Why did Bros flop in its opening weekend?

  1. I believe I’m correct in that certain gay media have been criticized for their demos not turning out for them. There was another movie I think it was Desr Evan Hansen that notoriously failed despite an avid fan base

  2. Do you know what most gays are doing, they're just living a normal life. And that's what these people don't understand. You have these writers who are probably involved in those kinds of parties already. Like the joke about gandalf on steroids is in the circle of friend's joke.

  3. Also as a queer person who saw the trailer the humor seemed very much aimed at straight people lol. I have no interest in seeing it tbh

  4. I never saw a single advertisement for it. I stream everything so I don't get commercials and I pretty much only use reddit. I check my fb about 3-5xs a week and for less then 10mins. I avidly watch Sprung after seeing it advertised here. Idk why more movies/TV shows don't advertise on this platform. I'm nit encouraging it..just surprised

  5. Broad comedies in general have struggle at the box office. So have romantic comedies. Plus this being a gay comedy also probably kept some of that already small audience from going.

  6. I think someone already said this but this feels like a made for streaming film. Most Rom-Coms no longer feel "must go to theaters" anymore. The target audience is also niche and the actors involved aren't huge. I feel the film will have a decent following once it lands to streaming.

  7. This is how I feel. I would love to see this movie! I like the actors, I think it looks funny, I’d totally watch it. But, I’m not going to the theater to see it. I’ll absolutely watch it once it’s streaming, but honestly it has to be something really exciting and epic to get me to want to spend $40 at the theater (because I’m gonna buy popcorn and a drink too if I’m there.) I don’t know why, but since covid it’s a hard sell to get me to the theater. I used to love to go, but it’s just not as desirable for me anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. yeah, something like "mama mia!" is a very cinematic experience, which is probably why it did so well, and crawdad's had a built-in audience and catered to the women 30-55 yo demographic that's regularly under-served, but other than that rom-coms seem to do great on streaming but don't seem to do enough to get people to pay that $15 ticket price.

  9. The audience has shifted now. It’s all about tent poles and special films that will get people to the theater. Streaming and the internet and multiple forms of entertainment (YouTube, gaming, social media, etc) have made going to the movies less of a casual thing, sadly.

  10. I still only saw The Lost City at home. It was good but way more cinema worthy because it's an action comedy. Mostly comedy just doesn't need a theatre.

  11. Ah I see they’re going for the coveted ghost busters approach of antagonizing your potential audience. Great strategy

  12. Re #3, it has felt sort of gross that he keeps taking about it as the first major gay romcom when Fire Island just came out a few months ago. I know there are differences in how the two movies are being distributed, but it just felt kinda tacky.

  13. The twitter crowd dictates so much of our culture and discourse when it’s a VERY small % of Americans tweeting. Twitter users also lean extremely far left compared to the median American creating a bit of an echo chamber.

  14. I’m very lefty/progressive/ally and I think the trailer is off-putting. I think it could have done better with all demographics if it looked like it was funny. The poster is the only way any marketing reached me, and it was way too impersonal. I’m not sure if this is a marketing issue, or if the movie is simply mediocre, but either way I’m not too shocked it’s not doing well.

  15. It had an awful marketing campaign that failed to sell the movie well, romantic comedies, even straight ones, are not reliable right now, and it didn't rely on any star power as the closest notable name here at all was Billy Eichner.

  16. I would argue the trailers didn't make it look like a romcom, they advertised it more as a raunchy gay comedy. I never really felt romance from any trailers I was watching.

  17. Yeah. When I heard him say that, I immediately thought about “The Birdcage” and “Love, Simon”. I think if Eichner had just promoted the movie normally that might’ve helped it out a little. But this movie was never going to do big business, especially when there’s so much better gay content on streaming and TV nowadays (both cable and broadcast). This movie probably would’ve done decently in 2015-2016 when there was less gay content in general.

