Daily Discussion Thread: 11/09/2022

  1. I’m wanting some absolutely banger recommendations for music, something that will make me want to life a mountain off the earth. I like anime, orchestral rock, metal, rock, and anything in between. Anything outside of that is good, so long as it makes you feel unstoppable, so please don’t hesitate to suggest music, thank you!

  2. To cope with the L of the doctor telling me I have to wait another month to get back in the gym, I’ve decided to do a random weight loss challenge rather than sit around for another month making it 10 months of not exercising. I gained like 20 pounds of fat so should be pretty simple, I’m just gonna start hitting the cardio bikes every day, And sticking to my goal of stopping drinking as of now

  3. Hey fam, I’ve got a question specifically for those military members in the US. I’m thinking about getting on some hormone replacement therapy (none prescribed) I served in the army for about 7 years and had the most difficult time getting into shape. I’m thinking about re-upping but this time around I’d like to try out some performance enhancements to help me get in shape. My question is, how difficult is it to take ⚙️ in the army? Do you know of any buddies in your units that take it currently and how likely is it for you to get blood tested for using ⚙️?

  4. Not army but navy vet here. I Knew some dudes who were on gear, no one really cared enough to go through the process of having them do blood work for it though. I think your only issue would be if you were deployed

  5. If you can't get in shape on your own and your bloodwork doesn't show glaring pathology, gear is the last thing you should do

  6. Less than three weeks ago, I lost my dad unexpectedly and suddenly the day after moving 500 miles away. Today, my wife and I are on the brink of divorce.

  7. How much protein does raw, skinless 250g of chicken breast have? Google tells me 50g, myfitnesspal tells me 77g? I am confused?

  8. Haven't posted a picture here in a long ass time so here is a totally unaltered photo of me doing something in between a thirst trap and a pose last night. 5'10" ~193-195lb

  9. 1000%. A beginner who is overweight can easily put on muscle in a caloric deficit. I’ve seen many progress posts from people who have done so and looked pretty damn good at the end of it. In fact, it will help the fat come off faster because 1) it’s exercise and 2) muscle burns more calories at rest.

  10. Coming from a guy who went from super fat to pretty fit, lifting is absolutely worth it while losing weight.

  11. Noticing more and more support for Ashwaganda lately for 'stress'. Is this like mental stress? Physical stress? If someones mentally stressed and has a demanding job (physical stress) in addition to lifting does it help with all of the above?

  12. It can be habit forming because it can cause a rebound effect when you stop. Not something everyone should be popping

  13. Ashwaganda is pretty powerful imo. I've been stacking it with tongkat ali for a while now. I feel almost too calm most of the time, like if someone got run over in front of me I wouldn't even react. It's a weird vibe to be honest, but I feel better than when I wasn't taking it. I'd say it would help you, and the clinical backing is pretty legitimate at this point.

  14. I think it's mostly about mental stress and anxiety, in case you want to try it you should look for a brand that uses patented ashwaganda (ksm-66 is the common one) and make sure to use an effective dose, at least 25 mg of withanolide if I recall correctly.

  15. “Sleeper build” is the dumbest shit out there. I can understand why some powerlfiters think it’s cool to have an average physique while putting up insane numbers, but I really can’t understand bragging about how you only look good without a shirt in ideal lighting.

  16. Nasty leg pump tonight. So much blood in my quads at one point the little ballsack thing at the end over your knee was physically uncomfortable to do lunges with.

  17. I went to ED and they asked if I used anabolic steroids. I'm absolutely tiny compared with most people on here, but it was nice to hear, i suppose.

  18. Had a student nurse with me the other day. Her instructor was using my arm to show the student how to administer a subQ injection but said "it's kind of hard to do on him, most people don't have this much muscle on the back of their arm"

  19. Went from a nighttime 2 hour lift, got 7.5 hours of sleep, and turned around to a 2 hour morning lift. Felt good to get a lot done and have a full 10 hours to get my 8 hours in before a rest day and hitting legs. Morning sunlight has been doing wonders.

  20. I had some kid ask what my routine was. And he really wanted to know. So from a formerly obese man it was a very cool experience.

  21. The other day a random lady complimented my legs. I get compliments on basically every other part of my body, but legs…that was special ugh

  22. Took an L today but also a W. Doctor says I can go back to work full duty but I gotta hold off the gym until December. Not happy but not sad anymore.

  23. I do, but I water it down with club soda. 8 oz kombucha, with 16-20 oz of club soda. I can drink it straight, but just prefer it watered down for some reason.

  24. Squatted for years. It was hard on my back. Took a lot of time/energy. Hell it was a pain in the ass to be eye balling the squat rack to see if it was free. Switch to leg press. Why didn't I do this sooner? Feeling a great burn and able to focus on my quads.

  25. I went from leg press to squats back to leg press. They're incredibly different exercises. You might get similar stimulation with say - hack squat or pendulum squat - but unlikely from a leg press.

  26. Damn, what strange ways these ladies have. TikTok is very large though. What crevice of tiktok do these girls hide? So i can stay away ofcourse.

  27. Im in vacation from school for 3 mouths, in this time, what should I do to build a better body in the most efficient way before coming back to school? Which exercises should I invest time? I am 16Yo, 17 yo in 1 mouth

  28. The trick is to gradually get so out of shape that the bike ride to work / school technically counts as cardio

  29. I have lower back pain/soreness from Squats since I started doing weighted squats can you guys give me a substitute, also hack squats fuck up my knees a lot.

  30. Pendulum, Belt, Bulgarians… traditional barbell squats are NOT a necessity in Bodybuilding. Experiment < end >

  31. Whatever's cheap at Costco when I go there, which lately has been Muscletech whey. Mixes alright and tastes chocolate-ey

  32. I bought Muscle milk pro series because it was cheap and had 50g Protein per serving, however…I didn’t realize that the scoops are giant and a serving size is two scoops. So make sure you pay attention to serving size😂😂

  33. Whey Gold optimum nutrition. Bought some tbjp whey couple weeks ago but haven't used it. Had some scitec pb whey, and that wasn't tasty.

  34. Cheat meal night before training them, hany rambod does this with his clients. Sushi or or a steak or a burger. Use the extra calories to power a more intense workout for your lagging part

  35. Dante once said "if you currently bench 315 for 10 and bring up your bench to 405 for 10, your chest will be bigger". Besides the meat and potatoes of progressive overload, make sure your pecs are doing the work. Train them in different rep ranges, do both presses and flyes, and check out John Jewett's video about pec fibres so you'll better understand what the correct motion for proper pec fibre engagement is.

  36. Knowing what you've done and how you train them currently may help, as that's likely to be the issue if they actually are lagging.

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