Daily Discussion Thread: 02/03/2022

  1. Hello , I use universal creatine monohydrate , so I take 5g per day as it says been using for 2 month already and it works really well , so when I have field train my (shin front side on both legs) are burning after 15-20min feels like someone is hitting me with needle and I barely can move , I have to stop like 10min to be able to walk normal again. I drink water 4 litre pay day and I count with app so water wont be problem as I think, also I have tested that when I took break from creatine like 20day I wah no problems with my shins … any help advice will be cool

  2. How do you guys water cut in the days and weeks leading up to a photoshoot? I read a tnation article on it, plus did a bit of other reading, but I'd be really curious to hear how you guys personally like to do it. There's a LOT of conflicting information and clickbaitey articles on it floating around.

  3. Hey guys, I'm natty, 27yo 5'11 88kg and have been working out pretty intensely since I was around 22, (say like 2 years on one year off and COVID sorta stuffed things up)

  4. yo boys need some help, been seeing this girl and she's been one of the best people to enter my life. everything is great, shes super sweet but has been wanting me to nut in her really REALLY badly(shes not on any kind of birth control). she tracks her cycle and her periods supposed to be in a few days, im into it too but how dangerous is this realistically? this might be a huge red flag but she said shes done it for years without any pregnancy scare. pls help me out lol

  5. that 5 seconds of amazing sensation vs 18 years at a minimum/worst case scenario of you being financially fucked

  6. If you don't want a kid with her mate, wrap it up or run. I don't know how old you are but I'm new to dating and the amount of women in their 30s who are desperate for kids right now astounds me. Gotta look after #1.

  7. Bruh accidental pregnancies ruin relationships and have the potential to fuck people up. It either means both people are becoming parents when they definitely weren't planning on it or you get an abortion. Both are very serious things. Wear a damn condom

  8. You need to accept the fact you might get her pregnant, get her to stop asking you to, or leave. You can only play that game for so long until a slip up happens.

  9. Has anyone ever been on antidepressants how did it effect your training and did it slow your metabolism down Im worried they cause weight gain even with tracking my calories

  10. Ive been feeling very fatigued lately I’m always tired and dizzy I did a test level because I also am very weak and putting muscle on is hard. My test was 280 which is shocking low for someone in their early 20s my doctor said this is normal however I disagree, I went multiple doctors they all said same thing

  11. My first discussion post here. I’m 19 now and have been training for just over 2 months and have seen crazy progression. When I was 13, I was administered hgh injections to speed up growth for a year. Would this have had any effect on my muscle growth?

  12. Am I crazy, or do well developed quads look like they have baguettes in them? Look a cbum’s legs, look at a baguette, and then let me know

  13. Man I’ve been seeing this girl for like two months now and it’s pretty serious but this my first big “down” day and all she’s been is a source of anxiety all day, even though she knows I’m freaking out. Shit is killing my feelings for her.

  14. If she cares then you would feel it. If she can't make you feel safe that's a very bad thing. Talk about it. Make your own choices. Don't do something just because you have to or it feels like it's 'right '. But also people make mistakes or are selfish. I've been selfish in relationships too. Hard to say without knowing the details

  15. Any advice on how to get big glutes? I’m about 6 foot and so squats are not ideal for me (long way down and up) I do the stair machine and cross trainer too but it’s not gone big! I need to increase it as my quads and hamstrings are massive but then my glutes are flat and it looks weird! Any tips?

  16. Squats aren't ideal for glutes in general. Do your usual compounds but toss in some hip thrusts, walking lunges, cable pullthroughs, hyperextensions and SLDLs or RDLs.

  17. So I binge videos about body builders and their drugs, bloodwork, receptors and other stuff like MoreplatesMoredates. I already read the anabolic book. But I’m pretty sure there’s more stuff to learn, what are they? Any books?

  18. Follow actual coaches and people in the industry. MPMD is decent for learning about the drugs, but if you want practical usage in bodybuilding you need to be looking at people who have been in the industry. John Jewett, Jordan Peters, Victor Black, EvilGSP, Scott Stevenson, Josh Bridgeman(not on same level as the rest, but he is pretty good). I'm probably missing a bunch of good ones, but these are the ones I've pulled information from in some capacity.

  19. Went to try on my suit for my friend's wedding since it finally came in yesterday that I got fitted for 3 months ago. The suit jacket nearly ripped when I tried to put it on, and I couldn't fit the pants over my quads/hams. Guess that means massing is going great, but having to get a new suit by next weekend is not!

