaming platforms. With Netflix for example, they could promote and market via the platform and no more splitting tickets sales with the theaters. Breakeven point would just be production cost.

  18. Yeah, people on this thread are needlessly blaming Billy Eichner cause whatever but he is a talent...how have comedy movies really been doing the past year theatre-wise?

  19. Bad marketing strategy. The hype about the “moment” vs the quality of the movie. Committed to the strategy after the weak performance doesn’t make sense. The market/audience has spoken. I don’t know anything about the movie rom coms are typically lame.

  20. This isn't really new. Hollywood has been making controversial cultural moves and chastising audiences who don't support it for... what, a decade by this point at least? Don't be surprised if the main draw of your movie is literally just "you are X and this movie is about X, so this movie is for you" and that is all that it bombs financially.

  21. Yh it feels like he’s assuming every gay person will automatically watch this movie when raunchy R rated comedies aren’t for everyone regardless of sexuality

  22. He lost the plot and probably destroyed his career with his prejudiced twitter drama meltdown. The audience is NEVER "to blame", you're NOT entitled to an audience, you earn it or not.

  23. Imagine if a new vegetarian restaurant opens in town and the grand opening falls flat. The owner insulting the public isn't going to help that situation.

  24. Don’t blame homophobia on a film bombing. Other movies with gay characters have done phenomenally (examples: Brokeback Mountain, Love Simon, Bohemian Rhapsody)

  25. Not just films. Dahmer, which gave a very sympathetic and fully realized portrayal of his gay victims, as well as the homophobia that allowed him to operate for as long as he did, was a massive success this week on Netflix and is in the top ten most watched Netflix shows of all time. That probably couldn’t have been done without straight people watching.

  26. This^ That also goes for movies with female leads, minority leads, and basically anything that isnt a white male lead. Its been done before and can be successful if the FILM itself is actually well done.

  27. It’s things like this that makes hate rise. Just saying, everyone. I’m sick of seeing about it. Could care less and I feel others have the same feeling.

  28. The fact that people are skimming around and even this article slightly emphasises is that comedy is largely dead, both in terms of theatrical and going to way of streaming as well. It’s becoming niche of comedy films and the ones post 2015 largely focus on specific audiences. This is something Netflix caught very early on signing Adam Sandler as an example.

  29. I take my 5yo daughter to the movies. She loves the experience, and i love seeing her memorized by the magic of the big screen. Billy, make a movie about a superhero dog and we’re in, buddy.

  30. this is what Hollywood is going to have to learn about the post-covid world, people are a lot less inclined to go to the theatre for whatever movie is out. By default, I think most people want straight to streaming, with exceptions like Top Gun, or the movies you’d take your kid to see for the exact reasons you pointed out

  31. i do not know him by name but i know him as the loud gay who is kind of funny but i hate how he plays the same character in every show

  32. I think a lot of people do, but find his screaming at random people on the street next to a celebrity bit more off putting than funny.

  33. First they came for Lightyear, now theyre coming for the loud guy from Parks and Rec. The Penny pinchers and their money saving tactics will be the downfall of gay

  34. I loved lightyear and I’m a penny-pincher and conservative. And I don’t think any one group of people can control another groups sexual preferences.

  35. Remember when Nathan Lane was blaming homophobia because his very gay and popular comedy The Birdcage wasn’t as popular as Jurassic Park? No? Me either.

  36. He acted like this was the first time gay ppl were in a big movie. Like moonlight and broke back mountain didn’t exist. Plus he doesn’t even have that type of pull with general audience. I think the everyday person doesn’t even know him.

  37. This exact movie with this exact plot starring the writer/producer is available by the hundreds in the “Queer Voices” section of every streaming service.

  38. Never mind the fact that there's actually a whole gay rom com genre already in existence. They're just not making tons of money and are often not all that great.

  39. I haven't seen Moonlight yet so can't comment on that but not sure Brokeback Mountain is the best example. Straight men playing gay men and the story has a tragic spin. It's definitely an important film, and I was a fan of it, but Bros kind of makes a point that these are the sort of films gay men got stuck with for years - being portrayed by straight actors to win awards, while the love story presented was always tragic and depressing.

  40. Homophobia is not why this film failed. Brokeback Mountain was released years ago (before gay marriage was legal nationwide and less accepted) and was a huge success.

  41. The movie was absolutely made for gay people. Literally a line in the movie was “do you remember when straight people where a thing” and then they laugh like it’s so beneath them an primitive. So ya when you alienate a good portion of your audience based on their sexuality like ya. The movies gonna bomb.