  18. I have seen the ads for this movie more Times than I can rememebr for quite awhile now and I still couldn’t tell you what this movie is about other than the 2 leads are gay. It never once grabbed my interest because I didn’t even know what it was about. And when they did actually kinda show footage that contributed to the plot, it didn’t seem that funny…

  19. When the trailer for this ad played in the theatre you could feel some kind of weird tension that was just capped off with that line. It likely isolated most of the potential straight audience (and gay ones too - I thought it was corny as well).

  20. That was a weird line. I think some gay people (myself included) were also turned off of the movie due to the poor trailers. They really didn’t do this movie any favors.

  21. Yeah probably the biggest factor of this comedy flopping was because it wasn’t funny. Big no-no from my understanding

  22. Including the line “gay guys are so stupid” with Billy responding “I know” with no context felt unnecessarily aggressive for a trailer too.

  23. Rom coms are a dying genre, it being gay centric eliminates a lot of its potential audience, and the trailers scream direct to streaming

  24. Terrible trailer and marketing campaign, and just general lack of interest. It looked bland as all hell despite aiming for LGTBQ audiences.

  25. Romantic comedies are kinda done unfortunately. They’re mostly a streaming-only affair at this point unless there’s a twist to it.

  26. I know “The Lost City” isn’t quite a romcom (though it definitely brought in that audience) but it was able to do well thanks to Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. And “Dog” (also starring Tatum) did very well earlier this year. I think it really just depends on the movie and how funny it looks to audiences. I think “Ticket to Paradise” could open on par with “Dog” thanks to Clooney and Roberts being paired together. I think the older audience is waiting for another movie they can watch after “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Bullet Train”.

  27. Agree on this one. Rom-Coms feel like they aren't made for theaters anymore. Unless they have a grand spin to it. Like Thor L&T or they have A-listers involved or if it's a sequel to a beloved Rom-Com classic.

  28. I think the release time hurt it. Autumn is when people are more into horror films. They should have released it around June to take advantage of Pride month.

  29. Bros was forecasted to make 8-10 million in its OW. Right now it's projected to make only 4.75 million which is very dissapointing.

  30. There seems to be a lot working against this film. Most LGBTQ people seemed turned off by how much it seems to pander and/or how many stereotype boxes it checks. Straight people seem to be too uninvested in such a deeply LGBTQ themed movie. The plot seems like a standard romcom with two gay guys instead of a hetero couple, so not really anything new. The time of year was not ripe for a comedy. Marketing seemed minimal and not well thought out. Not to mention, the box office in general seems dismal right now and like movies are not a concern or priority to the GP. This may have done slightly better around a holiday like Christmas or Valentine's day and with the right marketing push.

  31. The ads for this movie made a couple of jokes that, had things been reversed the masses would have come for blood, one example sticking out to me being "do you guys remember straight people?" (Something about how straight people have had their time), and if it was a movie about being straight (instant rage right there) and the reverse I'd that joke were made.... Absolutely pandemonium would break out about how insensitive and homophobic and awful and evil this movie was, which would be true, and yet what's presented us totally fine, the narrative, completely ok... I just hate double standards and hypocrisy and that's exactly how parts of what I've seen presented comes off as

  32. Unlikeable lead playing an unlikable character. Major American romcoms usually have nice looking people who also happen to be nice people falling in love. Eichner's whole public persona and his comedy persona is that of the perpetually side-eyeing/eye-rolling, cynical asshole who dislikes everybody and feels he is smarter than anyone. Trust me, I am gay, and the moment I saw who was playing the lead I thought "Am I supposed to root for this douchebag? Am I supposed to fall in love with this cynical jerk falling in love?" No, thanks. Plus, for all the lip service from Eichner about how this film would be groundbreaking, it was pretty much about a skinny white dude falling in love with a muscular, traditionally hot white dude. That's anything but groundbreaking. Not surprised it's flopping even with LGBTQ audiences.

  33. Romantic comedies have been straight to Netflix for the past five years for a really good reason: they don't actually sell theater tickets anymore.

