FREAKOUT FRIDAYS (Weekly Rant Thread)

  1. People that you can tell have been training for what is likely to be a few months if even that with the wife beater or stringer and posing in the mirror at the gym with likely over 25% body fat and filming like I’m all for changing how you look and gym positivity and I’m glad they found the gym and started training but let’s get a few years under the bar first before we do this shit maybe I’m crazy or an asshole but whatevs 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. A busy gym. I always like it quiet so I don’t need to wait 10 minutes between exercises just standing awkwardly. My gym isn’t very big and is definitely smaller than your average pure gym and at peak hours there can be up to 90-100 people in there.

  3. Sarm goblins at my gym. There is rhis pack of 3 that workout shrtless. Last time they were clothed so I knew sth was up. And here they were working out in flipflops and socks. Idk y it bothered me its not like they harm me...

  4. Do they bro each other up as well, slamming weights and just generally making asses of themselves? Got a trio exactly like that @ my gym, fuckin obnoxious.

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