  42. I'm relatively apolitical, and am not a US resident / citizen but I do feel that telling anyone who's conservative to stay away from your movie isn't exactly the way to win hearts and minds.

  43. My wife saw it with a friend, so there’s 2 of the tickets. She said it was meh, one of the bros was just exhausting. Not sure which one.

  44. I saw this movie at a screener and thought it was mediocre. After seeing this guy responding in this manner with his comments I honestly have no desire to see what he does in the future.

  45. This movie simply has no business being in a theater, especially during pandemic times. There is no better example of “straight to streaming” than this movie. They are delusional.

  46. I’m intrigued by his notion that straight people didn’t go see it. Granted it been a while since I’ve been to the cinema but “sexual orientation” wasn’t on the booking form when I did go

  47. It's sad to see all of this, though, because I did see the movie and I have to admit it's pretty great. A lot of heart to it and it's quite funny too. I'm less a fan of the raunchier moments and the poster and title don't do it for me. Would have liked to seen it packaged more like You've Got Mail than Bridesmaids, as I think there's a slight disconnect with it wanting to be a rom-com but being sold also as a raunchier sex comedy in some ways (which, yeah it has its raunchy moments, but apart from those few scenes which they should have maybe reconsidered, it really isn't - it has a lot of heart). That's my only criticism, though. I really enjoyed it and would've liked to have seen it do well. I understand where Eichner is coming from - it's obviously a deeply, deeply personal (and somewhat autobiographical) movie for him so he's reacting defensively, but not sure he's doing it any favours. I admire him to some extent for not staying quiet but think he's caused more backlash with some of these comments. Maybe it will drum up more publicity for the movie. Also, I think it's suspicious the IMDB rating dropped from mid 7's to 5.4 and so many 1 star ratings all of a sudden appearing. Sure, people can dislike it, but it feels like people are hate-rating it right now without even watching it. I'd rate it 7 or 8 myself. I also think a better title, poster, and earlier release date would have worked well for it - but, yeah, I liked it a lot, much more than I expected to. I thought I'd be eh on it but it won me over.

  48. Just cause he has followers on social media doesn’t mean he’s liked or famous outside his bubble. I personally find him insufferable and arrogant. Countless of actors have had their movies flop and they didn’t rant online. He needs to get over himself. He’s not revolutionary or that important

  49. Outside of one one those YouTube survey ads that said “which of these movies have you heard of?” I saw no promotion or mention of this movie at all, till after it came out.

  50. Don’t be surprised when you make a piece of media for a specific demographic that doesn’t have that large of a population and not many people show up.

  51. I think they genuinely thought the general public was going to come out in droves for a movie with no stars and two men grabbing each other’s asses on the poster.

  52. I didn't go see his movie because I don't like gay people. I don't care for rom-coms generally is a start. The fact I find him snarky and a bit "mean-girl", making him an unsympathetic character is the finish.

  53. It's the virtue signalling guilt I can't stand. Same thing with Charlie's Angels and the last Terminator. "See it or you're awful!"

  54. He couldn’t wait for right wing media and politicians to declare it “Satanic” and try to ban it first? It could have gotten a nice boost off of people watching it to spite authority. Now it’s just cringe.

  55. The audience isn’t to blame for a bad movie. The audience speaks with their wallets to send the message if they liked it or not. Unless this gets some huge cult following blow up, they made a bad movie, suck it up.

  56. I generally enjoy Eichner but I’m not into movies enough to pay what they want us to pay hear days. By the time you factor in food, drinks, someone to watch the kids etc you’re pushing $200 for a movie you might not even remember in a month. I was willing to buy a new TV for DUNE though. 😂

  57. I’m gay, there wasn’t even a funny joke in the trailer. Ill probably watch if it’s on streaming and 6 gummies in.

  58. I prerty much completely agree with the article, but what the fuck does "...and the musicality of director Jon M. Chu’s visuals. " mean? Describing the sound of a specific piece if music is insanely hard. Describing visuals and scenes is easy. So why describe a visual scene as a vague concept of compitent musicianship

  59. Despite watching tons of tv, youtube, hulu and netflix, out and about in Florida, exposed to media everywhere, I have only seen the name of this movie in passing, on Reddit.

  60. I feel like Hollywood forgot what demographics are. Like why would straight dudes want to spend $10 to $15 and drive to a theater to see a gay rom com?

