Would you like an open world Bloodborne sequel like Elden Ring? I think Bloodborne gives the feeling of sickly streets (and the whole atmosphere) really well as it is, but imagine if you can explore anywhere in this photo. We would've see the true potential of this awesome universe.

  1. Plus Elden Ring’s open world is overwhelming and has led to burn out twice already for me. Been 2 months since I’ve played it and probably won’t pick it up again for another month

  2. Bloodborne has a wonderful sense of claustrophobia, and its smaller world helps convey that feeling.

  3. So, you think there should be a sequel but not open world. I understand that, it's hard to think an open world game in Bloodborne's theme but there is a lot of creative mind in FromSoft. I think they can do it if they want to.

  4. I feel if it were to be along the same style and open world atmosphere as Elden Ring it would lose a lot of what makes Bloodborne what it is and provide so much space that it would hurt more than help, if that makes any sense.

  5. You’re onto it here … FromSoft could definitely make an open world that has cramped and claustrophobic parts. Scattered around a world a bit like the Witcher 3 in terms of atmosphere.

  6. I think you could make it work, but you would have to flesh out Yarnham much more. Even just adding in jumping would substantially increase the ability to explore. It would open up scores of shortcuts and escape (or ambush) paths.

  7. No. Definitely not. I absolutely love ER but i don‘t think the open world would work for BB. To me, part of what makes BB so effective is the close quarters, tight design of the levels. In fact, even with other games i hope that they go back to the more linear design. Again, i love ER to death but i do prefer the linear design overall

  8. Me too I love elden ring but I don’t like the open world part of it. It’s super boring for me I like being on a track where interesting things are happening all the time not running around for 10 minutes looking for something to do then wandering into too high level of an area and getting killed then wandering for another 10 minutes looking for something to do

  9. Going into Bloodborne after Elden Ring felt so refreshing to me, just because there weren't any big ass open fields. Just you, levels, enemies and bosses. Kill the boss and proceed. I was so comfortable, open worlds can sometimes be tiresome. So, i understand your perspective. But Bloodborne open world doesn't have to follow Elden Ring's steps. I know i said "like Elden Ring" but if you think it would be better with another open world approach like a big city with connected areas, you're free to tell it, the closest thing we see was Elden Ring that's why I said "like Elden Ring"

  10. Elden ring to me just played like a dark souls game with large amounts of filler you had to run through... Like all the best content was in the legacy dungeons, stormveil, the academy, Leyndell. Elden ring is the only soulsborn game i haven't got round to finishing because of this honestly.

  11. I actually think it could work, but it'd be a lot more like wandering through a massive maze with several hidden secrets and dead ends, rather than a large open world like Elden Ring.

  12. Normally i dont talk on discussions cause i dont like to discuss, but i have to say i agree with this, bloodborne has to be linear or you cant make the same feeling of pressure you get when your walking down a yharnam street. With it being linear they were able to add jumpscares that could be replicated in a more open environment but it wouldnt have the same scare, it wouldn't have the same pressure as something like a wherewolf jumping through a door right in front of you.

  13. Elden Ring still has all that though. Ever heard of legacy dungeons? Dungeons in general? I'd also be curious to see what they could come up with for the areas between the legacy content and dungeons. I think a dense spooky forest like the one in OG bloodborne scaled up huge and populated with who knows what would still be scary. Hell I love the forest in bloodborne and it's one of the least claustrophobic areas in the game. It's more just confusing and scary

  14. Bloodborne has some of the best, tightest level design of any game I’ve played, to squander that for a sense of openness seems like a waste

  15. i think it could be neat for an open world bloodborne sequel to just be all/mostly in one sprawling city. so it keeps the streets feel but has lots more options in paths. like yharnam but even more open and big. multiple paths to and from every location, kinda thing.