  20. controversial opinion: eating basmati rice when jasmine rice exists feels like it should be a criminal offense due to the superiority of jasmine rice

  21. I'll get basmati when I'm making curries because that feels more traditional and proper, but otherwise it's jasmine for me

  22. Ight I did baby groot for like 20 weeks, gained 15 lbs of muscle and 10 lbs of fat ( just based on body scans and PR’s made, which ik don’t mean a lot). Cutting rn to get back to a better fat %

  23. Tore my bicep two weeks ago, proximal tear of the long head. Complete rupture. Working with ortho and options are to reattach surgically or just leave it. Ortho says strength and function will be about the same either way, cosmetically surgery can improve look although it's not upper noticeable right now. Got a follow up in 3 weeks to see how things are healing, right now I have pain in the shoulder in certain movements.

  24. You know you have mastered the seated leg curl technique when you are physically unable to get out of the machine between sets, and just sit there hopelessly as the time ticks down to your next set.

  25. Pulled 425 for a set of 10 yesterday. Still have minimal motivation to stick to my diet, but I’m grinding along here hoping to see some results eventually.

  26. High rep deadlift sets give me the most alpha gym bro feelings by a mile, just sick to see big weight get moved over and over and over.

  27. Is it okay if I consume 100g of protein in one hour? Asking because I was wondering if the body only uses “some” of it and the “rest” goes to waste.

  28. Well that depends on what the source is, if your taking it off the tap your gonna have a heck ofa tummy ache.

  29. depends on what it is. all whey? lots of it will probably go to waste. 100g real food will waste less usually because it takes longer to digest

  30. It won't go to waste, but it will not be used as effectively as if you were space it out due to triggering MPS less throughout the day.

  31. Thought about ending my gaining phase almost 2 weeks early due to just feeling not the way I know I should, but after 2 days off, a couple off plan meals(nothing too dirty. I'm talking subway/sushi), and a bunch of Netflix and video games I can wholeheartedly say that today was the best session I've had in almost 2 and a half weeks. Ready to get through this final phase before starting my new job, and then take some time to back off things.

  32. Wondering if anyone else that is bulking can feel this uncomfortable feeling of their skin getting full of water. I feel fat lol

  33. Because glutes/quads/hamstrings are judged. Even extremely short shorts would hide some of the detail that is needed for the judge's scoring.

  34. Ok the first paragraph I don't even know what you're trying to say really, that's just a mess of words that say a lot but mean very little. 2 guys with the same height, weight, bf and lifting experience could look similar or they could look incredibly different. There's still a lot of variables at play.

  35. lower body - zercher everything, hip thrusts (sorry), some machines can be used without gripping the handles (use your wrists bent around the handle to create UB tension if possible. this worked for me on hamstring curls at least)

  36. Hello, I was wondering if anybody here has experimented with taking more than the commonly mentioned 5g of creatine per day.

  37. I have been on Julian Smith's Daily Pump program for a little over a year now and it has definitely helped me recomp my body. Although, I have recently been training with a friend that believes I am overtraining on this program. Anyone on the Daily Pump or have any opinions about it? This is not the only time I have heard I am overtraining on this, that's why I am taking to reddit to get a wide variety of opinions.

  38. I've done GB, CD2, and now I'm on Taskmaster. I'll let you know how I feel about this routine when I'm done, but I'm only on week 2.

  39. Why are there so many teen and young 20 sarm goblins in the gym now? Anybody know? Feels like there is an epidemic going on in like the past 4 years or so

  40. Because SARMs are very easy for young people to get. They don’t have that fear of trying to buy steroids in person, for several reasons. But I agree, I’ve seen on tiktok 16 year olds boasting about their SARMs usage.

  41. Because they have that image of less harmful, and you can go to a normal website and buy the SARMs. If steroids were as simple/user friendly to get (and not injected lol) way more people would be using them.

  42. I go at 7 am. Usually 7-10 people, almost always the same crew. Don't talk too them but if they aren't there I'm worried haha.

  43. 5'7, 140lbs give or take a pound or two depending on the time of day. I count daily calories; staying in a deficit 6 out of 7 days with the 7th day being a cheat. I am trying to gain size and slowly gain weight, is my approach dumb? I stay within 1700-2000 calories 6 days a week and fill the rest of my calories in on the 7th, averaging 2200kcals daily if divided by 7. So, the cheat day is anywhere from 3500-4500 calories, depending on the prior days. Basically trying to hit 15400 calories weekly. Thoughts please?

