Switching Pendulums

  1. What would you say are the top 5 aspects of blender to learn if someone wanted to make these fun little simulations?

  2. This feels uniquely addictive. The switch is fast enough you can never take in all of one texture, and there is enough variation to keep you wanting to go back to the one you just missed, so you aren't ready for the next.

  3. Nope. I had the song sort of playing in my head before the animation. I knew I wanted something with silence in parts of it so it matched the clay render. The music was written after the animation was finished and piano just really seemed to work with it.

  4. Great work, always have time to watch pendulum animations 😅 can I ask how you captured the viewport wireframe preview? I think I had tried this a while ago but settled for a screen recording.

  5. This piece would make for the best tutorial to teach about materials, a bit of modelling and animation and environment design/lighting.

  6. That's not a bad idea. I stitched together all the different scenes in after effects, but maybe it'd be worth exploring doing that in the video editor instead. I am sure it can do the same thing.

  7. Some of the backgrounds looks orthographic while others don't. If this is the case how did you keep the perspective of the pendulums the same for these shots?

  8. i have a ticking clock in my apartment and it was perfectly synced to the video. spent quite a while enjoying the ticks “change” the video. very cool stuff

  9. I could literally watch this all day. If I could have it just playing on a loop continuously and hung up on my wall as a piece of art I would!

  10. I love it. And in my head the noise is like When it’s textured it’s like a rainforest ambience. When it hits the switch it make a thung sound. And it’s just dead air when not textured with the little bit of thung sound still resonating.

  11. This is so fucking cool. I'm gonna try doing something like this, as in just the switching from scene to scene. I'm not tryna copy this phenomenal switching mechanism.

  12. Did you stitch a bunch of clips together? Or is it just one scene that you have to change at intervals? Idk what the jargon is haha

  13. Haha I understand you. It's ten different scenes that are rendered and then stitched together in After Effects, with a little blur between each of them. It took quite a bit of planning to dial in properly.

  14. This looks awesome. Always wanted to learn how to make something like this. Being a beginner in blender has me in the spot of amazing ideas that aren't possible with my skill set. That's why I just look at these

  15. I know I remember seeing it a couple of days ago and saving the post. Incredible to do so well so fast. Amazing piece

  16. I know how you switched it to render in wireframe mode, but could I have the magic knowledge on how you made them switch materials in the rendering?

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