Daily Discussion Thread: 11/21/2022

  1. First time doing a deload that isn’t simply not going to the gym for a week or so. Do you guys keep your rest periods the same that you normally would? 2-3 minutes seems so long for some movements at an RPE of 7-8.

  2. Opinion on workout plan (beginner, 17yrs, 70kg = 154lbs, 183cm) Ive done this for about a month and seen some good progress, but maybe it could be better idk. I go the gym on average 5-6 times per week and i just do this so push then pull and just cycle it all the time.

  3. Super disgusting. Blueberry, maple walnut and pancake are the only good ones. The caesar dressing still gives me nightmares.

  4. Big salad with tons of shredded carrots and lettuce, cucumber and tomato slices and ofc chicken breast. Add salt pepper paprika some vinegar and a ton of mustard, like 5 large spoonfuls of mustard.

  5. So our gym used to have a free coffee machine and it was great. Could do decent espressos, flat whites, lattes & hot chocolates in different flavours etc. But it got revoked because people were taking the piss and using way too much, instead of one per session. We just got a new one as a pre-christmas gift from the owner

  6. Lol. I can only imagine the spills with open cups of coffee. Jackasses at my gym manage to spill their water almost every day, they cannot be trusted with hot beverages

  7. Men turn 55 and decide they don't wanna wash their hands at the gym anymore. LA fitness locker room at 6am is a new level of vile

  8. Like any frontpage thread lol but kinda understand them, misinformation and fearmongering around locking out is highly widespread.

  9. What should I do about diastasic recti in my upper abs? I've developed an umbilical hernia, so I haven't been doing as many compound leg exercises and now I have split abs at the top. Is there anything I can do to prevent this or fix it?

  10. Hey, I have tried Googling as I have created my own gym program for the first time (always had it done by professionals in the past), and I was wondering, especially for my two upper body workouts, is it best to train muscle groups together or separately?

  11. It comes down to training frequency over the course of the week. If your preference is to do the same muscle group consecutively for the pump, awesome. If you want to switch it up and do opposing muscle groups, also cool.

  12. Depends on the person. I personally feel better and enjoy alternating more than two of the same muscle groups back to back. Overall, your routine looks solid IMHO.

  13. How much protein does 100g of chicken breast have? Google gives conflictic results. Some sources say it's around 20g / 100g, others say it's about 31g / 100g. Is there an actual reliable source for this information?

  14. It's kinda irrelevant as long as you always log the same, as it's impossible to know the actual values of whatever chicken you're currently eating. If you want a decent reference, you can use the

  15. Are belt squats a good leg accessory? I do them after barbell squats. I like it because it doesn’t seem to put as much pressure on my spine.

  16. If your goal is hypertrophy, there's no "accessory" exercises, they're all equally important and serve their own purpose.

  17. I have the Sony wh1000xm4s, and absolutely love them. I think the m5 is out now and supposedly even better. But the m4a are most likely on a great same because of that so definitely worth looking

  18. So might end up doing a pretty labour heavy job for the next while here. I dont think it will be too intense and only 8 hour days. What I'm wondering is if any guys who do labour work and bodybuilding have some tips on how to do both, given how physically demanding labour jobs can be and how that will take away from lifting, im just hoping to minimize that. In the past whenever I did labour work I usually felt too beat up to lift afterwards.

  19. I climb telecommunication towers for a living and manage to train near everyday, legit just a mindset thing dude. Took a bit to get used to the hard labour of working but eventually you’ll get accustomed to it and settle into a routine. Just don’t stress if you feel absolutely rooted after the first couple of weeks.

  20. Not talking from experience, but if you do a significantly taxing physical job, you'll tolerate less training volume, playing around with exercise selection and rest days could also help.

  21. There's a lot of talk about how the greatest inventions have forever changed society. Sliced bread, the telephone, the Internet, the printing press, gunpowder, etc. I think the equivalent of that for bodybuilding will be the invention of the 6th gram of creatine. Too bad no one's done it yet.

  22. A chick wants me to come over to help her ‘’move a mattress.” Either this is the most predictable ending ever or I’m about to be massively surprised and let down.

  23. If it doesn’t end the way we all expect it to, than it’s obvious she picked you to help move it because you’re the biggest dude she knows, bb.

  24. Aren’t you the guy who is supposedly TikTok famous for fitness content? How can you be on gear, be “famous” for your fitness knowledge, and ask these rudimentary questions?

  25. Noticed the price of protein powder has gone up quite a bit. I've been using ON Gold Standard Whey for 10+ years. Anyone know of an alternative that is cheaper but still good quality?

  26. I like the taste of (unflavored) soy better than any other protein powder I’ve tried. Really mild, at least the brand I use. It’s also way cheaper than whey which surprised me since usually vegan stuff is more expensive.

  27. It’s venting time. As a dude who has always been insecure about his appearance and feelings of inadequacy, this last weekend wasn’t too good for me.

  28. Whatever you do dont bring up that weird "psychology" shit. Its 💯 a red flag that you listen to tate and then no chick will want you.

  29. Do you want to have self esteem issues? Because you don’t have to, it’s not something you were born with. It’s something you can change about yourself.

  30. Day 1 has 7 ab exercises and a few sets of chest thrown in. Day 2 has 8 exercises. Are you in the gym for 2 hours these days? This is way too much volume. And doing 35 sets of abs isn’t better than doing 5-10. Google 3 day a week beginner bodybuilding program, either upper/lower or full body, do that, and hiking on day 4 is fine.

  31. Had to have a really late-night/early morning gym sesh last night. Some strange people come out during that time.

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