  44. Not nearly enough daily cals IMO, Celt on your cheat days. Lemme explain my opinion please. I was very similar in height and weight as you. Albeit 5’8, 165 ish., I was the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I was hitting 2500 cals daily, 6 meals a day with roughly 35% of my cals consumed pre and post workout. My workouts were getting sluggish, really not progressing at all. Hired a coach for a meal plan and programming. He upped my cals to 3200 daily the first few weeks really nothing going on. However what I began to notice with the extra cals was I had much more energy in the gym. This in my mind created a synergistic effect, weights were moving up, I was able to up the intensity this created more of a need for additional cals to recuperate and fuel my next session. The scale began inching up about 7 weeks in with the continued improvement in the gym. Over the last 2 years i have gone from the 160s to 184. At most I have eaten 4500-4700 cals daily. It is very challenging to consume that much chow for me. I don’t necessarily know what your goals are, if it is putting on weight and getting stronger in the gym I would recommend getting your daily calories up from where you are now. It doesn’t have to be a drastic increase all at once, say 200-300 cals daily for a week at a time until you see the scale moving. I think that Stan Efferding has some very good input on diet and nutrition through his YouTube videos, and would suggest listening to his Rhinos rants.

  45. Hey, I think you've gotten some pretty good advice so far but not many actionable things you can do. I'm also 5'-7" And currently weight 150lbs and I'm cutting on 2100kcal. I literally just went out to have a cheat meal on Sunday (Dim Sum, it was amazing). I only ate 120kcal over my typical daily calories.

  46. 6 days of impaired recovery and training doesn't sound like a good time to me. I would rather see you eat in a bigger surplus on your training days and if needed a deficit on your rest days to maintain weekly calorie balance. Your approach neglects the aspect of recovery because being in a surplus for one day a week will not give you the ability to properly repair and grow your tissue throughout the rest of the week, in my opinion.

  47. I really like the look of Hosstile's new oversized tees. But, I think I am just too small to pull it off. I guess it just gives me another reason to keep growing.

  48. Man, I was planning on going to the gym mad early today but I literally couldn’t fall asleep till 5:30am. Any insomnia tips? I take antihistamine sleep aids nightly, don’t drink caffeine, keep sleep schedule consistent, tried natural OTC remedies, tried sleep masks, nothing is working and I really would prefer to not go on a prescription sleep aid (friend of a friend died from benzo use)

  49. I personally find that sleep issues, as long as sleep hygiene is decent, are almost always linked to mental or physical stress/anxiety.

  50. Anyone ever do hamstring curls and later feel a weird feeling in the back of their leg, like on the opposite side of the knee? it's not pain or anything bad, it's just... a weird feeling when I'm walking around. Not sure how to describe it, but hope someone knows what I mean. something with the tendon maybe?

  51. Pretty such I'm developing sleep apnea. Been snoring loud as shit(which I never used to snore), waking up feeling exhausted, and as a result my desire to train is at basically zero.

  52. Woke up to snow, in texas. Since us Texans don’t know how to drive in anything other than clear weather, my job told us to stay home and we’ll get paid for the day! Gonna dust off the one inch plates and do an arm workout from my home dungeon.

  53. Flex your leg and pinch the skin, should be noticeable if it's fat. The muscle under it is the aductor, it gives a lot of thickness to the leg.

  54. Wondering what your guys workouts look like for intermediate/advanced guys working out 4 times a week. What was the intensity like. I think I’d want to try it, but go ham in intensity sets, which probably is missing the point of a low frequency split. How did it go if it was a past split?

  55. Try FST 7 i just started it, been back in the gym for a month only and did PPL that month, atleast for me this shit is intense af, going back to PPL after 4 weeks again.

  56. In your honest opinion what are the most or some of the most aesthetically pleasing lifts? Not specifically strength but your go to make yourself look like a beast.

  57. Conventional deadlift and overhead press look the coolest IMO. If you mean which exercise make you look most jacked when doing them, I think seated lateral raises

  58. Conventional deadlift I think looks the most badass. And I say this as someone who hasn't deadlifted in 3 years.

  59. The problem is, what you often need is to get better at the movements you don't like doing, to spark new avenues of growth. Often people will use the excuse "I know what works for my body" to justify not doing certain movements that they just suck at

  60. Assuming volume is equal (the four sessions combined to equal to the one to two sessions) not much sense in pushing frequency up from there.

  61. Imo if you can make progress doing less sets why would you want to add more sets? Adding volume for the sake of adding volume isn't something I would recommend to someone, natty or not.

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