Daily Discussion Thread: 11/24/2022

  1. I have started lifting after few months break. Its almost 6 weeks of cutting weight. I started with 2600kcal and have been deducting 50kcal week by week. Its 2350kcal now and my current weight barely changed in past 2 weeks. Its 85.7kg. I'm also measuring my belly button every Sunday and it looks like I'm loosing 1cm/week consistently. What is more I have started taking creatine 5g/ed 4 weeks ago. And.. there is a question. Is here a chance that I'm loosing fat and building muscles at the same time now? Because I started considering that maybe unintentionally I do vacuum my stomach while measuring or sth this is why its looks good on weekly measurments and my fat loosing stopped? You know, I'm not hungry at all, 2350 kcal is enough to me. I have a lot of energy during the day and on my workouts. So maybe my metabolism slown down a lot and its time to do few days of refeed or one strong cheat day (8k kcal?). I feel very good with that calories intake, but im affraid a little about wasting time. What do you think?

  2. I bought a wicked wrist roller from ironmind, I immediately lost it, so I went on Amazon and bought a big aluminum round bar, drilled a hole through the middle and made my own that works wonders for me, so I say get a roller along with doing the forearm curls, carries, and using fat grips

  3. Some of the barbells at my gym are 45s and some are 35s and most don’t indicate their weight on them.

  4. Looking forward to a new gym tonight! Update: new gym is very nice. Way more expensive (the Pit is freeeee!) but I think I’m going to sign up. Some of those machines were… a dream.

  5. What is a best way to find a coach for bodybuilding ? I am in Richmond VA if that helps… I mean how to find a reliable and trustworthy coach ? Online seems more scams then actually good one..

  6. Nothing ruins my day more than when you get the last bench available and some moron put an oly weightlifting bar on it and you gotta wait for a non beyblade spin bar to hit your sesh

  7. I do, its great but its very very hard. Also im not putting half the effort into lower body for now cause its my best bodypart (atm they're kinda tiny cause i've skipped them entirely for a month or so). Avoid free weight stuff with this approach, go for leg press, hack squat, Pendulum and shit thats at least dont load your back, you'll recovdr much faster. Also you dont really have to train all the leg muscles every session, i usually train hams 4x week and quads 2x week otherwise ill be totally wrecked, but again my legs dont Need that much work compared to my upper body. Also, dont deadlift for hams with this approach if you cant recover, kill yourself on the leg curl machine and maybe add in a hip thrust.

  8. With those goals yeah, at least have some protein and carbs after you workout. Food promotes recovery and anabolic processes, any good study in that regard will show it.

  9. your protein and fat breakdown are completely fucked up there is no reason your protein should be lower than your fat and there is also no reason you should be eating 131g of fat a day

  10. what do you guys think about above the knee rack pulls? My traps and upper back are lagging, and I heard rack pulls are good for bringing these areas up

  11. Bullshit lift, get strong at a free weight row and a chest supported row, First One Will give you erector thickness with a little bit of upperback love, second one will def blast your traps and romboids off. Extremely heavy rackpulls will only damage bars and give you a thick waist (not necessarily but if one lift can do It, its probably 900 lbs rackpulls)

  12. A chest supported row where you’re maximizing scapular(shoulder blade) movement would definitely be better

  13. That's like a 2 inch ROM. Why not do incline DB shrugs with exaggerating the top portion of the movement. You're more likely to do them properly, not hurt yourself, and not damage the equipment.

  14. Landed a job for once I'm finished with my master's in econ, asset and liability management division at an investment consultancy firm. Has a solid starting salary and a lot of nice benefits, real weight off my shoulders to have a job confirmed, frees up a lot more time to dedicate to studying. Just gotta push through a few more months of studies, then onto the world of work.

  15. Hang in there buddy. One of the things I learned to accept when I lost my parents was that it just fucking sucks. It sucks so bad, and it’s going to suck for a long time. But I promise you man, after awhile it will suck less and less, little by little. There will still be tough days, but eventually it’s not going to suck anymore. You’ll get to smile when you miss him.

  16. Biting the pain back home with my grandmother who’s in late stage palliative care and it’s hurting. Someone tell me to nut up and stop being a pussy with my emotions. Fuck. Wish I had a gym here lol. Thanksgiving huh?

  17. Lost my mom after 2 rough years of caring for her a little over a year ago. Its going to hurt and thats beautiful.

  18. Best part of Thanksgiving so far - the extra hour of sleep I allowed myself. I hit the gym at 6:00 a.m. rather than 5:00 a.m today and felt great just from that little extra mimis.

  19. Fung is a hack. He's an insulin zealot that makes money selling people a method based around controlling something they can't measure. He also sells 'diet/detox teas'. I wouldn't listen to much he says

  20. You probably need to look at chapter 5. Obviously, on a physics level, it does work. Every time I cut, by eating less calories, I lose weight at a pretty consistent and regular pace based upon my deficit.

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