  16. I really liked Elden Ring but I'm don't want all Fromsoft games to be open world form here on. There's a lot to be said for a more tailored, tightly-designed game experience just like there's a lot to be said for sprawling, huge world's to explore

  17. No that wouldn't work, a city like yarnham was perfect. It started amazing as a terrifying lycanthropy story and culminated in a lovcraftian horror. How would that ever translate as well to an open world. Also bb is a spin off so it's unlikely to ever get a sequel.

  18. If Yharnam WAS the open world, like it was made into a huge urban map that you could explore inside buildings and rooftops and whatnot, that'd be cool. I totally agree with you on the narrative, it'd be so hard to recreate that feeling. A sequel would have to be light on story and deep on combat mechanics

  19. Those first few hours of bloodborne were just chefs kiss, finding my way through those Victorian streets fighting off beasts

  20. No. My open world fatigue is one of many reasons why i stopped playing Elden Ring and if they made a Bloodborne sequel open world i would be sad that i wouldnt be able to get into it

  21. I'm a little worried that Elden Ring has opened a door that won't allow them to make another traditional soulsborne game.

  22. This^ I absolutely love.. LOVE the souls franchise and souls like games but I hate open worlds for this exact reason. Elden Ring has been difficult for me to really get excited about so far as a result. Still playing it but it's slow going and not my primary game right now.

  23. Nah. Part of why it’s been hard for me to finish Elden Ring is because of the open world. I’m bored of it quickly, and think FromSoft games are a better experience being more linear.

  24. I think open world bb could do a bit better than elden ring. I love it and I’m still working through it(stuck on Rykard rn) but a unified theme almost always hits home. Imagine a whole city similar to ghost wire Tokyo if you’ve played it (smaller map maybe a quarter of elden ring but very intricate and detailed with buildings that work) where the streets have common enemies, rooftops house stronger beings and sewers, clock towers, forests, powerful government facilities house the leaders of the monsters. Imagine being able to step into an ethereal tea house to escape the horror outside, and sip a cup of tea to replenish your health, saving you a few vials. Imagine being able to see the hunt take place instead of being constrained to one street in an entire city. Imagine stumbling upon the elder werewolf perched high inside a mysteriously hollowed out tree. Imagine you enter a school and it sends you to the og school of mensis or whatever from the first game, with new enemies(boss would be a powerful large version of those slime scholars). Imagine being able to recruit an npc to slash monsters in the street with you, where after a complete slaughter a powerful monster could come take those particular enemies’ place. So many ideas and possibilities. Too bad from software said big robot go boom boom for the next game :/

  25. Holy shit you've come up with so much great ideas! Even reading it made me so excited. I think this kind of open world would fit so well to Bloodborne.

  26. The thing is that it's basically open world except for the closed doors that need to be unlocked just like DS1. Other than that you can go basically anywhere. I'd like it bigger and with more optional areas, yes, but I like the Yharnam city. I don't think we need another Forbidden Woods.

  27. Yeah you're right most people doesn't understand this but Bloodborne is not a linear game. (or any of the Dark Souls games except maybe Dark Souls 3) It's world is a combination of bunch of maps put together but not too open to be called open world if that's makes any sense. So i would like to more connected approach like DS1. But at the same time feels like an open world experience.

  28. Would be great if the majority of the map is just a tightly packed gothic city (similar to the Kowloon Walled city) and maybe a forrest part, horizontally it is small but with multiple layers of underground cities. Not open world horizontally, but vertically.

  29. Bb> Er. The open world is great in Elden ring but it stretched the resources to thin. I love every boss and every area in BB. I just want more of the same. The winning formula they had before works so they need to work it

  30. I personally prefer the style of bloodborne where it's kind of linear and kind of open. For instance I love it when you see cainhurst castle or the shadows of yarnham or other boss arenas in the background then you end up going there and it ties together

  31. I'm going to have a very unpopular opinion on this sub but I actually think that after seeing Leyndell in ER, with its incredible verticality and incredibly dense level design, would translate beautifully to a fully-realized victorian city like Yharnam. Give me all the dark alley ways, sewers, and catacombs beneath an ancient and plagued city. I think Fromsoftware are absolutely capable of creating claustrophobic environments worthy of Bloodborne's sequel in an open-world format, and I'm kind of surprised people aren't more on board with this idea given that a significant part of Elden Ring's levels were inspired by Lovecraftian themes.

