AI Seamless Texture Generator Built-In to Blender

  1. That's awesome. It's getting weird seeing the level of tech that's becoming normal lately. I can't even imagine what people will be doing with AI in a decade.

  2. someone made an AI that tries to find an open camera that watched you take a picture so you can see the video of them taking that picture.

  3. Would be nice to have a simple upscaler built into this. I know the quality wouldn't be great since most people won't have the power to compute that on a larger scale but I think it would work well enough to get at least HD textures

  4. Can we get a list of dependencies, so we can install them via package manager on Linux instead of running Blender as root?

  5. A next level feature to add would be to have edge matching so you can give it a tile and have the next prompt match edges for tilemaking.

  6. I know the blender subreddit should be PG, so I will censor myself here. Seeing these innovations makes me want to suck your **** until you *** on the **** and yell “*** the ***** up my ****”

  7. Wow, can’t wait to try installing this again! When i tried the first couple times it couldn’t build the wheel (?). I tried installing rust into blender, but i think it actually went to the system python.

  8. I already have Stable Diffusion installed, and I don't really have room to keep multiple copies of the model around, but I would really love to be able to integrate it with Blender. Is there a way to point the add-on to my pre-existing files?

  9. Wow man this is so awesome. I am a Game arts student and i will have to do my bachelors degree next year. I was already thinking of making my bachelor thesis about how AI generated imagery could impact the video game industry. Could i message you with some questions if the occasion arrives? I would be very thankful for your insights.

  10. Dude, nice work on the seamless texture generator, which looks like it could be a game changer for shading and texturing workflow if incorporated into Blender in the future! I am currently using it to generate images of cats.

  11. Really awesome concept for a Blender addon. It would be nice if dependencies needed could be located from the PC as an alternative to re-downloading everything. I've never used this addon before, but I have installed another SD GUI app run from Chrome, however it's not able to generate seamless images which this looks like a fantastic alternative for CG work.

  12. looks very nice. so this is running on my own gpu i guess? how high of a resolution can u get with lets say a rtx 2070 super?

  13. Yes, it all runs locally. Larger images require more VRAM. Testing memory consumption on an M1 Max, generating 1024x1024 seamless textures used 20-25GB. Note that this is in full precision mode, so half precision should use less.

  14. The certain time-period in which artists aren't completely replaced by AI, but work in tandem with it, is gonna be great for us, this is amazing work!

  15. the thing with ai is that it only makes stuff from styles that already exist. its the best at copying styles, not su much at creating novel ones. we still have the creative upper hand... for now at least.

  16. So, I actually believe in the possibility of this tech as a tool, and think addons like this are worthwhile, and because of that I'm surprised you offered it for free so readily. Do you accept donations for your work to keep it going? How are you funding this? Thanks.

  17. I'm doing something wrong? because I keep getting error addons\dream_textures\ DeprecationWarning: There is no current event loop

  18. That warning does not affect generation at all. It just means I need to update my code for it to work in future Python versions.

  19. This is amazing. I've been using a web UI for SD, but having it integrated into Blender is so good. Looking forward to playing with it.

  20. Check stable diffusions’s license on huggingface. You are free to use images for personal and commercial use with a few exceptions.

  21. what commands is it running to install the dependencies? On Linux this fails, assuminly because of missing privileges. There should either be a prompt for elevating them or just give us what dependencies needs to be installed manually

  22. I am running Blender (3.3) as an admin but ran into a dependency issue when installing. It works all the way until I get "ERROR: No matching distribution found for basicsr>=1.4.2" and then hangs, any suggestion for that? This happens right after torch-1.11.0 downloads. Amazing add-on, I'm excited to use it!

  23. What platform are you on. Windows with CUDA? If so, I would just suggest trying with a fresh install of Blender 3.3.

  24. That’s so cool! Hope blender makes it an official feature one day, AI gets more and more popular nowadays

  25. In the shader editor’s top menu, a new menu called “Dream Textures” will be at the far right. It’s also in the same spot in the Image Editor.

  26. I've been using the addon just fine for a few days now and have been loving it, but I've started getting this error saying: "A graphics card and driver with support for OpenGL 3.3 or higher is required." Does anyone know what went wrong?

  27. I remember the days when one could find endless un-watermarked textures through web search (that you would still have to photoshop and tile yourself, and now everything is locked and protected under payment gateways with dozens of companies like shutterstock. A huge pain to quickly texture unless, like me you save and categorize EVERY good image into a collection on an external drive (exhausting) This is a super cool thing to see and great usage of AI image creation! ✊

  28. I will not support stable diffusion or any of those, since they brag about using concept art to train the AI. Also they don't ask for permission to use any of the images/art.

  29. As someone who feels exactly the same way about AI-generated art, please consider supporting the idea of the Stable Diffusion software, and I strongly encourage that you continue to not support the current unethically-web-scraped training data.

  30. you expect the ai to go through the thousands of images and credit properly? I don't think the artists care that much if he's posting it online...

