Is this considered good enough topology?

  1. Hi, learning about modeling and head topology, I've been trying to learn good practices around geometry and whatnot; regarding this model, I marked the poles where more than four quads meet each other, what do you think of this amount of poles? are they in good locations for rigging?

  2. Could you possibly reference some tutorials you’ve been looking at? I’m coming off of hard surface modeling and want to study this next.

  3. I may be crazy, heck I'll admit it preemptively just to get it out of the way....but I like to keep the top of the head flat rather than having a point. If you sim hair or have a helmet, hat no one will ever know but it's just hard not too see the head seam...when I play a game on PC that has a bald character and a point at the top of his head it bugs me a little...try putting a checkerboard texture on the head and see if the seam shows up at all. Just my 2c. But seriously, other than that preferential aspect, this topology would be perfect for texturing.

  4. You are close, and correctly pointed out a few 5-star location that could be problematic. The one right in the upper cheek is in a bad location, depending on how the cheeks will be deformed from a smile, this could be a problem, you shd also add more edge flow to support cheek bulge for the center cheek location. The other 5-stars are the ones along what shd be nasolabial fold area, those two 5-star are right along the fold lines or pretty close to it, these shd be quads. Also, speaking of nasolabial fold, your edge flow for it doesn’t look correct, it shd run with the nasolabial fold shape, but currently is fighting it, which will cause a problem to achieve that facial expression when deformed, look over reference for the fold, it will run more pear in edge flow design, than the more circle one you have, most ppl get this wrong or over look it. Overall good job.

  5. "Good enough" is subjective. If you are doing a crazy hyper real 4k zoomed in shot that shows the fine detail work on the face you will need more topology. If you are doing something less demanding than that looks incredible and you have done more than enough. Its really up to you.

  6. The only thing you might want to change is adding at least one clean loop around the mouth over the nose that is touching the mouth loops(yours has a pole). But this can be easily added cause you have one edge of it. But that is really the only i see. I am not even sure if it is a real problem.

  7. yeah, I think you're on the right path, I was having some serious hunches about something not quite right

  8. I was giving you a complement, but it being a bit convoluted combined with no redditor being old enough to know what using old chemistry textbooks was like (one would follow the recipe, and the textbook always showed something perfect and amazing while one almost never got anything like it) meant everyone thought I was hating on this. I wasn’t.

  9. How to do you do that? I’ve been trying to learn this level of modeling aswell but I sure as hell can’t make a head look as good as that, let alone have proper topology

  10. So I have basically no artistic talent, zip, nada, and I got this far in a few hours of the CGCookie “Human” course. It’s far from perfect, but still far better than before I tried that course.

  11. depends what you need it for obviously, but for a game or anything realtime, that's tretty damn good, and it should subdivide nicely for rendering purposes.

  12. Ridiculously good imo. I´m not too experienced with topology, but if I HAD to change something I´d try to find a way to get rid of the intersection on the frown, just to be safe. I think that area is too important, it probably works perfectly as it is, but just in case.

  13. Clearly homeomorphic to a half sphere supposing the nose doesn’t really have holes. I think you mean topography not topology!

  14. "Good enough" demands context. The shittiest topology every could still be considered "good enough" for some situations.

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