  32. Unpopular opinion here but I never found the claustrophobia to be a big selling point. I was more into the awesome variety of trick weapons and interesting hunter tools. I think open-world Bloodborne could be pretty cool.

  33. I definitely agree, the most fun i had in the game is trying other weapons with the game's awesome mechanics. I always take the Saw Spear and stick with it until i find a weapon it's comfortable to use for me. The atmosphere is not the most important thing for me.

  34. It would need a REALLY different approach to the theme. Here the hunter is dedicated to keeping yharnam off of beasts, just streets of one city. With an open world? I think his role would have to be more of a witcher. Bloodborne needs to make you wonder whats behind the corner, exprore tombs, study halls, discover mistery. Sieging castles worked for ER but bloodborne is perfect as is. IF we get a sequel ( and i think we got enough, honestly), imo it better keep its structure.

  35. Don’t even want a Bloodborne 2. The story is told well through its initial launch and The Old Hunters. Some things should be left as they are, and Bloodborne was so masterfully done that I’m very satisfied with its current installment being the only mark on the series.

  36. No, Bloodborne is perfect as it is, open world is too frequent nowadays. Sometimes you just need that structured playthrough.

  37. I personally would not be interested in a truly open-world bloodborne (I am not an open-world game player in the slightest, and didn't enjoy that about Elden RIng), I think most people hit the nail on the head regarding the tight, winding streets and the claustrophobic feeling of exploring them, is what truly makes Bloodborne. I think Central Yharnum's design is pure genius when it comes to unlocking shortcuts to explore a town that has been desecrated by a disease. Pathways blocked off by the corpses of the people who have succumb to the bloodlust and beasthood.

  38. yes all the way. So much potential for horror if it gets open world sequel. imagine elden ring Forrest at night just darker, filled with bloodborne like creatures. I don't see why keep it linear when you can have huge towns filled with enclosed tight areas to make you feel claustrophobic in open world game too. You can have multiple areas like that with forrests, areas like fishing hamlet, cabins, caves in between. You can even fit dungeons into open world perfectly.

  39. Absolutely fucking not, wouldnt work at all. The entire intimacy of the world would be lost. Multiple inteicately designed and interconnecting cities but an open world Bb would be fucking dumb.

  40. Honestly No. bloodborne is made with claustrophobia in mind, the narrow streets of Yharnam, the forbidden forest, hunters nightmare and many more. It would take that aspect away and with it alot off horror what made Bloodborne.

  41. Let's just keep it as segmented areas you could travel to. Imagine running all the way over there.... No thanks. Also what would you ride? A horse? Wouldn't fit the theme. People are saying the pig, which is funny but only for fun.

  42. I think not everything has to become open world because sadly open world often goes hand in hand with a stupid amount of side stuff to do to fill all the empty holes.

  43. call me crazy but I don't even wanna see a sequel. kinda sick of every story these days needing to have a sequel or spin off.

  44. I actually am playing through bloodborne again because I found the open world feel combined with like 190 hours of my first play through exhausting.

  45. I prefer the linearity in DS+BB over Elden Ring. Every area feels so detailed, unique, and purposeful. I like Elden Ring's world, but the isolated areas with high detail and scrutinized level design are where FromSoft shines.

  46. The thing about from soft that I've noticed is they always improve what they consider are weaknesses and they also improve their strengths. Each new from soft game they learn from and make better the next time. But at the same time they never lose their original vision. So if they ever came out with a bloodborne sequel, I know anything they implement wouldnt comprise the original vision of the game. And that excites me.

  47. Nope. One of the reasons I don't particularly like Elden Ring is because of its open world. The game is simultaneously too easy and too hard because of it, you beeline the main story and get curbstomped, you do all the side content and you kill every boss on your first try.

