Mechanical spider rig


  2. I honestly didn't even notice it didn't have enough legs I was so fixated on the string pulling animations. Really great stuff!

  3. Thanks!!! I’m not sure whether the rigging here ended up being super hacky or actually legit. So I’ll have to test some more before deciding!

  4. Very cool. One question. Does each leg joint have a heavy spring pulling the leg inward/down? Placement of the rope/tendon is confusing me with the walking animation. Example: Tendon on the backside of your hand pulls the fingers up and straight.

  5. I’m not sure if I fully understand the question, but I can confidently say that the rig is much less advanced than it might look like from this video. The tiny ‘hooks’ pulling the cables are just bones with constraints that converts local X axis from the legs’ IK targets to the hooks’ global Z, (then multiplied by 0.1x or something). It could as well have been a driver because it’s just about finding a way to convert one single-axis motion to another.

  6. Regardless of number of legs, that last part of animation reminded me Wild Wild West ending when the camera zoom out to show the sider they were traveling in/on :) Great job.

  7. The final animation is really great, love the transition from following the body’s movement to the ground and the materials, lighting and depth of field is fantastic. But, from a mechanical point of view the rig makes no sense, if you built it and pulled down on the rope/cable, the leg would move in the opposite direction, so you kinda made the rigging backwards on that. Other than that though, if this wasn’t shown step by step i would not even have noticed, the final render really is very good on so many levels and the overall effect is pretty damn near perfect.

  8. There’s also no mechanical/hydraulic equipment for the connections at the frame. In order to walk something would need to push and pull the legs along the transverse plane. Even if they had made the rigging not backwards, all it would do would lift the body up and down.

  9. For a second I was like, "This person is totally ripping off Polyfjord." Then I looked to see who posted it.

  10. With all that cable and wire work you should include some shots with focus on that mechanicals. Attatch a camera to a cable and let it be move through one if the holes or so.. great work

  11. Cool animation but what evil person would build this irl? Imagine someone going around placing robo-spiders everywhere.

  12. I love it so much :0 also your YouTube channel is the reason I got back into blender so thank you for that :D

  13. Your a genius my friend! I've been following since before YT. I love the ideas you have and how you execute them! Keep up the good work!

  14. Oh my god, I have a spider rig i was too lazy to animate. That curve trick might just get me to do it, thanks!

  15. Oh that is wicked cool! You did an amazing job making it mechanical and I like how much it really looks like the ropes pull and articulate the legs! I just knew you had to be

  16. Better colour and material selection. Awesome camera movement from bottom of the spider and to its front.It shows the mechanism to model👏👏👏🤩🤩🤩

  17. I gotta start learning blender. Is it really free? Are there any good tutorials or videos to learn how to use it?

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