Daily Discussion Thread: 11/27/2022

  1. I've injured my hand, sort of top side bone in the U between your pointer finger and thumb, did it 6 months ago probably bench pressing and now since there's uncomfort whenever I have weight pushing down on that part of my hand, so any pushing movements and also the top part of a bicep curl rep.

  2. High rep hammer curls(bonus bicep work), grip training(I like to hold an 80% deadlift for 30 seconds at the top and do grippers and hang from bar for time), and very heavy farmers walks(1/2-1x bodyweight per hand).

  3. Grab a barbell and start twisting it in your hands. Wrist curls. Farmers carry. Reverse barbell curls. My gym has a wooden rod with a rope attached to it that you wind up and down with weight attached to it.

  4. Is it true that many pro bodybuilders don't deadlift or at least don't deadlift near their limit because the risks outweigh the rewards since you can grow any areas without deadlifts and they're always going to be one of the most risky lifts

  5. This is a great question. It's not true, and you have a misconception about the exercise. The deadlift is the king of exercises for a reason. Every serious bodybuilder performs some variation of the movement, most common being the (Dumbbell) Romanian Deadlift, because it does so much for so many muscle groups. You can still build muscle without it, but your routine will be less efficient because you will need 3 - 4 exercises to replicate the glute, hamstring, forearm, and core adaptations that the exercise would generate.

  6. Many bodybuilders do deadlift, but it's usually either RDL or SLDL variations as those are the ones that provide the most hypertrophy benefits.

  7. What’s everyone’s opinion on top set back off sets rather than straight sets? I see guys like CBUM and Iain use this method among others and am wondering if it has any merits. Is doing these “2” sets to failure in a rep range better than 3x12, 4x12, etc…

  8. It's not so much about the top/backoff set thing, but the low/moderate volume while doing pretty much everything at a 0RIR.

  9. They aren’t inherently better, but some people say they prefer them psychologically because they can view it as two separate things and emotionally push harder on each one

  10. Guys, how many exercise for leg day is too much? And how many exercise is too little for leg days? What should I do in order between deadlift, squats, and hip thrusts? And lastly, is it okay to do HIIT the same day w/ leg day? Thank you so much guys for answering!

  11. Not having access to the gym for another month, in January I’m moving to UGA and will be using their gym. Any Recs for what to do for now? I told myself I’d cut until then but so far the festive foods have been holding me back 😭

  12. Not on progress photos. It's supposed to be an honest snapshot of your physique at that moment so you can look back and see how far you've come. Using filters is just fooling yourself, and making it harder to compare.

  13. I hurt my back again pretty badly and feel really depressed. To the point I don't even want to get out of bed. Really need some encouragement/advice

  14. I herniated my l5/s1 late last July...right after making a comeback from a bad arm break the year before at the rock climbing gym. This was terrible because I was not only very into lifting but also long distance trail running.

  15. Looking at the big guys on Mr O, how do they get the massive muscle on their outer quads? Any particular exercise?

  16. Where the good deals at this weekend for protein? In the past I’ve hit vitamin shoppe for huge savings around Black Friday/cyber Monday but this year they aren’t that great there

  17. Gonna get downvoted but some people just have ridiculous genetics. I never track anything, eat fast food every day, haven’t trained abs since high school, and eat cookies and milk every night. I just end up at a lean 250. I eat more or less based off my activity and I’ll lose or gain weight.

  18. If you eat relatively the same shit then you don’t need to track, especially if you’ve been doing it a while and aren’t trying to get shredded.

  19. Well what he does can work if he consistently eats in a similar way, plenty of people have meal plans where they increase or decrease food depending on their goals, it’s just another way of tracking.

  20. Lmao yes there are plenty of people who don’t track shit and look great and on the flip side there are many who do track and look like shit.

  21. I’m a weirdo and go to the gym at 2am and leave before people start showing up at around 4/5am because I’m gym shy and lift embarrassingly light weights and don’t want people to see my shame lol

  22. You mention your calories are “in a range”, so you actually have no idea of how much you’re eating, that’s why you’re not losing weight. You need to be tracking accurately at least until you’ve been losing weight consistently for a few weeks.

  23. Today is my first day body building, I’m 15 and don’t live near any gyms. What exercises should I do to get muscular? And what should I eat?

  24. How do you prevent/fix diastasis recti (Ab splits). I've developed it at the top of my abs and loads of other young bodybuilders seem to have it.

  25. Chest is the biggest, bodyfat distribution... can't really change that but try changing your posture and work on keeping your core tight through your TVA, not rectus. Potentially lats but could just be a posture thing, too.

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