  34. Because the target audience of Rom-coms is women who imagine themselves in the movie, they can't do that with gay male characters.

  35. I'm gay. I hate rom coms. Things marketed for gay people are generally super unappealing to me as it feels a lot gets cheapened to a weird gay lens which feels the opposite of inclusive. I also have no interest in Eichner and find him annoying, if anything.

  36. I havent had cable for a long time, I've been just streaming and i pay to do commercial free so I didn't see ads for this but this last weekend I had to stay at a hotel for work and that trailer was on every other commercial break with that one dumbledore line. I swear like it was the only part of the commercial that they aired

  37. I'm a gay man to preface - I did not find this movie interesting in any way. It didnt look funny and tbh I don't want to watch another gay movie where the guys are too hot and just talk about how hot they are.

  38. I thought it also felt like a streaming movie. Maybe it should’ve just been sent directly to Peacock, since it would’ve at least done decently there and it wouldn’t have these bad box office headlines hurting it.

  39. I think gay or not it just looked a bit shit. As you say, bad trailer, and it was already aiming into a relatively smaller market.

  40. I didn’t really understand the plot based on the trailers. Gay man struggles to date another “Stereotypically Straight” gay man. Sounded lame

  41. I’m a gay man. There were too many cliches in the preview. It is a cliche gay movie: gym bodies and many more. I’m not supporting a movie that perpetuates stereotypes. This is based on the preview.

  42. I saw it and thought it was pretty funny actually. The first half was genuinely funny and didn’t take itself too seriously. Second half was just classic rom com though

  43. Here’s a possible reason. I just went on the AMC app. At the Burbank 16 at 7:45 pm tonight a ticket will cost $22 before fees. People seeing a romcom are probably on a date, so double that. Before snacks and drinks, you’re out $44 + another $5 for the convenience fee unless you’re an AMC stubs member. $49 to see a movie on date night, not even factoring in the rest of the date - dinner, dessert, maybe drinks, maybe some shopping around the theater, in the mall, coffee, etc.

  44. I got to push back against the whole affordability thing. If someone is really into movies then AMC A list and regal unlimited are great and affordable options. I agree that most casual audience members only go to see the big spectacles though.

  45. Conflating a gay relationship with the word bros drives me away. Bros is a heterosexual friendship between two dudes. To say that bros = a gay couple bothers me.

  46. My take? As great or funny as the movie might be, it’s not something that would naturally appeal to 95% of the population, and a significant proportion of people would fear being seen walking into the film.

  47. So a romcom but without any chicks pushing their boyfriends into going to see it. Whoever thought that wouldn't fail should probably be fired.

  48. I'm trying to figure out his fanbase over the years. Straight women who have a gay friend and lets people know they're an ally and laugh at everything?

  49. Marketing campaign made it seem like I’d be walking into the theater as a straight guy and just hearing jokes about me and/or my relationships. I ain’t paying for that.

  50. If it had also appealed to straight women, I think it would’ve been fine. But the movie skewed really male (60% of the audience for the movie!).

  51. The fake answer is what everyone else is saying in the comments . The truth that isn’t being said is majority of the people aren’t interested in gay movies . In Reddit there’s a bubble where people assume it will be popular because everyone their interact with in social media think it’s good .

  52. If they wanted a broad audience they needed to market this as a pure comedy and not a rom com. Rom coms are wish fulfillment to an extent and only about 2% of the population can identify with a male gay romance.

  53. Queer here. Before today, I only saw the part of the teaser that implied he was trying to become a himbo ("one of the bros") to be more attractive, which didn’t seem enjoyable. Saw the entire trailer today and it seemed the writing premise was "how many stereotypes can we shove in?"

  54. The trailer was bad, for one. It looked either wildly insufferable or like a future classic, but I couldn't tell which it would be. Strong reviews make me happy and, If one of the indie theaters near me were playing it, I'd give it a shot

  55. As a gay man, I can tell you that Netflix and other streaming services are flooded with these types of movies. Trust me, I've slept through the second half of many of them.

