What is you Stanley Kubrick ranking?

  1. Since this is the second "Kubrick ranking" thread I won't repost but I find it so odd that almost everyone has "Fear & Desire" as last over "killer's kiss". I know Griffin & David had that opinion too but here's the thing. "Fear & Desire" has the scrappy micro-budget charm. It also has so much hints of themes that Kubrick will obsess over for the next 40 years. "killer's kiss", on the other hand, I don't even think I can tell you a thing that happened in it. It was just so bland. Nothing in that movie resonated with me after watching it. "Fear & Desire" had some interesting moments that are with me

  2. I think I’m like Erlich where it’s Eyes Wide Shut for me and everything else and it’s not because like him it’s a top 10 film for me it’s more that the other films just aren’t my vibe.

  3. Hard list to make. You have his stone-cold capital "M" Masterpieces starting with 2001 that I don't emotionally connect with and then his movies I emotionally connect with that are little bit shaggier. I try to mix it up here.

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