Daily Discussion Thread: 12/01/2022

  1. That depends on the 5x5, did if feel comfortable or did your almost pop a neck vein on the last rep of each 5x5 squat? It's supposed to be an almost failure on that 5th rep. Also you need to not seek the approval of others, know what's right in your heart and trust that, fuck other people and what they think.

  2. Update on my idea to freeze a bunch of already prepped meals so that you can make them last for a lot longer: just took the frozen meals out of the freezer, I chose to freeze them in large containers because I didn’t have 28 of my meal size containers do use at once. Had to break up the frozen meals with a knife like an ice pick after letting them thaw for like three hours, not recommended. You’re just gonna have to buy an entire weeks worth of Tupperware’s and freeze them all so you don’t have to do this

  3. There's a book called Anabolics for learning about them, it's what I read and used, I wouldn't mind the sub unless you needed to know some real specific shit

  4. Been finishing off my DB curls with some reps where I cheat the concentric and then do a 3s eccentric and boy I tell ya hwhat.

  5. a place where the downvote button is used to censor opinions or views that people dont agree with going down hill? reddit is amazing

  6. Finally hit 2/3 plate bench/squat today! Had been chasing the squat goal for almost 6 years. I fell off the wagon years ago and thought this day would never come.

  7. Fuck, I may have a brain tumor but the earliest appointment I got for an MRI is on january 3rd. I'm freaking out.

  8. Don't panic yet, technology has come a long way. My brother had one a few years back they just went in through the eye socket into his brain and lasered and sucked that shit out. He's back to killing it in the gym.

  9. Any idea why they're so far out? Just booked up? Either way, I'm sorry to hear it, you've got all the luck I could wish on you Mac

  10. Legs have been sore every day for 2.5 weeks straight, mostly in the low quads just above my knees. Nothing has changed in my diet or my training. On a PPL split with 1 day of rest. Any ideas?

  11. How do you guys build confidence to enter your first show. I keep telling myself I am going to compete but I always end up nit picking myself and comparing myself to other seasoned bodybuilders and keep doing the "once x body part is better I will enter"

  12. You just fucking sign up, you don't sign up to win (I'm not saying don't try) you sign up to compete. If you lose all that's going to happen is you will learn.

  13. Start by posting a few pics in here and the division you want to do and get opinions from people on this sub. That's what I did. I've always thought I wasn't good enough, but most commenters here thought it was worth a shot. You can always do Novice or True Novice.

  14. I just had to convince myself to do it, knowing im not the next Mr O and never will be. I competed at a competition relatively local and not huge. Had plenty of true novices and veterans.

  15. Go to a local show and look at the ACTUAL competitors you’d be up against versus what you see on IG < end >

  16. Personal trainers at my gym will do anything except teach their clients actual lifts. It's truly a sight to see.

  17. My gym is the same way. When I was a trainer my biggest fear was failing my clients, but seems like most trainers couldn't give a shit.

  18. That isn't the goal of corporate gyms. If you interview for a PT position they'll literally stress that you don't have enough time with your client and that you need to make the workout fun and relatively intense

  19. The job of the majority of PTs I see at my gym seems to be to make their clients squeeze out an extra rep or two on lat pulldowns, not much more.

  20. There's a former Olympia competitor and active pro at my gym who literally sits on his phone while his client is training and rarely looks up. No surprise he doesn't keep clients very long but I guess he's managed to use his name to keep getting new ones.

  21. That’s their job, keeping those people doing gimmicky shit so that they feel they’re doing something special that can only be done with their PTs, sadly.

  22. Judging by the form I’ve seen on countless videos posted on other forums your statement is not only valid but seems to plague many other gyms as well.

  23. Probably need to get better at cooking. I don't do protein powders and generic chicken breast fuck that I can't do it. Add spices and healthy sauces to your shit. A lot of Asian stuff can easily be made bodybuilder friendly and Mexican too.

  24. Used to, got therapy, eating disorders and depressive disorders come on in ways you won't even notice or expect in this sport and many others

  25. Also make sure you don't take our advice of seeing a therapist as us saying you are weak or have issues or any of the bullshit social stigmas that tend to go with seeking out a mental health specialist. Men get body dismorphia and anorexia and all the same shit that women do. Keeping up on your mental should be treated the same as any part of your training. You go to the gym to lift, kitchen to cook, and therapist to keep the mental strong.

  26. I get tired of eating. Shakes and stuff help feel like your not force feeding yourself. But I agree you should check in with a mental health specialist so that it doesn't develop into something more than just getting tired of eating and feeling like it's a chore. That's how food aversion and issues develop. Starts with small issues and grows over time.

  27. Anyone know for a fact if I should base caffine consumption on bodyweight? After almost no caffine for 2.5 weeks I still don't feel much from my pre. Longer break needed or up the dosage? Am currently around 97kg

  28. I take probiotics as gut health has been linked to mental health. Something about men getting dementia from bad gut health.

