Blursed Hug

  1. Plot twist: it works the same way rapidashes flames do, if they like you, you can touch them and not get burnt and they also control how much heat their flames/lava give off. Y’all really bent on this when there are space alien Pokémon and ones that can destroy the whole world

  2. If even 10% of those pokedex entries are accurate, would it really be so usrprising for humans to be made of some impssibly durable substance?

  3. Or how about all the times Ash has been electrocuted be Pikachu, and yet has never had cardiac arrest.🤔

  4. IIRC if a pokemon has a full bond with their trainer they don't get hurt like others would, as in how trainers can ride ponyta and rapidash. I believe they also allowed breathing underwater if you're holding a water type.

  5. Funny thing about fiction, especially cartoons, it doesn't always go by non-fiction (real life) logic; except when it helps tell the story. Sometimes fiction doesn't follow it's own logic, like in this scenario.

  6. I thought on the Pokédex it said that thing is hotter than the surface temperature of the sun and would realistically disintegrate anyone in a 2 mile radius

  7. This Pokémon is a Magcargo, and their body temperature can reach up to 10 000 C° or 18 000 F°

  8. Wait that's fire? I couldn't understand what was blursed about this until I read a comment of someone saying she's fireproof.

  9. Remember that gardevoir can generate a "MOTHER FUXKING BLACK HOLE" to protect her master. I don't Know for you but a creature that can bend space and time as easely as dying gigantic stars is even scarier

  10. If even a third of "this pokemon could end the world in an instant" pokedex entries were real, the pokeworld would have stopped existing millenia ago

  11. I think of magcargo more like putty than LITERAL FUCKING MAGMA, but that’s just me :) (Yes I know it IS magma)

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