  31. you are going to revolutionize blender as we know it, i hope this gets implemented as a default addon and is easier to use. Hopefully you get more recognition, i highly recommend promoting this on tiktok! If you want to earn money, feel free to make a gumroad that lets people pay what they want to. (Or make it paid if you want, i wont judge)

  32. I’m going to keep it free, but I’m considering putting it on the BlenderMarket if people to want to donate.

  33. Yo this is some dark magic!! So awesome!! All we need now is an ai model creator and all of a sudden you have skynet making digital art!

  34. I love seeing AI be used like this, super helpful for us 3d artists. I wonder what we could do in just a decade.

  35. They should be somewhere under C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 3.3\… Everything is self contained in Blender’s directories. You cannot change where they install at the moment.

  36. As far as I understand, it essentially tells stable diffusion that the neighbors of the pixels on the edge are the pixels on the opposite edge. Could sort of think of it like it was drawing on a cylinder.

  37. My old gtx 1660 are crying at the thought. But they do have 12gb vram total. Might actually be able to use this lmao

  38. could someone indicate to a guy who only recently started using blender what is the proper procedure to install add-ons like these ? It seems very useful and interesting

  39. Is it on the horizon removing the need to install Git? I'd rather download the dependencies manually and put them in the right directory. I'm not a dev, so I don't need Git cloging my system.

  40. I don't know how these ai work. Does the addon need internet to talk to stable diffusion every time you make a texture? Or is all just math programmed into the addon or something else?

  41. No it’s all run locally. You download the model weights and dependencies when you set it up and then everything it needs is there for it to run. So no internet connection is needed after setup.

  42. I don't know much about texturing but could it do other stuff too like those maps that tell it how much to stick out or reflect light or whatever?

  43. No, it can’t make normal, roughness, bump, etc. maps at the moment. But there are other tools that can generate them from a color map.

  44. This looks really interesting. I hope people see this as a tool instead of seeing it as a “replacement” for artists.

  45. The name of the image is the seed. Also, the history will restore all of the info, but the seed is just not shown in the preview.

  46. I think I'm missing something. When I try to enable it in my Add-ons, it says there's no module called dream-textures-0 in

  47. Hi, Great addon and thanks for the hard work, I have updated to 0.4, and love the new inpainting feature, and the Show Steps option makes it much faster!!

  48. That might be a blender limitation with the seeds, but I’ll try to find a workout. As for iterations, I disabled the option temporarily until I can get it to work stably, the code wasn’t properly setup to handle multiple results. I’ll look into these issues though.

  49. Sorry about that! It’s complicated with a lot of different pieces to install, so it’s difficult to write instructions that cover all possible scenarios. Looks like installation of accelerate may have broken. Have you tried doing a fresh installation of Blender 3.3, and cleared out the folders Blender leaves at C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation and C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation?

  50. Strange, tried installing dependencies but "ERROR: File "" or "setup.cfg" not found. Directory cannot be installed in editable mode: C:\Users\lai_w\AppData Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender 3.3\scriptsladdons\dream-textures-main\stable_diffusion" keeps popping up.

  51. AI images are about to revolutionize game design. Characters, textures, whole levels, eventually I bet we can just generate a game entirely at random.

  52. This is insanely awesome. I don't use textures much because I focus more on mathematical structures, but I can appreciate how incredibly game-changing this is.

  53. I want to use AI to generate actual 3D structures. Let's say I start with a simple strut connecting two bricks (could be a bridge, etc), or a simple building shape. then the AI takes over making exciting new structures...

  54. Nvidia is developing "GET3D". Just google "Nvidia GET3D" and you will see the progress. I don't know if they will release the whole thing as open source but looks likely.

  55. It's asking me to update pip but everything I find on that sounds like python script. What is pip and is there an easier way to update it? I'm on windows.

  56. You don't need to update pip, that's just a recommentation it makes. `pip` is the Package Installer for Python, and its used to get dependencies from PyPI, Git, etc. See if there's some other error, and check GitHub to see if someone else has had the same problem.

  57. I could really use this as I do ArchViz and use seamless textures a lot, HOWEVER, i am getting errors when I try to install the dependencies -- Where do I go for help?

  58. I'll need to look into a good solution for this. I kept the generator object around to have subsequent generations startup faster, but it could certainly have an impact on rendering...

  59. It runs on macs with Apple Silicon. My Mac Studio with M1 Max (32GB) takes about 25 seconds to generate an image with “Show Steps” off and all other options left at defaults.

  60. I saw you were working on adding displacement and material maps to it, you may want to look into this instead of trying to re-train the model.

  61. Fantastic. This happened faster than expected. Just last week someone wished for this integration and her it is. Well done Ser.

  62. Hi guys, I am unable to get this installed in Blender, wondering if anyone knows how I can do the seamless textures with browser based stable diffusion.

  63. AI uses existing images to make things. So unless you wanna go around stealing others' work, don't use AI generated images

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