Steroid Saturday

  1. Try getting some triple antibiotic ointment like bacitracin. Put some on a Qtip put in your nostril and apply inside. Throw away. Get another Qtip do same in other nostril. Usually takes a week. But do it every morning. Learned that from a badass Flight Surgeon back in the day. Probably got a staff infection that lives in your nose. Hot damp area. But never gets really bad because you are healthy. Just try it. Let me know how it goes. Good luck

  2. Use a cleanser that has benzoyl peroxide and moisturize religiously with cetaphil moisturizing cream - it’s important that it’s the cream and not the regular moisturizer. Also change your sheets and towels frequently. Sheets 2x per week and towels every couple of days. Use a separate towel to dry your face. I struggled with acne for years even after being on accutane and that sort of routine helps significantly.

  3. Cant get rid of my lower belly fat and obliques!! Not sure what product to take to get this off, any suggestions?? PS: this would be the first time I’ll be taking any roids

  4. There are prescription weight loss pills that will kill your appetite and make you lose weight, but you'll gain it back when you stop, and there are a ton of negative side effects to using those.

  5. No man, I’m 5’8 185 lean and I’m not close to my natural limit. You should only start steroids after a minimum of 5 years training, preferably at 25. Don’t be hasty with it.

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