  29. Seconding psyllium husk, toss a tablespoon in your protein shake once a day or twice if you eat 4+ meals, best move you can make

  30. I do. Digestive Enzymes, probiotics, and psyllium husk supplements. I find they help me a lot. Regularity is fun!

  31. New lifters must be so confused when they read 1000 things telling them to use perfect form to progress, and then they go on instagram and see IFBB pros doing 40-rep sets on a random machine with momentum and spotters.

  32. Yeah, well luckily for me I started lifting with my dad who taught me the importance of patience. Knowing your body is one of the most important things for successful training, and you only get that by starting with the basics. Once you know your body, then you learn what you can get away with.

  33. What if like how they have protein drinks they turned it into like a protein food that you could eat? idk im just spitballin here

  34. I bought some unflavoured whey to use specifically for baking. I made weed & whey donuts. They turned out awesome.

  35. I think you're fucking around but they already do - they got those protein cookies and bread, yogurt and milk and probably other shit fortified w/ extra protein.

  36. Curious.. is it me or does it seem pointless to train without the intent of showing off your physique? What’s the point of lifting, especially heavy and not even look in shape?

  37. You should probably google Larry Wheels. I'm a powerlifter that's lean AF, I eat properly and ride a shit ton of BMX even at 41. The whole strong guys are not jacked is a bunch of bullshit. I can bench 345 for a few reps and have zero fucking gut I'm probably around 14% BF right now but towards summer I can hit 12% ish but I don't push it. Powerbuilding is a thing. Also steroids.

  38. It's not pointless. I enjoy picking heavy things up and putting them back down and having a decent physique is a side effect of that. I don't specifically do this to show off my physique, because I'm 45 and happily married and I don't care to impress anybody.

  39. Like 75% of powerlifters look like shit but they lift heavy almost daily. I’d still train even if it didn’t really effect how I look. Shits fun as hell.

  40. Honestly? Health. Being physically active and strong is good. Nobody wants to need help getting off the floor in their 40s-50s-60s etc

  41. My point of doing it is to become more confident. Been bullied a lot because of my looks. Now people look up to me and some are even afraid of approaching me. Yes, may be a bad way of using it for some, but for me it improved my life tremendously. Plus now I enjoy the heck out of it, so win-win :)

  42. Enjoying it, the same way a person who likes running will probably do it mostly because they like it, while being in shape could just be a welcomed byproduct.

  43. We're now a day out of my first Nationals. With my life having been a rollercoaster these past several years, it's going to be very emotional to step on stage this time. I have given it everything I have and a little extra. Right now however, I can only feel the energy and the pump from last nights session:

  44. I ripped my shorts once squatting. The underwear was fine but i had a giant hole in my shorts now so i did a few leg extensions cause that would cover my ass and went home.

  45. Best part about the gym is that when you complaint someone you earn a friend for life and are guaranteed fist bumps and head nods for the rest of your life from them.

  46. What do you do with the silica gel pack in your preworkout etc? Keep it in there or throw it out straight away? Never actually asked anyone what they do with theirs before

  47. Hello guys, I’m working for about 2 hours, sometimes it goes around 2 1/2ish or 3 hrs when the gym is super crowded. Is it a good? Like working out for 2 hrs a day? I’m feeling fine overall. I just wanna know if it’s normal and also doing 15-20 programs per day. God Bless y’all!

  48. You only get what you put into it. You cannot bullshit your muscles, it's never going to happen. You did not workout for 3 hours you worked out for whatever you worked out for actual time under tension not standing around. I work out for 45 minutes in my own gym and knock out 2x as much as some people in a public gym. It's what YOU PUT INTO IT.

  49. The amount of time in the gym is irrelevant. What matters is how hard you train. Some people make gains lifting for 45 mins, others make gains lifting for 2.5 hours. There’s lots of ways to do bodybuilding.

  50. as far as i know, yes. the key is in the first sentence, 'when matched calorie for calorie'. if you're in a deficit it doesn't matter. i'd also wager a guess that the effect is pretty minimal, to the point that if you aren't dialed in with everything else, you probably wouldn't notice. could be wrong though. i think layne norton has some videos on this.

  51. Got a bump up in food this week and weight is steady and if anything down a bit on average. Coach wants to see it go up 1-2 lbs this week.

  52. What are your Classic Physique Top 5 this year? I have 1st Cbum, 2nd Terrence, 3rd Ramon, 4th Urs and 5th Breon.

  53. I dont necessarily agree with the order but that is a solid top 5. I dont know who else is going to crack into that upper echelon until Breon and Chris start to hang it up for good.

  54. I'd personally love if Terrence won, still need to see them in the stage but it seems like he’s improved way more than Chris this year.

  55. If I have an event planned for Sunday this week, how would I go about carbing up for it? I’ve been dieting for months without “refeeds”. So I’ve even eating around 150-200g of carbs

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