  48. No. I'm not mad on Elden Ring because of it's open world. Don't get me wrong, I understand why people enjoy it but I prefer the claustrophobic feeling to Bloodborne. I think it amplifies it's setting

  49. I’ve said this about Resident Evil as well, no. You lose so much of what makes a game by forcing it into an open world formula, especially games that sets its roots in horror like RE og BB. Hell, I would even argue that MGS lost what made it MGS by doing an open world for MGS5. So much of the charm and the little details just get swallowed in the generic open world formula. Tl;dr no I dont think bb would fit in an open world design.

  50. Tbf, MGS lost a lot more than charm and little details on MGS5. It's one of the best stealth games ever made but for a MGS game, story lacks the depth. The game being open world is one of my least problems with the game. And i don't think From would release a game unfinished as MGS5 so they can do whatever in their mind and i think they can catch the spirit of the original game. But i really get your point.

  51. I prefer the linear exploration and discovery in Bloodborne and Dark Souls vs the massive Elden Ring open world. I hope they go back to the legacy dungeon approach, frankly. Elden Ring is great but overwhelmingly big.

  52. Nah kind of dislike open world's these days. Like I enjoyed Elden Ring the first time I played it, but every time I try to replay it I get bored incredibly fast just traveling.

  53. No i wouldn’t. Part of what makes Bloodborne’s world really special to me is how crowded, enclosed and claustrophobic it feels. Towering buildings that trap you im with narrow, winding streets and avenues that make your head spin add greatly to convey the supernatural and incomprehensible themes that lie in Bloodborne’s story.

  54. Maybe, if done well. I'm open to whatever as long as it's interesting and well made. Idk if open world bloodborne could work. But I'd love it if it did.

  55. I'd fucking love that. Elden Ring is the perfect template for an open world game right now. I've wondered about an open world Souls game and this is it. Since playing Elden Ring, I've been wondering whether an open world Bloodborne style of game would be in our future.

  56. I would like Bloodborne 2 to have a jump button. I really loved Leyendell in Elden Ring because the ability to jump just gave that level infinite exploration value. I feel like the tightly packed streets of Bloodborne could do with some of that ad well

  57. The open world content of ER feels like the Chalice Dungeons of Bloodborne got copied and pastes across the map as optional areas that are just as dull as CDs.

  58. I think even Elden Ring would have been a better game without the open world. The World and Boss design in Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 was way better. That's why I think a Bloodborne sequel shouldn't have a open world!

  59. As much as I LOVE Elden Ring, it’s level design is amazing, if you open it up it will lose what makes it special.

  60. Nope. I honestly don’t care very much for the open world in Elden Ring, because how how cumbersome it is on repeats playthroughs past your first few. Bloodborne is also not at all built around the concept of an open world. I’m sure Fromsoft could create an open world game in the Bloodborne universe and it would be great, but it would almost certainly suffer from the same issues Elden Ring (and most other open world games for me) does.

  61. No, Bloodborne is not a world that needs, or even should, be translated to open world. It would lose so much of its atmosphere and horror in doing that.

  62. Nah. Elden ring is great but the massive open world killed co op, pvp, and ng+ runs. The map is just too big. We ended up with players progressing in different areas at different levels. Not to mention the tons of areas players simply miss. Elden ring is a great one and done game and it kinda shows with the concurrent players dropping so much on steam.

  63. I think it could work if they made it just a bigger version of Yharnam. But I don't think a world like the lands between would feel right.

  64. I wouldn't mind another Bloodborne. But if I'm honest I don't want another game like Elden Ring. They focused so much on the world that they just kinda neglected bosses and enemies. The dungeons were lackluster and felt identical. The bosses past early game mostly felt samey. Late game areas became a chore to kill anything.

