Daily Discussion Thread: 01/23/2022

  1. Advice needed plz. I started weight lifting and it’s making me dumb and angry. I’m 100% sure it’s the lifting and I’m also doing calorie deficit. Its starting to effect my work performance. Has anyone experienced this? Do you have advice? Will this go away after sometime?

  2. I checked your profile because I couldn't tell if this was a joke post. Looks like you have a certain addiction that you are trying to give up and you started a week ago?

  3. It’s a good morning for Good Mornings! Ended with some RDLs. Currently eating my chicken, quinoa and broccoli prepped meal, and just asked my wife what she wants for lunch. I wish I could share the look on her face when I asked.

  4. Update: she started cooking food and put a movie on and when I asked her what she was doing, she said “what you were serious?!”

  5. That's why you do your workout, which obviously would be the hardest leg day of your program. Or each one does their thing and chat a bit between sets.

  6. Honestly at this point where if someone wants to work out together I say that I have a specific routine. So either they follow along or we don't work out together. There's only three people that I would change things up, but only because they know how to kill it.

  7. I have a bit of a dull ache in one of my shoulders that gets better after I do some stretching, but returns after a while. It's really not bad, so should I still do an upper body workout today?

  8. I'd rather do it at another part of the day, but you can try splitting that food in two, one savoury part first and a sweet one after it, can help "resetting" the appetite.

  9. Did a cycle when I was 25. Loved being on, had decent gains and coming off was OK. Said afterwards I would wait until I have a child before I hop on again. I'm 30 now, wife is pregnant, feel past my natty prime. I dunno why I'm typing this im not looking for opinions, just wanted to share.

  10. Been waking up everyday for the last 3 days at like 3:30-4am wide awake, and I can't seem to break the habit. Really eating into my recovery aswell. Yesterday's training was progressive but barely so, and I feel pretty beat up today when it would normally be a training day.

  11. ZMA, I've had issues sleeping my whole life. Melatonin and ZMA before bed works great. Melatonin shoves me over the cliff and the ZMA keeps my head under water. My "natural" sleep has me waking up every 3 hours. At work Melatonin/ZMA works great, at home weed does wonders, hope it helps, no sleep sucks a bag of dicks,

  12. Have you tried any sleep aid products? I’ve been a lifelong insomniac and huge supps hibernate fixed it. Not sponsored or anything like that. Just a genuinely good product.

  13. Same thing happened to me this morning. Up at 4:30, tried to fall back asleep, couldn't, rested in bed, went on my phone, did that back and forth, pretty sure I didnt actually fall back asleep at all. And here we are now at just past 8 and I've just decided to officially get up outta bed.

  14. Either work great. I personally use an older pair of Doc Marten Cairo high tops before the foot cushions were added. They’re like a mix of both, completely flat, and have lasted me several years.

  15. I’ve always been a post hardcore/ metalcore addict but my taste has been getting harder lately. Really into demolisher by slaughter to prevail. Awesome song. Got into it cause I saw a video of the vocalist screaming the title with no mic at a concert, shit was metal as fuck. Songs really hard

  16. Absolutely one of my favorite albums from last year. Been following the vocalist om YouTube since college. He's one of the best at the moment.

  17. Not at all, physical attraction may be more relevant at the beginning but usually if you really like someone it's due to getting to know them, liking how they are and how they make you feel when you're with them.

  18. How can I bloodlet? I take Accutane (Isotretinoin) & Finasteride. NOT doing it myself. I'd pass out. Options? Thanks babe 😚💕💕

  19. SBS program bundle -> novice programs -> novice hypertrophy -> change any barbell movements to dB/machine -> enjoy gains

  20. I don't know why gyms haven't returned to normal hours. Gyms have been open for over a year here, with masks required for most of that. But at LA Fitness, the gym closes at 10 instead of 11 M-Th, 9 instead of 10 Fri, and 5 instead of 8 on Saturday. I don't get it.

  21. My gym used to be 24 hours, now they close at 10 on weekdays and 7 on weekends due to “changes needs and habits of our customers brought on by covid”. Such a shame as the 24 hour option was a unique selling point here and bailed my ass out when I used to work retail until late evening

  22. They charge you the same, while reducing their expenses. Indirect inflation I guess, getting a worse service for the same money.

  23. Regular days are 7-22.30 and weekends 9-16 here. Sucks on the weekends. There used to be a few 24/7 gyms but government doesn't allow it with tge pandemic. Suuucks!

  24. Hit me with your sauce/moisture/flavor tips. I mainly do ground turkey, and I was thinking of making a taco seasoning mix to flavor it better when cooking it, looking for more ideas

  25. Turkey is my absolute favorite. To me, it taste so much better than chicken and equally as healthy. My wife makes Turkey Meatballs all the time. Mix the ground Turkey with some light breadcrumbs, garlic, seasoning of your choice but the key is tomato paste. This ensures the Turkey doesn’t dry out. Put on a baking sheet and cook to your liking. We make about 3 dozen and it is the perfect meal especially on the go. Easy to measure, prepare and tastes amazing with a Tomato Basil Marinara!!

  26. Low-dose 20mg/10mg Accutane is usually quite tolerable compared to higher doses for a long term. It works by reducing sebum secretion, which testosterone stimulates. So it makes sense.

  27. Besides the advices already given, you could try more frequent injections, even daily. But if it's terrible you probably need to go the aggressive route.

  28. I have nothing new to suggest that others haven't, but clean your benches and machines before using em, dirty benches will fuck your skin up

  29. Accutane was the only thing that really worked for me. Topical stuff, no. Estrogen high and low didn't make any noticeable difference. My experience with Accutane was exceedingly positive, really. I wish I had gotten on it sooner. It is very toxic, but enhanced bodybuilders already put our bodies through so much shit. Accutane is really the lesser of many evils imo.

