Hi everyone! We are soon to be 5 weeks out from my show and I am very eager to show my current posing routine as this will be my first post here.

  1. Hi lovely people of the Reddit bodybuilding community. I have been a long time lurker so I'm very thankful to all the phenomenal men and women to provide me with daily inspiration.

  2. you look phenomenal!! Those GLUTES!! I personally found the hands/arm movement to be a bit distracting, especially when you turned around to hit your back pose. Otherwise I thought the routine flowed very well and you looked very confident. :) Good luck!!

  3. When you are showing off the glutes and legs, are you purposefully not pulling your hair to the side to show off your back development? I see a lot of ladies leaving their hair covering their backs, and I don't know if that is on purpose but I personally think it detracts from your hard work.

  4. In the same vein when popping the gluten are the calves also supposed to be flexed and displayed? Not sure how much her specific class hones in on the calves but in the poses from OP I don't know if she needs to activate her calves more in the pose or if the calf muscles should be more developed. Looking awesome nevertheless.

  5. I dont think its required but they are supposed to have "confidence" stride. Check some videos thats how they all walk. She may be just exaggerating it a little too much

  6. I absolutely cannot stand the cookie cutter movements and extremely limited posing of women's competition. It's literally just the centaur pose and the bend over and spread your cheeks pose with a bunch of faux-cutesy confident arm waving and awkward striding. Women's bodybuilding really needs an overhaul because this is not a good way to show off a full physique and feels just plain cringe for the most part.

  7. They don’t MAKE you. But the judges are below you. If you walk with your feet parallel to each other, you look like you’re walking bow-legged because of the upward angle they’re viewing from. Crossing in front like this looks better from a judge perspective.

  8. I want to second this but clearly I am no judge. It does nothing to show muscle tone or anything. It seems distracting to me personally

  9. Is the music in the background the music you'll be posing to or is it just on in the gym? If it's your posing music would be cool to hit your poses on the beats or when she says 'makes my cherry pop' with your side glute pose for example. Anyways, looking good and goodluck with your show

  10. Good routine , good smiling thru transitional poses , hand placement, around the 28-29 sec mark maybe change where you place them but can’t really nit pick much 💪

  11. Wow, it'd be so great to see pro male bodybuilders in high heels. Extenuating their calves and glutes. Can you imagine Jay Cutler in 5 inch heels or Phil Heath in pumps? Just forget it.

  12. Can you please tell me how long/much you are in the gym per day? Getting to this point, obtaining a physique like this, is it basically a full time job or is this intense training 1-2hrs/day and a super strict diet? Thanks.

  13. i dont have much knowledge about girl bodybuilding etc this is not weird to walk like that? real question not a troll for me it's strange

  14. I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of not very nice comments cause that’s all this thread seems to be, but you look amazing and you’re gonna do great!! 👏🏼👏🏼♥️

  15. Coming from someone who has never competed BUT is an avid fan of the sport and works to develop my body the same way as competitors, I think you look amazing and your posing is very clean, concise and flows very nicely. You look very natural and comfortable / confident in your movements (if that makes any sense?). Best of luck at your upcoming show and all those in the future!

  16. Front pose pushing too hard and leg too sideways. It’s distorting your amazing shape. Awesome presence and flow. Good luck at your show!

  17. You look awesome!! Great place at 5 weeks out! Is this npc or another fed? you mention in your comment another fed, just curious if you’re still doing that fed or switching to npc/ifbb. Best of luck :)

  18. Everyone looks great. Really nice conditioning, but something about your head movements seems a bit unnatural.

  19. I was thinking the same thing. You can see she has great definition in her back but you never get to really see it because of the hair. I never knew that back wasn’t focused on in Bikini-Wellness either.

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