I like the bl3 story

  1. I think the twins are too good at their role. They were supposed to be annoying twitch streamers. But they are too annoying to me.

  2. Problem is they could of been good antagonists if they only made them more likeable as villains. The only joke I every heard them say was like follow and obey with is the worse joke I have heard. The best thing they did however was making fun of mayas death that was good.

  3. This was super annoying to play through, and it makes me feel like there needs to be a distinction between the story narrative and the story missions. Going to the ship to talk to Lilith (rather than over echo, maybe) is a problem with the story missions, but not with the narrative. While the story narrative has problems too, I find it easier to overlook narrative problems than mission problems. I can easily forget the cringy twins dialogue or annoying Ava moments, but sanctuary trips are a hard disruption that kill story momentum.

  4. BL2’s amazing story put 3 in a tough spot. It was never going to live up to the expectation coming off a MASSIVE wait after the high bar 2 set (and TPS really just added hype for 3 and carried 2’s momentum)

  5. Yeah I liked it too. I think the main part people hated was the comparison of handsome Jack against the twins. To be fair Jack is a top 10 antagonist of all time for me because he would be just so enjoyable to watch being an utter dick. The twins had the whole social media cult thing which I thought was actually quite fun.

  6. The problem was the characters were poorly written. Their core concepts were fine but the twins character arch didn't make sense at all, like the male twin was clearly being setup to betray his twin sister and take all the power for himself since you know he had the gift to absorb siren powers and was clearly frustrated being the second fiddle in their dynamic, but they suddenly pull a 180 and everything spirals away from there.

  7. I liked it too... Like an obvious parody of the twitch culture, but sometimes obvious parodies are fun.

  8. I think the social media cult (especially how the dumbest most gullible characters are the ones that blindly follow that cult) might have hit a nerve more than some would like to admit.

  9. I think the twins are too good at their role. Their supposed to be annoying twitch streamers. But they are too annoying to me.

  10. I started to like the story in BL3 after I realised that the twins are SUPPOSED to be annoying as fuck

  11. Actually 100% with you. As you can see from my flair, I actually really liked at least one of the villains (her chime-ins are amazing, very "butt-stallion-esque" to me), and with that out of the way, I really enjoyed the story. A bit of bias due to nostalgia maybe, but still I had tons of fun with the main game.

  12. Yeah it’s not a bad story it’s just BS that they kill off two favorite characters and then hand the reins over to a child. A child who likes claptrap by the way.

  13. I mean Maya was destined to die and lilith death is not exactly confirmed but what they could've done with Maya is make her die later in the game so that we get attached to her kind of like Roland's but yeah, a child who likes claptrap is the worst part lol

  14. Yep literally my favorite section of the game. Rhys and Katagawa's rivalry. And sure we got to see the twins' rivalry a bit but they mostly just alluded to things like how Tyreen commanded the center of attention and calls Troy a parasite.

  15. As people are saying, over all its not bad. But there are MAJOR problems with the character writing and Ava being a brat and not getting her redemption scene until over a year after the games release. It's too little too late. Yes, there is a lot of comparison to BL2 and that's the big issue. We wanted it to be as good as if not better than BL2 and instead we got a brat that blames everyone else and two whiny cringy antagonists that no one even loves to hate. Meeting the first vault hunter and a few other small scenes redeem it and make it passable and fine. But without them it would be total garbage. Also, there is most definitely an age difference between the people that like it and that hate it. People that grew up on BL2 felt almost like this was a slap in the face. But, that's what having an opinion is all about.

