Chris Bumbstead is literally my fucking idol of posing world.

  1. Terrence Ruffin and Breon Ansley are both much much better posers than Chris. Terrence is about as close as we’ve got to Bob Paris type posing and frankly I think the only reason he wasn’t given the nod last year was the massive height difference between him and Chris making it impossible to look large in side by side viewings.

  2. Chris is the most…charismatic, for lack of a better word, compared to the others you mentioned. His public persona is very likable and he’s good looking, I think those is a big contributor to his popularity.

  3. Bruh this post if full of haters like “I’m so cool I’m going against the grain and gonna say people who like him are gay”. What a bunch of tools commenting here.

  4. " 'someone' is so much better, you guys just pick what's popular! " Jesus christ its like cringe ass emos in 2007 trying to be different

  5. Some of these comments bring up “weak points” no judge has ever dinged Chris for. Like sure random fan with no competitive experience your opinion of Chris is the facts and the judges and other pro’s who say he’s worthy of 3 times mr. Olympia are dead ass wrong.

  6. Having that amount of haters just means he's fucking good. You seen how many haters BTS has? Cbum is becoming if not already is the biggest name in bodybuilding right now. If he was next level with it, he could probably go arnold style in the future and take the general public by storm.

  7. I showed my girfriend a video of Chris Bumstead yesterday and she said she didnt know a bodybuilder could also not be dorky tools.

  8. This right here, the Stans are outta pocket now. Social media has kinda tainted bodybuilding in terms of bias when it comes down to this NPC ass behaviour.

  9. I don’t follow the Olympia too closely and it might be too early to tell, but does he have any competition this year? Or does he look like he’s gonna win it again

  10. Ever heard of Terrence Ruffin???? The CBum cult is so annoying. You don't like Cbum because of his posing, you like him because you want to suck him off.

  11. He deserves any praise. Your not extra cool for trying to act like it’s annoying seeing him get praise and going “against the crowd” trying to stand out. People are so lame when they all start not likening something just because it gets popular. Either you like him or you don’t. But changing your stance based off others opinion is the height of a weak mind.

  12. CBum is not even one of the best posers IMO. There are so many others, like Frank Zane, Terrence Ruffin, Paul Dillet (/s)

  13. I wish i could see it but I just dont. To me, just about every other professional golden era physique was better by a large margin.

  14. Early on his legs were very asthetic but lost him some of the only points off perfect in my mind because they were (by Olympia standards) small

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