  65. I honesly felt like ive seen everything the game has to offer after killing radahn, i didnt really want to explore another huge open area with little to no variety

  66. Open city maybe, with several huge explorable locations that link together in surprising ways. But open world might be too much. I liked the idea of only getting to certain locations via some fast travel mechanic - like needing the invitation to get to Cainhurst Castle by ghost carriage. I think just riding there on your own mount would be anticlimactic.

  67. Even elden ring didnt work for me as an open world game, i loved the legacy dungeons but the rest just felt pointless after a few hours

  68. I wish it was as open as Elden Ring. With more lamps, side quests and a map. Also quick traveling without going to hunter’s dream first. Overall I still prefer bloodborne

  69. Yeah I agree I love Elden Ring but i still prefer Bloodborne. It's one of my favorite game if not the best. Also, if we see a remastered version of the game, that lamp teleportation definitely gonna be more comfortable.

  70. I would absolutely love to see that. Side note, bro you’re literally caked in blood every square inch what the hell did you just do?

  71. If it was a huge city with different districts it might be a cool idea. However, an Elden Ring like open world wouldn't fit the atmosphere, I think.

  72. There is clearly room for open world souls games. That being said - I think some series in the genre benefit more from having a tighter, more focused world, and bloodborne is one of them.

  73. Idk I didn’t like the open world style of elden ring to be honest I like the more straightforward style of bloodborne. It’s less confusing. I never had to look up tutorials or anything for bloodborne but in elden ring it was like constant never had a clue where to go

  74. That's the point of open worlds though. They aren't linear to promote exploration, which is why the guidance of grace gives such a vague direction for you to go in.

  75. I would probably love the hell out of it, provided it has the ER structure of open world + legacy dungeons. I play ER like BB and DS3 anyway.

  76. People who say no would be cumming in their jimmies if an open world sequel was announced. I'd be happy with either option

  77. I think a larger structure with more options would be good, but the setting of Bloodborne—Yharnam and its environs—is the result of Bloodborne’s Gothic and supernatural inspirations. A world like Elden Ring’s also follows its own inspirations. I don’t think you could construct a world for Bloodborne in the same way you could Elden Ring, and I’m not sure I’d want one if they did.

  78. Yea' i did that while eating burger. Cainhurst's burgers has a little too much ketchup. And it tastes kinda weird i hope it's not something else.

  79. They’d need to create an entire city-sized city for it to not ruin the atmosphere, but that would obviously be fab

  80. There is no greater lovecraftian horror game in existence. And its still not available on pc without PSNow >.> it would be nice if we could even get those dlc's on pc.... but yes it would be nice 🥺

  81. i dont want a sequel i was a remaster with cut content fleshed out and added and a better more accurate english translation but free roam could be fun but i think the map layout is like. part of the vibe

  82. Here's a quick opinion that nobody asked for - in Elden Ring, there are the following classical FromSoft levels, many of them encompassing what would be 3-4 levels in a game like BB: Stormveil, Morne Castle, Raya Lucaria, Redmane Castle, The Shaded Castle, Volcano Manor, Leyndell (and Ashen Capital), Castle Sol, Haligtree/Elphael, and Farum Azula.

  83. I'm reading all the comments just to see everyone's opinion and there is definitely really interesting ones. So there is someone who asks for. :D

  84. Part of what I love about the game is that for me it feels like a metroidvania in 3d, I'm all for open worlds, but I think part of the charm is the narrow possibilities and having to find pathways and sh*t.

  85. I'm gonna be honest, I would be open to a Bloodborne sequel whether or not it is legacy level layout or open world layout. The open world aspect would allow for more side stories and unique areas and cool exploration. However, a Bloodborne sequel that uses legacy levels and deliberate effort to spread the story around separate areas would feel tighter.

  86. I think more Metroidy for blood borne. I would love to be able to explore every thing in this image, but blood bornes element is a city. A more Metroid vibe would work better imo.

