There’s a Bloodborne reference in GOW Ragnarok and you better believe I’m fanboying hard

  1. From Software is probably the real problem. Sony would love to have a sequel but From doesn't seem interested. Noone else would do a sequel justice so we're stuck.

  2. The one you're thinking is destiny is actually Journey from a while back. These kvasir poems are all references to ps exclusive games.

  3. oh yeah i see journey on the bottom right and then The Order on the middle right and clank on the top! is that a baseball? the show?? lol

  4. I tried to play the order but I've never played a game before or since where the camera movement makes me sick. The character cam bouncing several meters every step your character takes was unplayable.

  5. I thought it was the poem again,but this is pretty neat. So since Sony seems to thinking of Bloodborne, they should give us a performance patch to finally stabilize it's framerate, right?

  6. I'm kinda thinking they either couldn't do an upgrade because of techinical issues, or they don't want to because they are planning on remaking it like they did with demon souls. Either way we aren't getting a simple cheap upgrade, expect somekind of remake in the next couple of years (my hunch is late 2024 or early 2025)

  7. Looks like most, if not all of those books are references to different games. That’s actually super fuckin cool

  8. Sony isn’t just gonna do a free patch, your more likely to see Bluepoint do a full remake w the dlc combine for 70$ & prob see a bloodborne 2 at a later date after that. Herman hulst said Bluepoint is working on “original content” when they where acquired & also hinted that the fromsoft investment can be for both game development & other media

  9. Hey wait a minute are these Kvasirs poems? If so they are all game references, it's easy to notice with the Ratchet and Clank one

  10. I see Horizon, Rachel and clank, tlou, bloodborne, the order 1886, death stranding, astrobot, journey. Don’t know what the other 4 are

  11. Where’s the bookshelf, OP? My friends and I have been having fun finding these and trying to guess the game, but I didn’t know they all get displayed somewhere

  12. THAT IS SO FUCKING COOL, great to Santa Monica paying homage to my favourite game! Can't wait to play Ragnarok once my PS5 comes

  13. So I think their different based on which games you’ve played! I don’t have the ratchet and Clanck one but have a lot of the others! That’s such a cool thing

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