  56. The internet is seldom a reflect of real life. Most people in real life tend to be moderate. So while they may not be screaming slurs, it doesn’t mean they will be supportive of LGBT media in general. Most people want to see themselves in a film and for a romantic comedy that is a niche audience that mainly attracts women. And can women really see themselves in this picture….

  57. From my perspective as a gay guy, I just don’t think this type of story appeals to a wide enough audience. People watch different types of movies for different reasons, so while folks might be enthusiastic about a superhero, fantasy or action movie featuring characters that aren’t like them, it might be different for romance. Reading the plot, it also seems to focus on gay-centric themes, which is fine but straight folks might not “get it”. For example, not many straight people understand the anxiety of hiding your sexuality at work or having to “tone down” who you are.

  58. Palm Springs is my new(when it came out on Hulu) favorite rom com of all time, but I highly highly doubt I would’ve seen it in theaters. People only go for the big cgi stuff nowadays. I honestly think if it weren’t for the MCU, movie theaters would be pretty much cooked other than niche theaters in bigger cities.

  59. They really tried to sell the movie to the gay community with a hot shirtless guy. I’ll just watch the sex scenes on a porn site.

  60. Rom-coms as a genre aren't doing too well these days, and a rom-com about a gay couple is going to be drawing from even a smaller potential pool of viewers. Did anyone really not see this coming?

  61. Probably due to lack of advertising, as i had no idea this even existed until now and i am usually doing things thay have ads constantly hounding me. As annoying asf ads are, they are the only way to know of the existence of films and their release dates when not actively looking for film listings.

  62. I just tried to watch the trailer and gave up in 40 sec. I don't understand shit that is happening and it looks like the trailer is looking to throw some keywords at me with no context, real utility or correct writing to display

  63. I have only just started seeing ads for this the past couple days, I didn’t even realize it was out yet. Will be waiting for streaming at this point.

  64. Billy Eichner is fairly unlikeable, there's still a huge mainstream aversion to gay male relationships and sex, and the trailer looked deeply unfunny. My partner and I are both in the alphabet mafia and I joked to them when we saw the trailer for this in the theater that it made me homophobic.

  65. I think the trailer didn’t do it justice. The movie was a lot different than what I thought it would be. All the cheesy jokes were in the trailer and the actual comedy was all saved for the movie. I was on the fence about seeing it but it ended up being pretty funny.

  66. No name actors, no name director, made-for-streaming genre, crappy premise, bad trailer, and released amidst a recession. People are going to less movies per year and are more likely to save their time and money for the Marvels, Dunes, Top Guns, and NOPEs of the movie world. Just how it is.

  67. I’m bi but this just looks like it’s pandering and is like “LOOK HOW MUCH WE CARE ABOUT GAY PEOPLE!” I don’t know if it was made by people who are members of the lgbtq+ community but it just feels so corporate

  68. Yea cause what we all say at the end of a long work day or school day is: can’t wait to watch a cringey, lame joke filled, movie about gay men to end the night to.

  69. It looked like a bad movie, and Billy Eichner is unbearably annoying. I think it is as simple as that. Maybe it will find success on streaming, doesn't seem like the type of movie people would pay to see.

  70. Believe it or not, LGBTQ only make up between 4 and 6% of the population. According to Gallup in 2019, 7.1%. Since LGBTQ is out in a lot of media nowadays, it does make it feel like it’s more prevalent, but it’s not. Most Americans believe that nearly 1 in 4 people are LGBTQ:

  71. Probably should have gone with the Marry Me strategy with both theatrical and streaming release. It would have been trending on Twitter and helped word-of-mouth.

  72. Why would anyone assume any rom com would do blockbuster opening weekend numbers? What in US box office history suggests that?

  73. Bros should have marketed their movie with two dudes having sex in the front row seats of some MLB games.

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