  87. An Open World aspect to Bloodborne would take away from the feeling of misery and the closing in nightmare that you're supposed to feel

  88. Open world no. Hell no. Just bigger. More Legacy areas with more outskirts, some slightly more open areas thrown in, in between them. More overlap and verticality, so you find yourself criss-crossing back into the city, alongside a familiar path, opening up a new path and finding yourself four stories up over a previous area, winding your way back down into and through it cross-ways. But not as labyrinthine as Dark Souls… perhaps closer to what Dark Souls 2 tried to do, but more refined, and interconnected.

  89. Played all soulborne games prior to ER, except dark souls 2. Never like introducing open world into soulborne games from the beginning. I don’t like it but am used to it because I’ve spent 200 hours playing ER but not yet even completed the NG…

  90. I want a giant city like central yharnam, i loved central yarhnam and old yharnam(except getting shot all the time) cause of how it looked an felt, every time i finish that part and have to go to the forbidden forest im disappointed cause I can’t be in the city for a while

  91. honestly, if it came, then cool. but I don't feel the need for it. bloodborne is so complete and satisfying, it doesn't leave me hungry.

  92. Imo, yes, but actually no. BB did kinda have some of that (Rom fight), and I feel it would def be cool to have wide landscapes.

  93. Bloodborne is a nightmare realm. It may all only exist as a memory within the mind of alien beings. The layout if the game is absolutely essential to its vibe, and they’ve already nailed it. I hope FromSoftware doesn’t feel boxed into only making open world games from now on.

  94. Personally, i think i'd like that but imo it doesn't even have to be a sequel and could work as something new. A spiritual succesor like what Elden Ring is to Souls.

  95. I love the idea but I would rather keep the claustrophobic side of the original, I think its part of the whole experience.

  96. I love Elden Ring and how it manages an open world in a masterful way, but I prefer the more classic map progression of the other FS games.

  97. Nah, part of the allure of Bloodborne for me is those maze-like areas where you feel the map overlapping with itself. Something I found lacking in ER. Not as many of those “ohhhh I’ve been here before!” moments.

  98. I was, 30-40 hs in Elden Ring and I thought "Oh man, an open world Bloodborne would be great" Funny how, by the 60th hour and on, I didn't want it anymore. Bloodborne is suffocating, intoxicating, the atmosphere is everything, and going open world...well, I think that they won't be able to recreate those feelings that well. And knowing how much the late legacy dungeons hurt my experience...yeah, I'm gonna say no, stay linear please

  99. I think open world loses a bit of the charm and challenge the older games had, though elden ring will not be the last open world game as the head dev said it’s the closest to his dream game yet

  100. No. The "open world" in ER made an awesome first impression in the first couple of areas but it became a slog to get through after that, especially since at that point you really start noticing all the repeating content and repeated environments. And it actually negatively impacts the game design since none of the dungeons in ER can organically interconnect with each other since they are physically separated by huge swathes of land.

  101. Half the game should be constricted to the tight and narrow design everyone loves Bloodborne for and the other half should be this open world design as I believe FromSoft would do a pretty fucking good job at making the lovecraftian horror work at a grander scale

  102. Everyone saying that Bloodborne is tight and positively claustrophobic are forgetting that Yharnam, the Cathedral Ward and Old Yharnam are basically straight lines

  103. Personally no. I don't like the trend of "every game has to be open world". FromSoft found that perfect balance of a game being linear without also feeling constricting.

  104. Not true open world, but I could see a small open segment between different towns. Like, give it a Limgrave sized area with a bunch of large, sprawling "legacy" type dungeons in it, but I wouldn't go bigger than that.

  105. A linear map is just as viable a gameplay environment, and I'm so bored with everyone latching onto "make everything open world" as of that is the only way to constitue exploration/adventuring.

  106. I really prefer lonear gameplay for some reason. Elden ring got me really bored and now on my ng+ i just dont want to advance, have no motivation bc the dungeons have no magic anymore and the mini bosses are trash too on my perspective. Even the main bosses feel really mehh now, idk. Open world gane is good at first play but then is pointless.

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