Nick Walker pushing the limits of how much muscle the human body can have. Looking like an absolute freak, in the greatest way possible. Future Mr O

  1. He probably goes to the big and tall mens store. Or maybe walmart has the 4xl sweats for his legs to fit in.

  2. No matter what it looks like it's gonna be small in comparison to his body. Even if he's packing it prob doesn't get past his thighs

  3. Do you think it’s similar to fat people? Like when their gut is so large it just eclipses their dick? This guys growth gut probably does similar.

  4. Lol...(BTW i don't think he can even have one. Can't imagine what is on circle in his blood. Something still unknown maybe 🤷)

  5. His blood pressure must be so high, I obviously don’t want anything bad to happen but the man needs to look after himself..

  6. There’s no way menial tasks don’t get this dude out of breath. I would imagine brushing his teeth, taking a shower, or taking a shit is quite the cardio

  7. Pretty sure at least 15 human sacrifices have to be made in the bathroom before this guy can even drop trou to take a shit.

  8. Biggest (and last time) I ever stood on stage was 228lb, so was like 255lb 16 weeks out. Absolutely awful. Hard to get dressed, just walking would get my respiratory rate up, hot as balls all the time. Basically uncomfortable and unhappy unless there were mirrors around. Gave up one kind of cycling for the pedaling kind after that.

  9. I think most of these super huge dudes just sit in front of fans all the time, since they run so hot. I remember watching a day-in-the-life video about Jay Cutler, and he was just sitting in his kitchen eating a big-ass plate of egg whites with a fan trained on him. It must take so much energy just to keep all of that mass up and moving around, let alone lifting heavy-ass weights.

  10. I dont. I know alot of old homies that jumped on hgh at 16-17-18 and older and tbh nowadays im scared for them, sure they still look huge af and they dont train but at what cost? No medical follow up nothing. Huge doses and pray for gains and no health issues.

  11. Reckon I can achieve this natty by the end of my 12 week challenge? Happy to compromise and take protein powder if required. 6ft2 and 60kg btw

  12. Sure, you can. Check Rich Piana's 8 hour biceps workout. Do it every week for each body part and in 12 weeks you will put that guy to shame. Also, don't forget creatine. Godspeed!

  13. When I bulked up to 230 I was breathing so hard just walking across campus. Can’t imagine what it’s like for him

  14. Did you do cardio? I'm 6'4 @ 215 right now and at my biggest was 260 I run stairs and stuff and have a cardio intensive job so that probably helps but it takes quite a bit for me to start breathing heavy. I hear this a lot from people over 200. I imagine if your shorter and have that much muscle it's a lot different but I haven't been under 200 since I was 16

  15. Agreed. This is becoming too much. When I think of bodybuilding I think of the bodybuilders in the 70s like Jusup Wilkosz or Mike Mentzer, they had Greek God-like physiques and ACTUALLY made you want to pick up weights and aspire to look like them. Not many people want to look like this guy.

  16. Exactly. This is way too much. Subjective I guess, but I’d assume there are health issues that comes with this.

  17. They’ll be back faster than he can finish a PWO meal, makes mo sense to have a procedure done and miss two training sessions for that.

  18. 50? I have doubts he’ll make it to 35 at this pace. I do hope he can have a long successful career but he wants it all and he wants it too fast.

  19. I dont disagree with you that its high risk behaviour for early mortality, but I respect base jumpers, freedivers, motorcycle riders, ... there are many behaviors that raise the risk of early mortality. As long as those facts are transparent and not misrepresented, live and let live.

  20. Could you imagine a sport where the goal was to get as skinny as possible? Where all of the pros abused appetite suppressing drugs, and where the sport's subreddit idolized a guy who had a vlog series called Smaller by the Day?

  21. Agreed but shouldn't aesthetics matter too, or is it all about size anymore? Everyone wanted to look like Arnold. No one but other bodybuilders want to look like this.

  22. Hope he stays as healthy as you can at the weight, there’s been to many bodybuilding deaths the last couple of years.

  23. This dude is disgusting and not aesthetic at all. Competitive BB'ing has become a death race. He'll be dead in <10 years.

  24. respect to anyone who wants to get this big but holy shit bodybuilding has become a sport where the athletes look like science experiments. the 70’s will always be my favorite era cuz they all were so aesthetic yet had adequate size and were strong as shit too. i’d do about anything to look like franco

  25. Completely respect his hustle and goals and who tf am I to judge as a skinny fat mf .. but I cannot it help but say damnnnn that must be hard to live like that. Probably similar to being morbidly obese I’d assume

  26. There is part some mental illness and body dysmorphia wrapped in there as well. He won’t live a long life which is sad also

  27. Serious question, how do people his size actually go anywhere? I'm 155 lbs and I have a hard time fitting in an airplane seat.

  28. i really wish guys like nick would talk about the specifics of their cycles more publicly. he has no reason to, i’m just super curious how much a guy like him is pushing

  29. When did it go from looking good and useful like Arnold into not wiping your own ass or taking the stairs without a break in the middle? That doesn't look comfortable at all and must be detrimental to his health and daily life.

  30. Guy looks like he’s going die of heart failure even faster than Rich Piana did. I hate to say that and I really hope it isn’t true. But damn.

  31. I feel sad for him. Haven’t seen one picture of him not gasping for air. He doesn’t know what he‘s doing to himself. Like, he knows there are risks, but clearly cannot fathom the reality of dropping dead, 0 notice.

  32. I feel like life has got to suck for someone like this during the 22 hours a day they’re not in the gym. It’s probably almost as constantly uncomfortable as being morbidly obese.

  33. He does train isolated core movements and his separation is next level. Each ab has like a 2 inch deep looking ditch between the next it’s crazy

  34. This is sad. He’s gonna die young from his addiction. Yea, it looks kinda cool. If he’s willing to die for this then at least the only person he is hurting is himself

  35. How come in 2022 the sport still push for monsters like him. We all know how it’s gonna end up for him and his competitors lol. Keep fucking you up you look like a freak

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