  30. I want to track my protein correctly, but idk if I need to track my chicken breast (Great Value 93/7 with rib meat) cooked or uncooked.

  31. Just google “chicken breast, grilled nutrition” or whatever. Use that. As long as you consistently use the same numbers over time they won’t actually matter as you’ll just adjust the amount up and down based on your needs.

  32. Doesn't matter as long as you are consistent. I.E. always measure cooked or uncooked for tracking purposes overtime. I personally do raw since that's the true weight/nutrition per the label.

  33. I keep reading that beginners should not train traps because (1) they already get enough traps stimulation from other exercises and (2) you don't want traps that overpower your shoulders. Both these reasons seem ridiculous to me though. You could also use reason 1 to not train arms by saying the biceps and triceps are trained anyway by most pulling and pushing movements respectively; but no, we want huge arms so we also isolate them. Why not do the same for traps? Surely a beginner should just focus on getting as huge as possible and worry about proper proportions further down the line.

  34. I think the principal behind this is that you want to minimise the amount of overall time in the gym and use your energy on appropriate exercises while minimising strain on your CNS. Like, you could technically exercise all the muscles you use in a deadlift by breaking them down, but:

  35. Because the energy you're spending wasted on trap volume could be used elsewhere. Fatiguing your traps is going to affect your other pulls.

  36. My local grocery store doesn't have the new poptart flavors and the prices to buy them off Amazon are ridiculous. As a poptart enthusiast, this saddens me greatly.

  37. It's amazing how different locations of the same grocery chain can have wildly different selections. Sucks when the closest ones have the least options.

  38. Took the hubby out for a date night. We agreed to take turns planning one each month. Tonight i picked a cute little bar with great food. We both ended up getting a burger with peach chutney, chipotle onions and goat cheese with sweet potato fries. So good! Valentine’s Day is on the hubby to plan and March is my mom/husband/daughters birthdays so I already reserved a spot at a farm-to-table place. After that it’s back to no cheating for prep.

  39. So I’m awful at portioning out ground meat by eye.. my middle two meals today were tiny and I opened my final meal and I’m like holy shit that’s two meals of meat… needless to say I was hungry all day

  40. Looks like the magic bullet I bought at Goodwill 5 years ago is slowly starting to die. What's a good replacement? Money isn't really an issue but I'm not looking to spend $400 to make smoothies

  41. I bought a cheap small blender in the kitchen section at Walgreens and it does the job. It's lasted me at least 5 years, although I don't use it daily.

  42. This is a common confidence thing. Lots of people feel more capable of doing full ROM pull-ups if they have additional room to swing. If you worry about hitting your body on the door frame all the time then you’re going to be hyper-aware of your body in relation to its surroundings. Imagine squatting in a hallway. Or deadlifting off a stack of yellow pages.

  43. Well, if she's not using a full range of motion on the doorframe bar (i.e. she's not lifting her legs off the ground and fully extending her arms before each rep), then yes it would make sense for the doorframe bar to be easier.

  44. If you have to jump to grab it your grip may slip or you may not grab on exactly like you would. Bar size and smoothness/grip and whether it can spin or not are also factors.

  45. This reminds me of when I took two niacin instead of NAC before bed and woke up with crazy itching and quarter size red spots all over. I thought I was going to die from some mysterious allergic reaction until I figured out my mistake.

  46. Anyone here who has tried to raise their test levels naturally through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes AND tracked your progress with hormone panels? What type of results did you have?

  47. Unless you’re at a significant deficit for your age range and there’s a clear pathophysiological cause that you can correlate with testosterone levels once ceased, there aren’t huge differences in reported standards of wellbeing between low and average natural levels of testosterone. If you’re pretty sedentary and eat like crap/low fat, high sugar and don’t get any sunlight and you fix that all up your test may increase a bit. Like say going from 400 to 6-700. You may feel a bit better but nothing life changing unfortunately and any significant shift would probably be from associated factors. You need to jump up quite a fair bit to notice a big change. Same applies with body composition. Testosterone does impact fat distribution and metabolic factors but not to the extent that some people think.

  48. Is GreySkull LP Phrak’s variation a good program to actually bulk up on and put on some noticeable muscle mass? I ask this because many claim it to be a strength focused program. However, even so, to get stronger, you have to get bigger, visually, right?

  49. Yes, Alcohol is a diuretic. Yes if you drink more it will decrease water retention. You'll also get fatter. Drink more water and let your kidneys do the work as other people say.

  50. Everyone on here needs to stop trying to hack and undo their binges. It's unhealthy physically and mentally. Go back on your normal diet. Drink a normal amount of fluids. Trust your kidneys. Equalizing electrolytes and water is their thing.

  51. Well, alcohol technically dehydrates, but if you did a stupid cheat day throwing in more calories (and with alcohol) is not the smartest idea, plus your kidneys may already be working too much with whatever you ate.

  52. I think Brandon is strongly favored to win, but there are a lot of really good competitors for the next few spots. Bonac, Kuclo, Cedric, Brett, and even Akim and Regan look like they’re going to bring it.

  53. I’ve got Brett. pushed hunter hard last year, and he’s improved a ton. Definitely a future Olympia contender, but atm I think Brandon is still better.

  54. Just guessing, but maybe having weight pulling from your waist makes your center of gravity lower and less stabilization is required because of that.

  55. Sad to hear about Arnold in the car crash, reportedly he and everyone else involved only are suffering from minor injuries though.

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