"The Kraken" - My submission to Clinton Jones' 3D challenge "moving meditations"

  1. Thanks! I agree with the whoosh. I added the audio when putting my behind-the-scenes together and the whoosh made sense in that context as a transition. Doesn't really work on its own, I should have removed it.

  2. There's a prize pool, it's an community event. Most people are just doing it for fun, and some are specifically hunting the win.

  3. Thank you! The background was rendered in multiple layers, each time with at least a beauty pass and a mist pass. The background is then "reconstructed" in post with those layers mixed up with fog cards :)

  4. They are hosted by Clinton Jones, there usually is one large challenge like this once every 6 months. There's a community on discord which you can join if you dont wan't to miss the next challenge:

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