  16. Dont know about the whole age thing. Im 37 played all borderlands games and borderlands 3 is second for me story wise and only slightly behind borderlands. I think for example ava behaves true to her age. And i liked the whole annoying twitch streamer thing

  17. I loved it, my favourite of them all. The new mechanics are great, the worlds were all so vibrant and full of life and getting sent somewhere never felt like a chore unlike the previous games where I’d hate getting sent on errands back to areas I didn’t like. The twins had some big shoes to fill and not gonna lie I absolutely loved them they just felt so borderlands to me. I loved the whole streamer vibe and Tyreen was such a bitch it felt great finally killing her. Yea 10/10 for me haven’t even started the dlcs except for bounty of blood which I’ve done the main story for.

  18. I've had the exact same thoughts. BL3 is amazing. The twins/maya are kinda annoying at times but i think that it's more of a satire on current trends/generations and viewing it that way makes a lot more sense.

  19. Yeah definitely I mean Canon wise the events take like 7-8 after the events of bl2 so it would definitely make more sense that they started doing social media and stuff like that

  20. BL3 story - a special side quests are quite decent - some are even awesome imho. So You are not the only one who liked BL3 story in overall.

  21. I loved bl3 story too, I really like how you get to become a guardian as you progress in the story, I really dig the characters too, really enjoyed the twins banter.

  22. I’m currently replaying it for the first time since launch and I was like “this isn’t as bad as I remember it being” and then Eden-6 started and I was like, oh yeah that’s why I don’t like the story lol. Idk what it is about post maliwan but it just drops for me in quality.

  23. Yeah I definitely agree the whole traitor mission is really unnecessary and has no relation to the plot whatsoever they should've just made it a side mission and it would've been better but other than that Eden-6 is not too shabby I liked meeting the B-team and rescuing hammer lock although the b-team definitely needed more screen time

  24. As others have pointed out, the "mainstream culture" parody that the twins do is done well. The planet hopping is done well and new environments are brought in at a good pace. The biggest issue is the other stuff. Ava's ending, the twins with the BIGGEST BETRAYAL SETUP IN THE HISTORY OF SETUPS that leads nowhere, etc.

  25. I love the story. It has some missed opportunities with the Calypsos but the overall story with all its plot points is absolutely one of my favorite in the series. I just don't like the dialogue. The dialogue is what muddies the experience of the story and the character writing isn't exceptional either. Those issues probably stem from Anthony Butch leaving Gearbox mid development

  26. I just recently beat bl3 for the 3rd time. I will say....given the way the cult of Trump has risen over the last few years I found the parallel with the COV funny. I get what they were trying to do with the twins(making fun of annoying youtuber generation) but I feel like they could have done something else to make them more interesting. I honestly wish they'd made them failed clones of jack or something. I thought Troy might be bc he looks like Jack sort of. I found some of the levels to just be too big size wise. Like God damn eden 6 is huge. And so is pandora. But traveling to different planets was cool. Overall I really love the game. It's fun as hell to me but the story is about a 6/10. Also the twins boss battles were pretty lame and easy. I remember dying 100 times on some of bl2 boss fights. But bl3 I just blew through them. Especially with moze.

  27. I think Troy was genuinely funny, at least at times. Tyreen was very occasionally amusing, but only in the most degrading, contemptuous sort of way. Mostly she was just pathetic.

  28. Story was fine, villains were terrible. Or I suppose excellent, if the goal of a villain is to be hated. Annoying streamers as villains, not a great idea.

  29. I absolutely agree with you. I think it helps that BL3 was the first in the series that I truly sat down and gave a solid shot at. I didn't compare the twins to Jack and I didn't have loads of BL1 time under my belt to compare the vault hunters of then vs now.

  30. I thought the story was awesome!! I’ve never understood all the hate for it, all the complaints I hear about it I either don’t agree with or they just legit didn’t bother me

  31. I definitely like bl3 the most out of all them even wonderlands..bl3 was just great to me I like the level design and the loot even like some of the story line but game play wise it was the best

  32. It is a really good story, and I also agree that it is the second best story of the franchise. But it is ahead of BL2's story, which is third.