  61. The trailer is so bad. Why would I pay to see hours of really bad lgbtqia jokes that are on the verge of dangerous stereotypes and watch 2 really handsome dudes claim that one isn't gonna love the other cause one of them isn't a jock? Like that's the entire movie according to the nearly 3 minute trailer. Make something smarter that speaks to higher than an 11 year olds sense of humor level and I'll come see it...

  62. I think that one clip of him on Conan talking about how it’s “historic” and Conan is kinda trying to spin it back to “…but it’s funny, yeah?” because he understands people aren’t gonna go spend their Friday night on this just for brownie points if they’re not interested in the movie.

  63. Pathetic garbage movie lol. Should have never been green lit. No one NO ONE other than a fringe group would ever see this crap haha. There’s no controversy here…everyone knows that.

  64. All I have read is him blaming everything from movie goers, demographic and other movies that are playing yet he’s never mentioned that maybe it’s the creators fault for a bad movie.

  65. Billy rose to fame and branded himself as the loud, flamboyant, obnoxious gay. Now he wants to be taken seriously. Sorry, Billy, that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s going to take a bit of time. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  66. Not the audience- the straight people in the audience but he forgets that some people saw him on billy in the street and have hated him ever since. I would never watch anything he is in. He is not talented

  67. Maybe he hasn’t heard but, many people are living paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford food and gas for their cars. Maybe $20 per person to go the movies isn’t attainable.

  68. To be honest, I haven’t seen the movie, but I truly believe that people feel really uncomfortable seeing graphic sex scenes between men … in my opinion

  69. A white gay man chastising us for being too bigoted to care about his movie LOL good one buddy!! Yes this was just way too progressive for us in the year 2022 LMAO

  70. honestly his “yelling = comedy” schtick on parks and rec almost ruined a couple of episodes for me and made me want to go out of my way to never see him in anything ever again

  71. Billy Eichner peaked on Parks and Rec and Billy on the Street just felt like a Tik Tok with too much budget.

  72. He should blame himself for not getting that marketing up to par. I didn’t hear about this movie until he complained about ppl not seeing it.

  73. I went to see it last night and honestly the movie sucked 🤷🏽‍♀️his character is incredibly annoying and self righteous and there’s little to no character development, making you dislike his character from beginning to end. He also doesn’t stop talking the entire movie making it really hard to sit though his constant unfunny monologues with Gay history fun facts thrown in. The fact that he’s blaming audiences and not the bad writing is insane

  74. He’s so annoying. I can’t believe he is so arrogant to blame the audience when in reality the reason I didn’t see the movie is because he acted in a lead role! He’s ANNOYING. And I say this as a fellow annoying gay.

  75. Audience blaming seems to be a huge thing now. From Bros to Rings of Power to Little Mermaid trailer- anyone who doesn't like their movie is a racist or homophobe.

  76. Is it homophobic if I say that the only film of his I’ve seen is lion king from 2019 and I just don’t think he’s the greatest actor?

  77. How can straight people take the blame for a movie only pulling in a little over 4 million dollars? Obviously with those box office returns, the homosexual community wasn't even interested in the movie either.

  78. Career suicide imo, he was upset it tanked and lashed out at the general public. His career will pay for it now.

  79. Why is a film not being viewed by a massive audience any different than a YouTube video not getting a massive audience? They’re the exact same art form. It seems entitled and childish to expect people to flock to your video either way. It’s even more childish for movies tbh since there is both a pay wall AND you have to go suffer through the theatre experience.

  80. I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I have no interest in seeing a bunch of privileged, upperclass, people in a movie of my least favorite genre. Only one of my friends said they would see it because they felt obligated to as a queer person. If you want to put more gays in seats, make a gay horror movie or something. Romcoms aren’t a big theater filler, especially ones with a super niche audience.

  81. Movie and TV studios have found a new way to explain bombing. They blame the audience. This is a fairly recent phenomenon.

  82. The glee this sub seems to have in posting every article about this bombing is a bit weird. Yeah it didn’t do well and billy eichner has not responded well to it but it’s like sadistic joy from this sub in response to it

  83. there is nothing else to talk about this week currently. beside this once it hit wednes/thursday we get new previews and actuals

  84. I think a lot of people loudly talking about how chastising non-viewers for being homophobic/racist for not seeing a movie (wether or not that’s the most charitable or accurate summation of the argument) shows people either really don’t like the implication they’re “a bad person” for not wanting to see this movie (seen a lot of “it’s not homophobic to not want to see two men kiss”, even though yeah discomfort/disgust is a pretty homophobic response and defending it isn’t great), or they don’t like to think about issues of representation at all so dumping on this movie/related conversation is a way to stamp that down.

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