ever noticed that eyes are not round and eyelids adjust to the their form while moving?

  1. Stand in eyes and they where modeled according to cat eyes actually. Used medical documents to get the base Form.

  2. This looks amazing, cornea missing aside (which if this is as flexible as it looks is just a model adjustment), the way it works and moves looks great and just feels like it could be a real eye.

  3. Thanks, yeah it was Mostly a test since I wanna use that in my future models and maybe animate a bit to with all those new fangled videocards of today.

  4. Well there is this eye and a bigger eye around it (but that bigger eye will not be rendered), than I shrink-wrap most of the lid to the bigger eye and the "inside" of the lid, the edge, will shrink-wrap to the actual eye.

  5. Tutorials are quite some work. I whish I know some good tutorial gal. Show them what I did and let them explain it in a proper tutorial.

  6. Great work! This eyeball is missing the outer lens tho. That's what the eyelid is in contact with and should conform to. If you're having trouble seeing the iris underneath it you could always set it to render as wireframe or translucent or something.

  7. Sure but what is the problem with replacing the eye later? Also sculpting in cycles, eevee, or wire frame is not the greatest idea.

  8. Well since shape keys exist in video games. This shouldn't be too much of a problem. But is it worth doing that. Maybe if you have toony graphics but with toony together you still could go the easy way.

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