  33. For me its more that people seem to think borderlands 2 was that much better. It really wasn't to me. Love both games tho but the story is the vehicle through cool levels and set pieces

  34. I always thought that having the main villains be streamers who gained their army through their popularity on pandoras version of twitch a really original idea that fits in great with the universe and how things have been in the real world for the past decade. It has always been a comedic series as some people like to forget. Also people don’t want to admit that they actually worship these streamers, YouTubers, and celebrities the same way bandits do lol

  35. It's okay, there's a bit too much dialogue and far too much lol so random humour for me to enjoy it if I'm honest. Maybe it's just because I'm older now but having completed the game 4 times I turned the speech volume down to 0 halfway through my second playthrough and never turned it back up.

  36. I really enjoyed each of the planets side stories that went along with the main story. I thought Rhys and wainwright’s portions were great. Felt better written than the main story imo.

  37. i liked the bl3 story as well but at some points in the storyline it was lacking like Maya’s death. her death felt like “okay let’s go back to killing COV”. that is the only part of the story i didn’t like. they should’ve done a funeral for her like in the directors cut i believe they showed everyone mourning her loss in a funeral and krieg was there too in the background

  38. Nobody likes it because it's trash. The twins are the worst most boring villains ever. I spent the entire game skipping cutscenes because it bored me. Even my kid hates the story.

  39. Same I really like the game and the story. But they are a lot of things that makes no sense/ make it Bad. The Twins are pretty good antagonists, Always around being annoying and all. But their fight are.... Lame. Troy could have betray Tyreen when he became powerful, sad they didnt do something around that. He has been able to literally steal Tannis in front of everyone with the Lock and.... He never did it again. He and Tyreen are both Sirens, one fed by Maya and both by the Vault Monsters, arent they supposed to be.... Powerful ? Troy fight was nice but I was expecting more. Same with Tyreen because.... God she ate/fuse with the last Boss from the first game locked by the biggest Vault After eating two Sirens and a Monster. And. It SUCKS. And let's not talk about cutscenes where vault hunter is just watching people dies while eating popcorns but it's just a running gag at this point

  40. I started replaying it a month or so ago and since I REALLY detested the story the first time I played it, I decided to give it another go. After about 2 missions I started just ignoring the story and playing without listening and it got WAY better. The story just feels so rushed and half-baked to me, I don't understand how it took them 8 years to come up with it.

  41. I think if this post was boiled down it would say just cause it could have been better than it was doesn’t mean that it is inherently bad witch I agree with

  42. The story as an idea was good, but the writing was pretty poor. Everyone likes to compare the twins to Jack, but the thing is, both of them are pretty comparably average villains.

  43. I absolutely hated the BL3 main story. 1. The twins were annoying and cringy the twitch cult gag got old after the 3rd I heard “super fans”. 2. The reason they when bad makes no sense at all to me. We have daddy issues time to be super villains, why? 3. Ava and by extension Maya. This was the thing that set my teeth on edge. I absolutely dispise Ava. She is a trash can character with no redeeming qualities. Made more annoying by the fact she is forced on us by replacing Maya arguably the most popular vault hunter from bl2. Maya’s death had a chance of developing that character, but they choose to cut that very important scene from the game for some unknown reason. Overall those three things ruined the main story for me. I liked the dlcs a lot though especially Guns Love and Tentacles and Krieg’s dlc.

  44. BL3 was fine, but it feels rushed or incomplete. There was beautiful setup for Troy to betray his sister and be the solo big bad for the third act.... and it just didn't happen.

  45. I find the story ok but the pacing ruins it with all the constant "wait for character to stop speaking" objectives, Eden-6 and Nekrotafeyo felt like filler content to pad out the story lenght.

  46. I started playing bl3 so I'm biased. And after that I went backwards. First playing pre sequel and then bl2. The whole story just opened up in a different way I suppose. Just got though the Tales of the Borderlands because I noticed there was a nother one coming. This is the only shooter looter I've spent any time with and I love it.

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